The Global Warming Farce Continues

Wall Street Journal

People are starting to very slowly wake up to the fact that the calamity predicted hasn’t happened.

What is happening to global temperatures in reality? The answer is: almost nothing for more than 10 years. Monthly values of the global temperature anomaly of the lower atmosphere, complied at the University of Alabama from NASA satellite data, can be found at the website The latest (February 2012) monthly global temperature anomaly for the lower atmosphere was minus 0.12 degrees Celsius, slightly less than the average since the satellite record of temperatures began in 1979.

The lack of any statistically significant warming for over a decade has made it more difficult for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its supporters to demonize the atmospheric gas CO2 which is released when fossil fuels are burned. The burning of fossil fuels has been one reason for an increase of CO2 levels in the atmosphere to around 395 ppm (or parts per million), up from preindustrial levels of about 280 ppm.

Pretty soon there is going to be some very angry people searching for the perpetrators of the fraud.


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  • These type of things take bloody centuries to occur – except in Hollywood. Still agree change is happening – but not convinced mankind are major contributor. This is all about money…..for research, for the stock markets, for the World Bank, you name it.

    • davewin

       And cheap headlines and a claim to fame for the Politicians who blow it up.

  • Mr_Blobby

    If the answer to a problem is to Tax it then it is a CON. Name one situation where Taxing has solved a problem. Tobacco, Alcohol, Welfare, Etc. NO all these so called problems are still with us and always will be.

  • politically unstable

    I am trying to recall what fallouts occured from all the Y2K warnings in teh late 90’s

    • Johno1234

      LOL. Y2K paid off my mortgage just as AGW is paying off the mortgages of countless climate “scientists”. 

      However those organisations that hired people like me to help modernise their systems did so on their own volition, not because some international committee made them do it. Oh, and my colleagues and I never told any stories about aircraft falling out of skies or microwave ovens refusing to shut down.

      • politically unstable

         So who were the bastards that were preaching doom and gloom??!! Bastards!!!

        I get your point about the international committee etc….

      • Gazzaw

        Y2K – the scam of the century!!  Who or what organisation dreamt that up? Brilliant.

        Anyone remember the highrises that housed the multinationals, hospitals & essential services with huge generators from here to Christmas parked outside in case of a meltdown at 2359.59 31 December, 1999? There must have been fortunes made by those who exploited the myth that was Y2K.

      • Pete George

        Y2K wasn’t a myth, there were known problems that were dealt with – I dealt with some before and after the clock ticked over. I know one (minor) problem that still exisited in software up until two or three years ago.

        As it turned out there was more worry and effort than was necessary, but how much we’ll never know, because a lot of stuff was checked and changed as a result of all the publicity – and scaremongering.

      • Gazzaw

        It was hardly the Armageddon that was more than strongly hinted at though Pete.

  • Super_Guest

    The MSM aren’t pushing this crap as much at they used to, as well. Not like five or six years ago where it was every second story on the news. I’ve taken the Jeremy Clarkson approach to AGW where every time I get preached to about it, I go burn some fossil fuels.

  • nellie

    Mind you it was 21 deg C in both Auckland and Manchester yesterday! I love global warming..

  • johnbronkhorst

    Lets see…Now assume they are right for a minute…Global warming is happening and WE (the human race) caused it….Now there are a couple of questions….Can we fix it? and is so How?.. I know one thing for sure, taking money (re carbon credits) form one country and giving it to another, won’t accomplish anything!! Say we do (move the money around)..The rich countries will absorb the cost in their economies and perhaps become a little poorer (they won’t stop the emmissions)…When the poorer countries receive this money, they will more than likely, spend it on industry to improve their economies thereby creating emmissions…so the result will be to INCREASE world emmissions, not decrease them. To continue and take the greenies arguement. They claim, putting a price on carbon will encourage the “poluters” to reduce emmissions to the benefit of the poorer countries…effectively a “trickle down effect”, funny how they can espouse that here but NOT in terms of tax cuts???…Just my slanted way of looking at the world!!!

    •  Exactly…..

