Soper gets it wrong repeating Boag’s lies

On Newstalk ZB this morning Barry Soper “repeated”  Michelle Boag’s myth that she got John Key into parliament. She did not.

If the “repeater” would do his own research Time had an article saying that John Key credits getting  into the National Party to John Slater, then President of the National Party.

The NZ Herald also ran an expose where John Key spoke about how John got him into the National Party.

For Key’s part, this was the realisation of four years of effort. He had first made contact with National in 1998, thanks to his sister, Liz Cave. She worked as a receptionist at Christchurch firm Lane Walker Rudkin, where then-National Party president John Slater used to make sales calls for his textile business. One day, Cave mentioned to Slater that her brother was interested in returning to New Zealand. Slater gave her his number and told her to get Key to ring, which he duly did.

Slater invited Key to a traditional New Year’s brunch he held at his Pauanui holiday home in the first days of 1999. Key made an immediate impression, arriving with a bottle of Stonyridge Larose (recommended price $200). Slater still has the bottle: “I think we might crack it open on election night,” he says.

As is usual with Michelle Boag she tells lies and journalists repeat them.

It was my father’s responsibility as President to look for new and talented candidates. He found John Key, John Key rang him and not Michelle Boag.

Barry Soper could find this out all for himself.

He was part of the media that tried to find holes in JK’s history and the article in the NZ Herald was part of that “what bad things has he done” campaign.

They couldn’t find any.


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  • Naylor

    John Slater should go down in the history of the National Party as one of the greatest Presidents that Party has had. His calm, measured style is sorely missed by people wanting to see the Party regain is standing. Subsequent presidents (aside from Judy Kirk) have not done the role justice, and unfortunately Boag’s style continues to be one of creating divisions and fractions. As to the current president, who is it again? 

  • LesleyNZ

    Why does NewstalkZB still have Barry Soper as their political reporter? His personal opinion stops him from being an objective political reporter.

  • Macca

    Soper has always been a snivelling little socialist!  This isn’t the first time he has put spin on a story to suit his own agenda and sadly, I doubt it will be the last!

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Barry Soper lost his edge a long time ago. As Lesley points out his commentary on ZB often sounds more like personal opinion. He gets smacked down regularly these days by Larry Williams on the regurgitated facts he comes out with. The “Tea pot” fiasco was also a classic example.

  • Notrotsky

    All Boag will be remembered for is the “fight for life” PR debacle where Bill got the bash, the gutting in the election that year and the current debacle. She is clearly a toxic useless piece of work, although having dealt with a number of PR types I can confirm that her type is over represented in PR circles.

  • Phar Lap

    Yes Barry is still Liebours twelvth man. He still dreams of the glory days when he spent many a pleasant time on the ninth floor of the beehive with HI and H2.Sadly for him time has caught up on his memory and thoughts and he is long past his use by date,which expired when Clark expired.

    • Phar Lap

      Yes with Barry he is not often right ,and he is wrong again.With WO he is not often wrong
      and he is right again.

  • Cullen’s Sidekick

    I see a trend with all TV stations and newspapers to bring this Government down by publishing rubbish stories and events. I am wondering what is going on here…..

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Totally agree. Yes, where have the unbiased and ballanced media gone? It seems the MSM need to “create” their own stories and stoop to NOTW style tactics and ethics to do what ever they can to get any kind of story out.

      Just as well we have WO to balance and correct the left-leaning spin from the MSM.

      Shame for the country though when balanced, objective reporting is prostituted on the alter of ratings/viewings/page hits to feed populist propaganda to the masses and all to sell yet more papers… Some of the MSM  can’t even spell “Ethics” let alone abide by any…

    • Salacious T Crumb

      The trend is there is no investigative journalism done any more. To coin one of Whales expressions, all we get is “churnalism”. Cut and pastes from other media sources, poor analysis and totally bereft of integrity.

      When the largest radio outlet promotes themselves as “the newsmakers” you know that the standard has plummeted.

      Your observation is correct although I believe it is not partisanship on the TV outlets part, simply vacuous sensationalism to generate headlines.

      • ConwayCaptain

        Where are the Pat Booths of this world

  • Whafe

    Soper is a hay seed, much like is twin brother ( ;) ) on Close Up

    • Pokerface

      I caught a few moments of “Close Up” last night as he interviewed Bryce Edwards. It sounded like Kosh interviewing Doshi !! 
      Had to change channels.

  • MarcWills

    And I laughed at Barry on the radio earlier this week – Larry Williams at least twice asked him to stop SHOUTING while he was giving his report. He was like a child on a sugar rush when he thought he had got a bit of dirt to pass on.

    •  Quite so MarcWills; and it was great to hear Key tell him severasl times to stop shouting at the PM’s stand-up in the corridor outside the debating chamber after Smith’s resignation. Soper was like a child who’d just drunk a bottle of cheap raspberry fizz,

  • phronesis

    Good old LWR, wonder if that bit about John Key will come up at that trial…

  • AnonWgtn

    Yesterday on Nine till Noon It was stated that
    “The Media is the Guardians of the People”

  • Soper needs to have another puff on his inhaler…..

  • Boss Hogg

    Anyone who wears a bow tie to work needs to shot with a ball of his own shit.  That includes Micheal Barnett.

    • Landy

       You’ve started me thinking now, who wears a bow tie to work.   Michael Barnett’s presence on earth does pose a challenge to those who claim “all things have a purpose”.

  • Peter WIlson

    That doesn’t look good for Boag, and could well dent her credibility.

    As a matter of interest, could we see the quotes where she claims to have gotten Key into National? 

  • Gazzaw

    I put it all down to the child bride.

  • SerSydney

    If we had a Fox News, WhaleOil would be our Bill O’Reilly. In My Opinion.