The Flaw in Labour’s Anti Land Selling Strategy

Labour has reacted to their focus group results and launched a new policy on the fly about land sales.

National think it is confused. New Zealand First think it steals their ideas. The Greens think it doesn’t go far enough.

The Government has attacked plans to restrict foreign investors from buying rural land as “confused”.

Labour leader David Shearer yesterday revealed a new member’s bill to limit the discretion of ministers to consent to overseas buyers.

The proposed legislation – which would have to be drawn from the ballot to progress – said foreigners must prove that they can bring “substantial benefits”.

But a spokesman for Finance Minister Bill English said Labour wanted to turn foreign buyers down on political grounds.

“The proposals are pretty confused,” he said.

“Labour wants to get rid of some tests the Government thinks are pretty important – for example, market competition, protection of native vegetation and fauna and walking access.

“And they want to be able to turn down applications on pure political grounds – even if they meet all the tests. As a small country, New Zealand needs to be clear with international investors what the rules are if we are to capture the benefits of overseas investment Labour talks about.”


The real problem is it means we can’t sell Palmerston North to the Chinese.


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  • Middleagedwhiteguy

    David Shearer’s mantra….

    “There go My People!!    (I must find out where they are going so I can lead them there)”

  • In Vino Veritas

    It would be interesting to hear Labours views on selling residential property to foriegn owners. Imagine the outrcry amongst traditional Labour supporters, if they had to go through hoops to be able to sell THEIR property to someone from China who was offering a significantly higher price. And then have the Government step in and stop the transaction!
    This stuff is all about Socialsim rule #1: denial of individual property rights.

  • Macca

    Yet another blatant attempt by Labour to win back votes by a policy aimed at the masses who don’t really understand the realities of overseas investment and how important it is to this small country!

    Hoskings interviewed Shearer on ZB this morning and Shearer just sounded like a fool!  He was basically making the policy up as he went along with no idea of the consequences.

    Yet,  if you listened to TV1 news last night you’d think that this was the policy of the century!  When are we going to get some decent, non-biased reporting on the main news channel rather than some cub reporter who still thinks Helen Clarke was the greatest thing sinse the coming of Christ!   I’m sick to death of this one sided reporting we are constantly fed!  If 10% of what was written on this blog was actually reported to the main population – the left would hardly exist!  The media are continuously holding back the truth or twisting it to their own agenda.

    Hey Whale, what are the backgrounds of those who dictate the news items and head the two main channels?  I have a fair idea but would be interested to know?