    • Blokeintakapuna

      exactly. It’s kinda like the “Save Africa” charities that (supposedly) have great intentions yet all it does is encourage the corrupt regimes to continue their gross corruption and stealing the coutries wealth – whilst the charities continue to give the populace a longer life line helping to keep them alive… and the dictators continue to rort and commit genocide…

      I don’t know what the solution is – but every action has an equal and opposite reaction?

    • Super_Guest

      The answer is to raise taxes.

      What’s the question?

  • rouppe

    Dump the ETS, redirect the money being spent on this nonsense into water quality initiatives. Reversing the steady degradation of our waterways will have a profoundly more important impact on the lives of NZ’ers.

    And it’s measurable

  • ConwayCaptain

    Now sea level are rising abnd islands are sinking and the water table is rising in the isalnds all caused by GW.

    Islands are sinking as they are on top of old volcanoes and the volcanoes are crumbling.


    The islands are on the junction of 2 tectonic plates and one is subducting under the other.

    Water Tables are rising because of overcrowding ie too ,much rumpy pumpy.  The ocean is comong over the island yes because the island is crumbling.

    Flooding inn Bangladesh, the Mississippi, the Severn and AVon in the UK.  Yes, why because ofc silt washed down the rivers and the rivers hhavent been dredged so the river overflows its banks and you built on  flood plain.

    Water Shortages yes because of overpopulation.

    Temps rising, yes in areas and there have always been times of higher and lower temps.  I rmember v high temps in the UK in the late 50’s.  Britain had a mini ice age in the 1800’s.

    Then places like Aus growing crops that need a lot of water, fruit, grapes, cotton etc in the dryest continent.

    • Didn’t you know that AGW is the only thing that can change sea levels? (possibly because all those poor island nations see it as a way to extort money out of the West.)

  • NotLen

    It still amuses me that whenever they can those green bastards (including the late Nick Smith) refer to polluters when talking about AGW.

    I am but a simple soul and can’t help but think the all this carbon tax/ETS rubbish is about CO2 emissions.

    Since when was CO2, what the world relies on for life, a pollutant?  Also, why don’t the MSM ever pull these tossers up on such blatant lies?

    • Gazzaw

      Because the MSM are making truckloads of money out of promoting AGW.

    • Trevel

      It’s not a pollutant it is a greenhouse gas. And the planet is warming. Every decade for the last four has been on average warmer than the last. The only real questions are who is at fault, how high will it go and can we change the rate of warming? Somehow I don’t think the tide is turning. If you don’t believe me google “climate change” and see how many news articles are warning us there is a problem as opposed to telling us there isn’t.. I think you will find it is 10 -1.

      • Euan Rt

        Not a smart argument. In the middle ages, people who thought the sun was the centre of the solar system were outnumbered by 1000’s to 1. 

      • Trevel

        Just making the point that the tide is not turning… it’s getting stronger. this article is one of a small few that actually question the AGW stance. 

      • RightNow

        My average height when I was in my twenties was taller than my average height when I was in my teens, but that didn’t mean I was still growing did it?
        You’re repeating a logical fallacy that was introduced when the trend went flat.

      • Trevel

        OK that is weird. Not sure how your height or the fact you have stopped growing relates to global warming except that the air is probably cooler round your head now you are at your peak height. Which is bad news coz you will shrink making you shorter and this combined with the increased air temp bought on by global warming will mean your last years will be hot ones. I’d move south.

  • nasska

     If any of you are not convinced that climate change is real and your fault, allow me to persuade you. Repeat after me; “You are getting warmer. It is your fault. Your feet are getting wet and sea levels are rising to your knees. You are getting sleepy. You are getting stupid. You are now a believer. Fear the unknown.“

    • Trevel

      Actually it is not the unknown that I fear.

  • Bawaugh

    I support global warming, without global warming the average temperature of earth would be a balmy 0 degrees. 

    What is the biggest green house gas – water!

    That said, it is clear that CO2 adsorbs radiation from the sun and converts it to heat. The problem is that we need about 100 years or so to test the theory of CO2 leading to global warming. Now if it is converting to extra heat where is that heat going? I do not know, I am just a chemist not a climatologist. 

