Slick footwork from Julia

Julia Gillard is looking sharp, and there is no doubting her nimble political footwork in dispatching Kevin Rudd and then appointing Bob Carr as his replacement in the Foreign Minister role:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has turned disaster into a stunning victory and, in doing so, has reasserted the authority the Labor Party renewed in her only on Monday.

Because, until Gillard salvaged the situation, the prospect of Bob Carr becoming foreign affairs minister was dead and Gillard’s leadership was again being spoken about.

Carr himself admitted it at today’s press conference when asked whether, in his mind, the offer that was first put to him on Monday, was dead.

“I might have moved on from it,” he said, with understatement.

Her negotiations with Carr showed she wanted him to come to Canberra. The whole world now knew she had been rolled by Smith, her Defence Minister.

The headlines were unkind and so were the comments of Gillard’s colleagues.

Just hours before this morning’s announcement, one minister, who like everybody else, was in the dark that Carr was back in the game, said: “She looks like she’s lied and has no authority.

“This is not good for her; it’s not good for us.

“I despair, I really do.”

The truth is that, by Tuesday, the prospect of Carr coming to Canberra was over.

Gillard, stung by the criticism, rang Carr yesterday and put the offer to him again.

Carr accepted and, once more, Smith took one for the team.

Gillard ends the week as she began it – her leadership ascendant.

The middle was messy but she’s laughing now.


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  • Chiefsfan73

    In the press conference, Carr described the call up from Juliar.  With the ranga at his side, he cooed about her distinctive voice.  Personally it sounds worse than fingernails down a blackboard.  The only difference is fingernails running down a blackboard is a world away from a lying PM running down a country or as she puts it nay-shun.

  • TCrwdb

    That article is complete bs, it’s just more lies from her and Smith will knife her in a heartbeat. She is on the green mile.

  • TCrwdb

    Oh and Phillip Coorey is a Labor apologist and Gillard sycophant…I’m surprised you’re giving him any credibility Whale.