Tauranga’s Royal Family


It looks like Simon Bridges has a long, long career ahead of him, as well as an heir to the seat, if the Sun Live editorial is anything to go by:

The Bridges had their baby this week and we wish Simon and Natalie and family well. Little Emlyn and his parents are the closest thing the region has to a royal family – in case we need one – and a lot of people are expressing their pleasure from seeing a youngster born into a stable and loving family.

Amidst the many positive comments, some question the newsworthiness of this event. Among the messages of congratulations on the SunLive daily news website are the odd comment, asking why it rates. The simple answer is: Because it does rate!

Anything to do with the Bridges, and any other high profile personalities for that matter, rates highly with readers and that is why the media follow such stories. It is a case of supply and demand. The media does not decide which stories to cover, you readers do. Especially in the case of SunLive, we can measure very precisely which stories are pushing your buttons – or in this example, your computer keys.

The Bridges Baby story rated as the fifth most visited story on SunLive between Friday and Monday.

In a world with far too many stories of bad parenting, it’s refreshing to see some good. Let’s hope these and other positive role models of planned, sensible parenting can help turn NZ’s woeful record of child rearing catastrophes.


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  • Big fish small pond syndrome seems to me….

  • Fozzie61

    Will someone pass me the bucket……

  • Tramper

    Who is “Simon Bridges”?  . 
    “…rates highly with readers and that is why the media follow such stories…”
    The media follow stories, like the paparazzi do celebrities – its all about the media’s ratings, not how the audience rates the story.  Media make and break celebrities, so that comments a load of crock. However I have to admit I’ll be off to google this man to find out who he is but I very much doubt he will rate highly with this reader.

    • Tramper

      Ah, showing my Auckland ignorance here.  Wasn’t aware that anything happened below the Bombay Hills.  Still I got whanau in the area, I’ll check with them on how “royal” an impact he is making with the region to see if indeed he “rates highly with readers…”

  • Vikingonmars

    Spew material.
     Written by a nice newspaper with nice staff. If that’s royalty then  God, and everyone else, we need help.

    Gets the typical piss poor thinking Tauranga National supporters right in their hearts.
    All the old blue rinses.That’s why they stuck him here. Sad really.

  • Ratchet

    Hate to break it to you Vikingonmars, but Simon has a strong following from a pretty wide demographic, and certainly didn’t need a ‘nice’ piece from a ‘nice’ newspaper to help that. I’ve met him several times, and he’s personable, is happy to talk, and doesn’t tend to talk down to anybody, which seems to be a trait many pollies are missing these days, and is one of the reasons that people like him.

    Royalty might be a little strong, but Simon and his family are good people, and are certainly receiving well wishes from a lot of the community.