NZ Herald

Another tough guy who abuses children afraid of his own name:

A man has appeared in court on 16 charges relating to making, distributing and possessing child pornography.

He also faces a charge of doing an indecent act on a child.

The man, who is in his 40s and has been granted interim name suppression, appeared in the Rotorua District Court yesterday.

He entered no pleas to four charges of making child pornography, two charges of distributing child pornography, 10 charges of possessing child pornography and a charge of doing an indecent act. The offending is alleged to have been committed between October 20, 2010 and May 12, 2011.

He needs a long drop off a short rope.


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  • quirky_username

    I know nothing of this case.  However – no pleas have been entered, he has not been convicted.  At this stage there are untested allegations only and he is entitled to be seen as innocent until proven/decided guilty.  As yet it can not be said that he “abuses children”.
    If he were named now and then the charges dropped or he were found not guilty, it is too late, mud sticks. Every time you googled his name it would come up with links to horrid alleged crimes and people would no doubt say rather than that perhaps he didn’t do it, that instead he “got off”.  Even if innocent he would still have the stain of the charges associated with his name for ever. 
    Before anyone says it, I am not a bleeding heart lefty, I just simply believe in the right to a fair trial.

    • There could well be other victims out there that will never know it is him if his name is secret.

    • GPT

      Yes. Let’s save the outrage until there’s something more than an allegation. If guilty publish away but as the final comment about long drops and short ropes proves in many eyes the allegation is proof enough and you don’t get your reputation back

      • Greg M

         GPT, Tend to agree, name suppression must be in place until a guilty verdict is reached. The consequences of an innocent man being labelled as ” he was accused of …” is almost as bad as an innocent man being imprisoned, David Dougherty springs to mind.
        After a conviction, it should be ADVERTISED and any further victims could come forward , and any further convictions be served on top of current sentence, not concurrent.
        I am still having a problem with the ” discounts” as set out in R v Hessell.
        If the sentence is concurrent, why aren’t the discounts?

  • engineer

    Sorry whale, we can’t hang people in NZ (or ay country really) as the courts are not accurate enough.  Anything less than 100% accuracy for criminal convictions is not enough for the state to start killing people.  And we all know 100% is basically impossible.

    • motorizer


       lets hang him!

    • Scanner

       Shame, as the Bain family would have actually seem justice done, instead we get a show pony and a puppeteer.

  • Boss Hogg

    Here I go again………….

    16 charges – smoke = fire.  Death Penalty.  How our system permits a court appearance with no plea being entered beggars belief. 

    Engineer – a guilty plea must equate to 100%. 

    • GPT

      You will get a lot of guilty pleas if you hang people for it. Nice sense of justice. Why not just round up a posse and hang him yourself?

  • Basil

    Police would not of charged him unless they had evidence hence he’s already guilty otherwise why would he have the images ?? Let him be somebody bitch in prison…

  • Peter Wilson

    We’re not quite at the stage where if the Police arrest somebody, they must be guilty. We have a little idea called the rule of law, which, while not perfect, is about all we have.

    Think of the other cases where the police have got it wrong, David Dougherty, Bain, Thomas, the list goes on.