    Even so many of the Green ideas such as being energy efficient (save $) are good ideas global warming or not. But many ideas to reduce CO emissions are well ment, but are not really that effective such as food miles. 

    • Trevel

      I can help you with that one. The heat seems to be going into the ocean. And the problem with that it it is there is so much ocean it will hold the heat for a very long time. Bit like turning an oil tanker round using a fizz boat.

    • Patriot

      How does a co2 molecule – 1 carbon+ 2 Oxygen – make heat .
      There are NO experiments that demonstrate how increasing co2 ppm in the air will warm an air space .

      How many manmade co2 ppm is there in a total 380 co2 ppm , which includes natural co2 .  ??

      If co2 is an enemy — why is there no co-ordinated effort to eliminate manmade co2 — like smoking — fireworks displays —  co2 fire extinguishers .  ??

      We are not serious that co2 causes dangerous heat  – otherwise we would ban fireworks displays/smoking .

      If we ban manmade co2 eg      co2 in soft drinks – Champagne – beer .  What will the temperature be lowered to .  ???

      My point — you and the scientists dont know the causes of heat  ( try the SUN ) — & what will be the temperature change if manmade co2 is reduced — and reduced by what ppm .

      The al gore / ipcc   co2 theory is crapshooting in the dark — C’mon then — answer my questions .

       YOU CANT. … no one Can . 

      The   co2 manmade warming theory is unprovable — there is zero evidence that co2 warms anything — warming is done/undone  by clouds &  moisture in the air

      • 6sn7gta

        CO2 molecules vibrate when hot by photons of a particular energy. And things that vibrate are hotter effectively than those that do not. Absolute zero for exams is where all motion is stopped. This heat is trapped in the atmosphere which in turn percolates downwards. I am grossly simplifying this for you. Most of this excess heat is trapped in the oceans. When water warms it expands. Which means that sea level rises.

      • 6sn7gta

        Sorry I was replying to your drivel on my iPhone. Bit if finger trouble and couldn’t edit my first reply.

        co2 molecules vibrate when bombarded by photons of a particular energy. Where do they come from? The sun. When things vibrate they get hot etc. see my other reply for the rest of the story.

        Also this fact about CO2 has been known since the 1880s. Arrehenius or similar. Wrote a paper in it. You can google it.

        Your other hysterical rants are non-sequiturs. Get over yourself and you’ll feel much better

  • Simo

    How else do you fund the well intentioned and brain washed retards at the UN?

    • Stevo

      Considering some of them think the Universe was created just over 4000 years ago.

  • 6sn7gta

    utter utter crap. 

    you’re all like drooling dogs here a la pavlov, the minute whale puts anything up on climate out come the slaverers.

    here’s the real oil

    and if you can’t be bothered with some information that doesn’t pander to the self evident drooling,  just look at this simple graph.

    this is what the temperature rise really looks like when you subtract the el nino, lower sun output etc.  it’s going up.

    the last ten years were some of the hottest on record,  the only reason they’ve been flat and hot,  is that the el nino and a few other things were keeping them down.


    • Patriot

      Are you saying manmade carbon dioxide – stuff we breathe out  – causes temperature rise .  Can you prove it   or show us  by simple science experiment  ?    NO    ?

      When it rains and gets warm  — Strawberries are bigger and juicier  .
      Bring on the so called global warming .

      In winter i should buy a manmade co2 Heater to keep warm by . … what a load of ipcc  crap .    No such thing as AGW .

      If co2 causes rain  — then dump a load of manmade co2 in the Sahara Desert & make some RAIN  — Bollocks to Al Gore & ipcc

      • 6sn7gta

        Co2 causes temperature rise. Otherwise the planet would be freezing. As for proof go and YouTube co2 in the atmosphere and you will see simple demonstrations of co2 absorbing radiation.

        Where have you seen that co2 causes rain?

        No matter how much you rant. there is something called agw. Get used to it.

    • Patriot

      Co2 causes temp rise -you say .
      If total Co2 is  380ppm  – Tell me , how much of 380ppm is Naturally occurring Co2 & how much is manmade .

      So manmade  Co2 does NOT cause Rain /Floods/ Deluge – you say    ??

      Does manmade Co2 cause Snow   ???

