Some things are more important than the Ports

A reader emails me:

There are better issues than the Ports of Auckland to focus on…..

Cars and girls….this is a real issue you need to focus on.


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    Yup,a winner for sure.And beats looking at Helen kellys mug.

  • nzd.gbp

    We’re never going to be truly equal until I can get paid to lounge around cars in my speedos for money. Sure, there’s discrimination.

  • She’s one of my favourite brolly ladies at MotoGP and no I’m not saying her name…..

    • Frederico

       Aarrhh jeeez NEIL stop fucking us around and give us her name!,,,thats one hot/classy piece of arse!

  • Agent BallSack

    You missed Beer out of the equation (Initial Capital intended, courtesy van Vogt). 

  • Greg M

    If only She had her tits out holding a speights…

    • hoha

      What a speights more like a Steinlager.
      And the car was a right hand drive. 

  • FoodTechie

    Similarly on racing yachts, a leggy girl decorating the rail plays havoc with the concentration of skippers.