Sledge of the Day

Last night during Trevor Mallard’s anti-graffiti bill Maggie Barry dropped an awesome sledge on Andrew Williams, the Clown of Campbell’s Bay.

Trevor Mallard leapt in to defend the “honour” of the CLown and just rammed home the point of her sledge. After the point of order was batted away by Eric Roy, The Whaleoil Rookie of the Year stood again and repeated her sledge.

Maggie Barry has great promise in the house with her ability to deliver these sledges dead pan.


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  • Sledge of the week?

  • Duh?

  • peterwn

    Maggie is very quickly becoming ineligible for ‘rookie’ awards.

  • Hakim of phut

    Can any guy say they havent  taken a leak  in less than private circumstances ?

    • Boss Hogg

      Phut, More defending the indefensible.  Are you from Wellington?  During my brief time living in Wellington in Tory St I did note that Courtney Place was heavily used as a urinal and a place to have a puke by many educated and cultured residents of our capital city.

      Williams taking a piss in takapuna or wherever was wrong.  An old friend of mine got arrested taking a piss in a drive way off Key St in Akl – servred him right, stupid thing to do and he got caught and went to court.  We stiil give him grief about it.  He was standing outside a bar with many toilets within 20 feet and then he spent about 6 hrs at Akl Central in a holding cell with many fine citizens on a Friday night – priceless.

    • politically unstable

       HoP your point seems to be that if someone else has done something, then all is forgiven.  So where do you draw the line on people who break the law????  Which laws should we all ignore??  Yes I have taken a pee down an alley, and know bloody well the risk I am taking…if I was snapped I would get plenty of shit from all quarters….no excuses though.

      So please stop making stupid excuses for other peoples “mistakes” (for want of a word)

    • Guest

      What – the Mayor? When he walked past a public toilet on the way back to his office?

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Come visit Takapuna one day phut phut. You may travel the path from ‘X’ bar to get your car and there are no toilets, just trees and shops and gutters.
      Bottle of Porters at ‘X’ bar? your shout

      • Steve (North Shore)

        edit, no toilets from ‘X’ bar to the Council carpark