Somebody Should Show Leadership, Ctd

Shearer did a 6’20” interview trying to explain his position on the Ports of Auckland this week.

I edited together the stutters, the stammers and the corrections, and they added up to 1’30”.

Nearly a quarter of his entire interview on New Zealand’s number one radio news station was made up of ums and ahs.

He wasn’t briefed and had no clear position.

However, after listening to this, his stance came across just as clear as it was in the whole interview.


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  • Shit even shortening it down that much it was still worse than listening to nails scratching down the blackboard.

    Some us some leadership, err Len seems to be doing fine there while Mr Fumbles might need some Toastmaster lessons first

  • Smear

    WTF, is this the best Labour can Do?

  • Guest

    he doesn’t need Toastmaster, he needs therapy or hypnotism.

    I see a new Labour radio advertising campaign coming on (like the Gerard roof ads)
    Vote for Sh-Sh-Sh-Sh-Sh-Sh-Sh-Sh-Shearer – vote for Shearer and Labour’s looking good!

  • Apolonia

    Come back Phill all is forgiven

  • Travdog

    Apalling, just apalling. I I I I I I I I I I I don’t th th th th th th think I can edure listening to this a second t t t t t time.

  • mara

    It must be common knowledge that he will be rolled soon. Messy yes, but best to get it over with now and install a right bastard to attempt to put Winnie back in the crypt from whence he emerged.

  • Peter Wilson

    It’s probably time to consider who might replace Shearer? Hard to imagine they would take a punt on Robertson, a gay – the caucus might worry the electorate is not ready for that – and another relative newbie who has never worked a day in his life – public servant. Cunliffe? A bit of baggage, but a roughneck all the same and happy to get his hands dirty. Parker? Knowledgeable, but comes across as being weak. Cupboards a bit bare.

    • thor42

      I’d say Cunliffe would be odds-on to be the new leader.
      You’re right in that he has baggage though. He is known to be strongly pro-union. If Shearer is rolled and Cunners gets the job, the Nats should focus on that at the next election. “Cunners, the strike-lover”. 

  • Phar Lap

    Yes” Dormouse ” Shearer stuffs up again.The old saying ” the trouble with political jokes is they get elected”.   Shearer is a prime example.

  • joe bloggs

    Pathetic – simply pathetic!

    • Patriot

      Larbor Party electing a Sheep Shearer  for a Leader as being the best avaliable to front their socialist philiosophy  .

      Labor is lacking totally in credibility — Winston is the real Parliamentary opposition .

      Labor Party  is a confused mess

  • AnonWgtn

    Cunners – no way remember “anybody but Cunliffe”.
    He is finished in Labour politics. Should get a real job.
    He has been subsumed by Robertson, and his Wellington special new labour supporters.

  • jay cee

    i keep reading the posts on this subject in the hope someone will say something new,still waiting.

  • politically unstable

    The longer Shearer remains as leader, the less likely Labour will win the next election. Its as simple as that.

  • Gazzaw

    Has to be Cunliffe. No other choice.

    NZ will not accept an openly gay male PM in the foreseeable future (sorry kosh but that’s a fact). The provinces and the geriatrics are a lost cause if they put up Robertson as a leader. Aside from that he’s a lightweight tosser.