Shining Light into Dark Corners, Ctd

Readers have been asking me when I will be posting a profile of Len’s political operative, Conor Roberts.  The truth is, unlike the skulking Bews-Hair, Conor lives his life in bright public lights.  He is a wannabe MP so everything is so very deliberate and public.  Frankly, writing a profile on him was so easy it was boring so I thought I would have a bit of fun with Conor instead.

So last week I called Conor for a chat (yes, he talks to me from time to time).  Conor started by telling me at length what great mates he and Bews-Hair are – I don’t believe that for a minute but will get to that later.  I then told Conor he could write his own profile.  I figured this is a man who is destined for Parliament so let’s see how well-honed his shameless self-promotion skills are.  For some bizarre reason, Conor agreed to write his own profile.

Unfortunately, Conor hasn’t delivered.  He has obviously been very busy repairing the bridges that his union crushing workmate (Bews-Hair) has damaged.  If Conor is going to live up to being the saviour of the Left then he really needs to pay more attention to his public profile.

So I thought it was time to put more pressure on Conor.  He claims that he and Bews-Hair are great mates.  I don’t believe him.  During my research on Bews-Hair I have received several explanations of Bews-Hair’s true feelings on MUNZ (ie: he believes crush them as fast as possible).  There is simply no way Conor can like this guy, they are so ideologically different and associating with Bews-Hair won’t help Conor’s desire for a parliamentary career.

So I am going to turn my test of Conor’s self promotion skills into an additional test of his relationship with the skulker.

Every day that Conor fails to deliver his profile to me I am going to post one more of the dodgy stories I have collected on Bews-Hair.  I will have Conor’s ‘mate’ squirming day after day in the very bright sunlight that Bews-Hair detests.

I think I will start tomorrow with the story about how James Bews-Hair shafted the Service and Food Workers and the awful Darien Fenton…


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    tuning in tomorrow – same whale channel… same whale time…

  • Scanner

    Truly wonderful, he’s dammed if he does, and dammed if he doesn’t , and now the whole world wants to know about the Fenton scandal, fucking priceless.

  • Guest

    Is Conor Roberts the political operative currently giving advice to Len Brown on the Ports of Auckland?

    Oh dear – there went his chances of representing Labour as an MP. 

  • herman melville

    good stuff whale – you’re da man!

  • Naylor

    So much for being the quiet, tucked in the shadows PR guys working quietly behind the scenes – all in the interests of their paying boss. What a shambles. 

    They have both brought the attention onto themselves and Whale sunlight is needed.