Sounds like United Kingdom Labour is the same as NZ

The Labour party in the United Kingdom is in demise, the situation is not dissimilar to here:

There was a brief flurry of excitement at PMQs this week. A rumour swept the chamber that the Leader of the Opposition was going to turn up.

Sadly, it proved to be false. Ed Miliband, Labour’s new shadow health secretary, had a brief dig at Michael Gove for being nasty to Lord Leveson, but then remembered himself, and spent the rest of his time asking the Prime Minister if he agreed with a nice doctor friend of his that the Government’s health reforms were crap. David Cameron didn’t, and Prime Minister’s questions finally got under way.

David Cameron rose to laughter. He’d knew this question was coming he said, because Peter Bone had asked it to just about every member of the Cabinet. “I have no plans to be incapacitated”, he responded.

Poor Peter Bone looked very disappointed. Still, if he can’t be Prime Minister or a member of the cabinet, there’s a job leading Her Majesty’s opposition going for a song.


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  • David

    Surely Ed Milibrand is Leader of Opposition – or is he also Shadow Heath person?