      Does manmade Co2 cause  Drought   ??

      Is manmade Co2 Temperature rise , a dangerous event for Auckland for example — how so  – are crops failing … No they are Not   ??  

      What altitude in the atmosphere  is the warming Greenhouse gas located at    ?

      So if you cannot say YES to these questions & back it with evidence — Manmade Co2 Global warming – is only a Theory and nothing to fear or worry about – born of the mind of those looking for a pay day

      Finally — what is the manmade Co2 reading today  in say,  rural Coatesville  — bet you dont know or care .  C’mon, give me the Co2 reading  !!

      You have NO answers pal  – —  manmade  Co2  causing extreme weather is crap, cos there is no causal evidence . Look forward to your evidence


      • 6sn7gta

        In reply to you ‘question’ on how much CO2 is man made see below.  this took me 10 seconds to find,  you could do that to.

        Manmade CO2 emissions are much smaller than natural emissions. Consumption of vegetation by animals & microbes accounts for about 220 gigatonnes of CO2 per year. Respiration by vegetation emits around 220 gigatonnes. The ocean releases about 332 gigatonnes. In contrast, when you combine the effect of fossil fuel burning and changes in land use, human CO2 emissions are only around 29 gigatonnes per year. However, natural CO2 emissions (from the ocean and vegetation) are balanced by natural absorptions (again by the ocean and vegetation). Land plants absorb about 450 gigatonnes of CO2 per year and the ocean absorbs about 338 gigatonnes. This keeps atmospheric CO2 levels in rough balance. Human CO2 emissions upsets the natural balance.

        About 40% of human CO2 emissions are being absorbed, mostly by vegetation and the oceans. The rest remains in the atmosphere. As a consequence, atmospheric CO2 is at its highest level in 15 to 20 million years (Tripati 2009). A natural change of 100ppm normally takes 5,000 to 20.000 years. The recent increase of 100ppm has taken just 120 years.

        Additional confirmation that rising CO2 levels are due to human activity comes from examining the ratio of carbon isotopes (eg ? carbon atoms with differing numbers of neutrons) found in the atmosphere. Carbon 12 has 6 neutrons, carbon 13 has 7 neutrons. Plants have a lower C13/C12 ratio than in the atmosphere. If rising atmospheric CO2 comes from fossil fuels, the C13/C12 should be falling. Indeed this is what is occurring (Ghosh 2003). The C13/C12 ratio correlates with the trend in global emissions

        Where did i make any claims re manmade anything,  i Said CO2,  anyhoo,  CO2 is generally speaking CO2 in effect,  heat causes evaporation,  hence rain,  and when rain clouds hit cold air it turns into snow.  No surprises there.   However,  additional heat caused by CO2 retention,  causes more rain and more snow.  What’s so hard to grasp about that.

        If your world view is limited to the suburbs of AKL and bits of coatsville,  i suggest that you open your eyes a bit wider,  they are too narrrow, and somewhat self centred.

        It’s all about you isn’t it?  that’s why right winger nut jobs lurk here as they get comfort from their deluded buddies. 

      • Patriot

        In reply – pity that you AS A SOCIALIST  resort to name calling as your arguement sinks.

        1  Again I ask  – if Co2 is 380ppm — what is the manmade portion of 380 — you dont know
        2  World view – what was the Co2  ppm in Caen or any French location, before the European ETS and 2 years after the ETS introduction.
        3   If more Co2 causes more heat , therefore Rain & snow — can  Co2 be released into areas that need RAIN —- SEEING YOU SAY INCREASED cO2 CAUSES HEAT/RAIN .
        4   What amount of Co2 is required to make RAIN    ??

        Give me 4 numerical answers — Waiting for your ducking the question 

        Quote from 6sn7gta
        Where did i make any claims re manmade anything,  i Said CO2,  anyhoo,  CO2 is generally speaking CO2 in effect,  heat causes evaporation,  hence rain,  and when rain clouds hit cold air it turns into snow.  No surprises there.   However,  additional heat caused by CO2 retention,  causes more rain and more snow.  What’s so hard to grasp about that.

