Shining Light into Dark Corners, Ctd

Case study two in our series on James Bews-Hair, current Principal Policy Advisor to Mayor Len Brown and ‘mate’ to Conor Roberts.  Still nothing from Conor…

Under the obsessive, pathological leadership of Ralph Gerdelan, coupled with a heavily anti-casino Labour/Alliance government, the Problem Gambling Foundation (PGF) was causing Sky City all sorts trouble and damage.

Bews-Hair, as Sky City’s Government Relations manager, had his work cut out for him.

He set about cultivating moderate members of the PGF.  He followed this action by setting up an apparently do-gooder Asian Advisory Group to build strong loyalties within PGF and the wider problem gambling community.  Bews-Hair then used a series of problem gambling research contracts to further extend his reach into the problem gambling community – a strategy that he had also put in place in South Australia.  He appeared as a “good guy” interested in the issue of problem gambling but was really manipulating people and resources to assist Sky City.

Now here’s the bit I’m told that very few people know.  Gerdelan, as head of PGF, was still causing Sky City a bit of grief.   Bews-Hair responded by using his wonderful network that he’d cultivated to gather all the dirt he could, including Gerdelan’s alleged penchant for using problem gambling funds to feed his horse racing habit.

To ensure that maximum damage was done to Gerdelan and the Problem Gambling Foundation, Bews-Hair quietly and facelessly made sure that the information was spread everywhere it needed to be.  The outcome being that Gerdelan was destroyed [resignation letter here], Sky City’s problem was solved and all Bews-Hair’s new do-gooder friends none the wiser and still believing that Bews-Hair was one of the “good guys”, in case he needed their help again one day.

You’ve got to admire his abilities, as I said, with this investigation I am starting to really like this guy.


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  • Scanner

    This is going to turn into a festering sore for “Lens Men”:

  • Guest

    This Bews-Hair sounds like a good guy. No wonder the unions are falling over each other in failure.

  • Scanner

    Poor old Len, it must be a bugger waking every morning and wondering how soon and hard is my fisting going to come from Cam Slater today, reckon you should save the Friday one for late in the day just to fuck up his weekend.

  • Shaun Wallis

    I wonder if Len will start planning his historical account as Auckland Mayor soon?…

  • Natalie

    That analysis of Ralph Gerdelan’s resignation latter is fascinating reading, and there are others there on Mark Lundy and Graham Capill. That company should analyse what some of our politicians are uttering!