Tall Tales

Because there is a debate over playing this on the radio…I’ll post it here.


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  • nzd.gbp

    The only thing remarkable about this song is the use of cunt and cock and stuff etc blah blah blah. This is where the debate lays, not whether it is actually good music or not. I don’t think we are worse off for never having heard it. For a start it’s only interesting if you know how offensive the use of the word cunt is, and for the vicarious shock to those who have never heard of or done such a thing. The song itself is nothing much. When they debate whether or not to play john coltrane on air because it may be too dissonant to the average punter, then it’ll get interesting. Singing about licking cunts to boring music is nothing to debate about. It’s a cheap way of getting fame. Easier than becoming a composer anyway.

    • tspoon

      C’mon nzd.gbp! This song is a metaphor for democracy itself! i.e. a race to the bottom, not the top. Myself, I lost count of the times I thought we got there already….

      • nzd.gbp

        I’m becoming my grumpy old father

      • Petal

        GET OFF THE GRASS!!!!!!!!!

  • AzaleaB

    BTW abosolutely no relation.

  • Macca

    WTF! I could’nt understand any of it apart form a few swear words that I am quite familiar with. What a load of crap.

  • davewin

    Thank God my mother is not about anymore! A cake of lye soap  a rage and a mouthwash, and remedial English is started.

  • Work for a living

    The version constantly played on GeorgeFm doesn’t have any of that language, so it’s quite a catchy tune.

  • Dr Wang