        Chung Hoi Ching. — aka Patriot

  • coge

    Western Govt’s that are pushing AGW are being put out on their arse. That is the reality of the situation.

  • Stevo

    20.000 years ago nothern Europe and surrounds were under a sheet of ice 3 to 4km thick. Ocean levels were hundereds of feet lower than now.

    Earth climate change…. Been around for over 4 Billion years

    • Dman34

      With all due respect Stevo can you supply a reference for that…. I think you are talking bollocks

  • 6sn7gta

    this is in reply to patriot
    socialist?  who says that I am a socialist,  as for your comment on name calling that is truely ironic coming from anyone in this web site,  take for example this headline:
    so i think that you can keep quiet there.
    I’ve told you already  that 29gigatonnes of CO2 is being added annually to the atmosphere,  but however as that is not good enough for you,  here’s the fraction of 380ppm that is man made:
    The 380 ppm mentioned above translates to roughly 0.0383% of the earth’s of which man-made(anthropogenic) additions total roughly 0.117% of that 0.0383% – in other words 35 per cent additional carbon dioxide above previous levels. This level is increasing each year as man adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.that took me less than 10 seconds to find on the web,  you must really get up to play with what’s going on in the world not just coatsville.
    as for this comment of yours : 3   If more Co2 causes more heat , therefore Rain & snow — can  Co2 be released into areas that need RAIN —- SEEING YOU SAY INCREASED cO2 CAUSES HEAT/RAIN .

    you clearly understand nothing. how can a gas which is sent over the planet in the jet stream congregate in one area? 
    as for your last point,  CO2 does not make rain,  don’t you understand that.

    you seem to be angry,  why is that?  don’t you understand basic science? It;s not difficult.

    do some reading,  preferably on sites that don’t pander to your prejudices.

    • Patriot

      You need to look in the mirror and keep track of your comments re name calling and sledging right wingers.

      I’ll be simple for you 
      Carbon Dioxide is less than 1% of air & is incapable of trapping heat when  more than 99% is letting heat pass without trapping it  — Dont you get it  1% Verses 99% …. who wins — 99% of course , dummy .   Mans carbon dioxide will do zero, zip, nothing  — to cause so called extreme weather .  Never been shown that Co2 causes Floods.

      Mans carbon dioxide in NZ  did  not cause the Tornado in Albany that killed a man nor cause the Rainstorm  2 weeks ago on Nth Island .

      Of course gas does not congregate in ONE area — but so called scientists claim Kiribati is flooding from sea level rise  — is that gas in one area causing sea level rise   NUTS to that  idea .  Try Kiribati SINKING.

      So thickhead – seeing you want to go the name calling way – does Co2 cause RAIN   ??

      No Way has evidence shown Co2 causes RAIN, Showers, Thunderstorms. Lightning, Deluge,   Youre talking Crap mate

      ps I dont live in Coatesville — never have .  I am from Masterton

    • Patriot

      if  your manmade Co2 is 0.117% of 380ppm — thats 1 manmade  Co2 molecule  in 22,727 — trying to trap heat  to cause what you call Global warming  ( 44ppm /380ppm )

      Try pouring water into a colendar with 22,727 holes — water like heat ,goes straight thru , unimpeded – with one non hole to stop heat/water — dont make me laugh

      Co2 aint a wonder molecule that brings Rain, Snow, Drought, Tornados, & Hurricane Katrinas ( like al gore claimed in inconvenient truth )  — incidentally al gore lost a Law Court case — his movie lied said the England Courts .  

      • 6sn7gta

        You obviously know nothing of the properties of CO2. Do some reading. It doesn’t matter that it is a trace gas in the atmosphere. The simple fact is that it absorbs radiation of very specific frequencies (energetic photons) from the sun and heats up. This has been known since the 19th century.

      • Patriot

        Your main premise is   ” I know best but i aint telling you much cos you’re an idiot ”

        You have provided zero evidence & demonstrated Nothing  about Co2 creating Rain thru Greenhouse Gas .

        The main heater of earth is air moisture and clouds and the sun .

        You give no answers to questions and only sling shitty comments about do some reading . Man – if you wanna debate stuff — debate it . Your style of slagging off at the other person ,makes you look like a complete Moronic turkey who is unable to stay the distance  an have an anger issue .

