Sounds like a good idea

This idea in the UK has merit:

Members of the public will have the right to sit in judgment on misbehaving MPs for the first time under key parliamentary reforms to be announced.

The key Commons committee which rules on investigations into whether MPs have broken their code of conduct, and recommends punishments, will in the future have up to three “lay” members.

The landmark change will be confirmed on Monday by Sir George Young, the Leaders of the House of Commons. Sources close to him said the move was designed to make Parliament more “transparent and accountable” to the public.

It is part of a package of changes introduced in the wake of the Commons expenses scandal exposed by The Telegraph in 2009.

Reforms already brought in include the establishment of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Agency, which controls taxpayer-funded expenses, and stricter rules on travel and the employment of family members.

The existing Standards and Privileges Committee is to be split into two separate bodies with members of the public able to apply for positions on the new Standards Committee, which will rule on disciplinary cases.

The “lay” members will not have voting rights on the committee – but they will be protected by a “golden share” which will allow them to publish their own report into proceedings if they feel MPs on the committee have overruled their views.

The new committee will not be allowed to conduct any business until at least one lay member is present.

Perhaps Speaker Smith might like to leave this as his legacy after a long and illustrious parliamentary career. i like the sound of an Indepdent Parliamentary Standards Agency…they could be a subsidiary of the Independent Commission against Corruption.



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