Stealing our brand

The poms are stealing our brand:


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  • Hakim of phut

    mmmmm. it isnt ours anymore . 

    Canterbury Europe was sold in 2009 . To a ‘small english company’ JD Sports from Bury
    They also own  Kooga  Rugby and ‘Duffer of St George’ brands.


    Bad enough that the Aussies claim our stuff/people.Now the bloody poms are at it to.


      Sorry my bad thought they still hung out in our part of the world.Guess missed that news.

  • Jman

    I don’t get it. Are you saying Canterbury is a New Zealand brand? I think of Canterbury as very much a part of old England. Think of the Canterbury tales by Chaucer.

    • peterwn

       Canterbury is a city in Kent where plans were hatched for the settlement of Canterbury NZ – settlers sailed in the ‘first four ships’ – rest is history.

  • 6sn7gta

    here’s what it says at the telegraph in the article

    Canterbury was founded in New Zealand more than 100 years ago, but it fell
    into administration in 2009. JD bought the brand as well as the Stockport
    distribution centre in 2009 for £6.5m.

    JD also owns The Duffer of St George and Kooga Rugby brands.

    Mr Stephenson said that the turnover of Canterbury, which is nearly £50m a
    year, would be boosted to the tune of £30m to £40m over the course of the
    four-year contract. “It reflects how keen we are to grow the awareness
    of rugby.”

  • Gavin M

    The British firm JD Sport (Who are a massive concern) bought Canterbury in 2009. That’s not the poms stealing our stuff, it’s a NZ business failing, and being resuced by a larger concern. This comment verges on xenophobia, and also seems to have a scant regard for traditional capitalism. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    Remember that Line 7 moved all their manufacturing to the PRC.  Not longer afterf they went broke.  WHY??? Simple they did not take out forward foreign exchange cover which is a basic business tool when working in several currencies.  I do it and I am a v small importer of specialist books

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    They can wear what they like. Ain’t gonna help the shit rugby they play.

  • Peter Wilson

    I’d say the English, along with the French need all the help they can get in rugby. They’re not known as the ultimate chokers in World Cup rugby for nothing. Just the one win between them.

    • A-random-reader

      At the end of the 2007 World Cup, England had one trophy and had been in the final three times.

      That’s statistically better than the ABs – who had one trophy but had only made the final twice.

  • niggly

    So do they still have the 3 kiwis on the (UK) Canterbury brand?

    • Tim

      Sure does! My friends dad (from Christchurch, NZ) designed that logo.