The Bainimarama Interview

An interview by Graham Davis screened on Prime and Sky News last night.

Graham Davis is a top class interviewer. Frank Bainimarama stresses the point that NZ is more understanding than Oz.

Grubsheet’s interview with the Fijian leader, Frank Bainimarama, is being shown this weekend in Australia and New Zealand on Sky News and in Fiji in a news special on FBCTV at 7.30pm on Sunday night. In it, Bainimarama says Australia is now alone among its ANZUS partners in refusing to engage with Fiji. And he reveals fresh details of his plans to return the country to democracy in 2014.

In an exclusive interview with Graham Davis for Sky News, Fiji’s Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has lashed out at the governments of Australia and New Zealand, accusing them of neglecting the Pacific Islands.

Commodore Bainimarama accused former Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd of neglecting the Pacific, adding Canberra’s lack of attention to the region – and especially its policy of shunning Fiji – had weakened Australian influence in the region and had created a vacuum that bigger powers were moving to fill.

He added improved relations between Australia and Fiji would only come if Tony Abbott won the next election.

The NZ Government and Murray McCully need to drop the stupid sanctions so that business people in Fiji can openly engage and help Fijian Government.


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  • Luke

    Fiji should have never become independent from Britain, they can’t handle it.

    • LesleyNZ

      And you watched the interview???????? Suggest you rewatch it if you did.

      • Luke

        So you call 3 coups handling it?

    • LesleyNZ

      Luke – You obviously know nothing about the politcal history of Fiji or the culture. 

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Illiterate Luke     For the first time in decades, they are handling “it” very well indeed.


  • niggly

    Kevin Bloody Rudd! This all makes sense to me now. Rudd’s arrogance and neglect of places like NZ, let a lone Fiji, was well
    known and well reported on (eg NZ’s insignificant – he’d rather be
    hanging off the coat tails of the US to feel important etc) so he’s the prick, along with
    Helen the lapdog, who bear full responsibility for Au/NZ’s ridiculous
    stance towards Fiji escalating …

  • LesleyNZ

    This interview was done 2 weeks ago before the Kevin/Julia saga. Ridiculous that Frank Bainimarama can visit the US – travel all over including Nashville yet NZ and Oz still have the door closed on him. Who are the advisers advising our government about Fiji? They are not doing a good job of advising at all. They need to be on the MFAT “expiry list”. The National Government needs to break from the previous Labour Government’s foreign policy and start engaging with Fiji openly, honestly and with good neighbourly intentions. There are many good people in Fiji (non-military) who would like to help move Fiji forward but will not do so because they need to visit NZ and Oz. The travel sanctions are real dumb and not at all smart. When is our NZ Government going to wake up?

    • politically unstable

       Lesley, you are on the mark. Fiji will survive with or without NZ – they have shown this already. Roads are being rebuilt etc all with Chinese involvement. The Fiji train is leaving the station so NZ either jumps on or it will miss out.

      I must say that in my times in Fiji I have been quite struck by the fact they have a real dislike for Helen Clark.

  • LesleyNZ

    Here is a link to the written transcript of the interview (from Croz Walsh’s blog).