Sky City, Len and more pokies

Apparently the Sky City deal won’t increase the overall number of pokie machines.

Hmmm… very interesting.  What further involvement has Bews-Hair had in this deal?

And did the Mayor do as he was told and lobbied Government just so he’d get that Convention Centre?

I blogged about this development back in June last year….looks like it panned out precisely as I suspected.

So, Mr Bews-Hair (on behalf and with Mayor Len Brown) put together a deal with Sky City so that Sky City would build and pay for the convention centre.  In return for what?  Well, the lovely thing for the Mayor is that the ratepayers don’t have to pay for the convention centre.  And you know that Theatre that all those councillors thought they were voting to get built… well, that’ll all be included in the convention centre – under Sky City’s banner (with Len cutting the ribbon he hopes).  Have the councillors who voted for the theatre actually checked how many caveats are in place around getting that theatre built?  Oh yeah, it’ll happen…ummm, not using ratepayer money.

So, the ratepayers of Auckland do win.  They won’t have to pay for a convention centre (which are always dogs) or a theatre.  But what are Sky City expecting in return?  All Council related functions (including CCOs) to be held there (imagine the catering and accommodations costs)?  That seems a bit simple.

Or are Sky City expecting the Mayor of the largest Council in the country to lobby Government with regard to pokie and gambling legislation?  Hmmmm… so it is only the right who have relationships with Corporates?  Have a good hard look, Greens and Labour.  Labour run the risk of the Mayor of Auckland outperforming the central Government wing of the Party.

On a final note, is it true that Bews-Hair was seen in Sky City’s corporate box at the cricket on Saturday night?


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  • Hakim of phut

    You have lost me ‘hair’.

    What control does LB have over  casino laws, licensing etc.?  Did LB become a cabinet minister when he won the election.?

    • Harold

      Hakim, I think the suggestion is that in order to get the convention centre (and theatre) some lobbying would take place.  That includes lobbying of central Government.  Think about how much the likes of Bew Hair actually talk to Ministers and their staff and you’ll start getting the idea.  Lobbying is a dark art and Whale has done a fine job of showing just how experienced Bews-Hair is at it. 

  • Agent BallSack

    With people like Bews-Hair around him, Len could very well end up getting that 2nd term. Which probably doesn’t bode well for Auckland, as I think he will see that as his mandate for Auckland Central Rail Loop. Mind you having visited Auckland last week, it’s my opinion Auckland needs a super loop (fun fair ride).

  • AnonWgtn

    Agent BallSack

    Auckland got its loopy – its called Brown Loopy