Sledge of the Day

 Sydney Morning Herald

Bob Carr sledges Tony Abbott for  a special treat:

The Labor statesman arrived in parliament this morning armed with a colourful attack on Mr Abbott, saying the latest poll results were worrying for the Opposition Leader.

“I think that it is striking that 18 months out from the election there is simply a six-point gap between the two sides,” he said. “I think it is very interesting that Tony Abbott’s support has gone down. Tony Abbott is like a cheapskate hypnotist in a run-down circus. He is saying to the electorate look into my eyes you are growing weaker . . . He is trying to hypnotise the electorate with slogans.”


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  • Captain Crab

    Carr can only sledge. He, like the rest of Oz Labor have no fucking idea what so ever. Labor has squandered Ozs wealth in a most spectacular fashion. They are corrupt, union loving and so so wasteful.
    And the people know it. The support for Labor and Gillard just keeps dropping and the Libs are way in front in the Polls.
    Carr can squark all he likes but Labor will be gone at the next Election in a massive wipeout