Super Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday in the US. Google produced this infographic on the most-searched for candidate in each Super Tuesday state. Google also included the top searched-for issues in each state relevant to the elections:

UPDATE: RealClearPolitics is showing good results from Santorum across the board. Mitt Romney is not going to be happy.

Newt Gingrich has picked up Georgia, Santorum has got Tennessee and Oklahoma plus a lead in Ohio and North Dakota. Mitt Romney has won Virginia, Massachusetts and Vermont.


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  • Mr_Blobby

    First they need a candidate who can read and write and knows something about anything.

    • Chris

       That would be Ron Paul.

      • The only problem with Ron Paul is to win an election you really have to win enough of the centre, is Ron Paul able to do that without compromise?

      • Chris

        Certainly! One thing about Ron Paul’s Constitutional positions is that they often unify Independents, Democrats and Republicans on many issues that once they could not agree upon. National poll after poll show time and time again that he is the strongest Republican contender against Obama; the question is whether the GOP will recognize this. If they do not I cannot see Santorum or Romney winning the Presidential race against Obama; in the view of many Americans ‘better off with the evil you know than the one you don’t.’

        But the race is not over as Ron Paul has done very well on actually winning delegates and it is delegates that will count at the Republican Convention. Once he is the nominee I can’t see him having a hard time beating Obama considering many liberals who are sick of the wars and broken promises to uphold civil rights are ready to abandon Obama for the right candidate. So he has proven that he can contend and certainly unify people.

    • Blair Mulholland

       What a fucking stupid comment.  Clearly you know nothing about anything yourself.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Not related to Greg Mulholland are you Retard.

  • Engineer

    Economy is the top issue in all of them.  That doesn’t bode well for Obama.