        I’ll say again — I do not accept that Co2 ( of the human generated type – AGW ) can do the things claimed it can do , due to zero evidence     eg    Al Gore claimed Katrina was caused by human activity — England Law Courts said

         —  Al Gore  , there is no evidence to link Katrina to Co2 or so called Greenhouse Gas .. ie Gore is a lying shit .

        It is typical of AGW supporters not to answer questions or address the point — Gore never takes a question … did u noticethat ,  you’re the same , avoid the question .   If you wanna carry on — i have a hundred more questions   eg What did Copenhagen, Cancun , Durban conferences achieve over 12 days for the 40,000 delgates at Copenhagen — a holiday on Govts

        ipcc 2007 report said Himilayan Glaciers will melt by 2035 — UN admitted that assertion was lies – they copied an article from a magazine and treated it as peer reviewed when it was not .. lying pricks

        Co2 does not cause Rain — does not cause Snow  even if you will it to do so  !!

        • 6sn7gta

          You know nothing. Your invective is political spin. I’ve given you numbers. And yet youre not happy. Go back to your sand pit and leave the adults alone

  • Patriot

    6sn7gta 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand
    You know nothing. Your invective is political spin. I’ve given you numbers. And yet youre not happy. Go back to your sand pit and leave the adults alone–  Like i said 6sn7Gta You cannot stay with the debate , you cannot stay with the detail , you cannot stay with the questions ..Your only response is to spit and curse like a beaten left wing Prat who hates losing to a better argument .Like i said  manmade or Human carbon dioxide aint been shown to cause ” extreme weather “no matter how much you jump up & down like a spoilt brat If you pump Co2 into a massive glasshouse — what will happen  1   Co2 is heavier than air and will fall to the ground 2   It wont RAIN inside the glasshouse Geez youre a thick  idiot  — go spit another dummy Co2 aint a wonder molecule  — trees, grass, bush, plants love Co2 ….. need it to grow If you are wooried about the trees — how come houses still use trees / wood to build houses — why aint we building MUD/Straw houses like Lybia . Why is our furniture made of tree timber — if you want to save trees piss off Noddy

    • 6sn7gta

       i’ve given you detail, 29 gigatonnes of CO2,  and the percentage of trace gas in the atmosphere,  what more do you want

      you are not capable of rational discussion.  you spout rubbish,  and you do it all the time. 

      ha ha ha,  CO2 is heavier than air and fall to the ground,  have you any idea how idiotic that makes you?  that was the moron used by inhofe and co in trying to  prove that AGW was false.  he made an arse of himself as you are for repeating it.

      it won’t rain inside a glass house?  what on earth are you talking about,  do you have a random word generator there or something, 

      wtf has the discussion got to do with trees/lumber and houses? 

      you are an idiot,  all the way round, up and down,  i notice that none of your cohorts are coming in to support you.

      you are nothing but a know all know nuthin,  bigot and moron.

      this is the best fun i’ve had in a while

      • Patriot

        you have given zero evidence that AGW Co2 causes any kind of extreme or regular RAIN .

        Your best supporting act is to rant n rave – you donot understand the arguments for or against the AGW Co2 theory that Co2 is asserted as being the gas that causes –  Floods  for example .

        Like ALL proponants of Greenhouse Gas causing ” extreme weather  — you avoid following the line of thought and always fail to back the detail with evidence  .

        I’ll ask you again – one more time .

        When Will AGW — that is manmade Co2 – cause ” extreme ”  Rainfall in NZ
        and what concentration does the AGW need to get to – to create the circumstance for extreme Rain    ???

        You can answer that question for any location world wide — just name the location and the AGW Co2 level

        Is the  AGW Co2  —  44ppm   ,   75ppm    ,   150ppm , 210ppm .. HOW MUCH ??
        You idiot — you dont know — how much manmade Co2 – it takes to cause a Flood ..

        Thats got  you stumped   — go ahead avoid the question .. you left wing  Turkey .  @ea91275d146dd69f674c75b2aa3d9366:disqus

    • 6sn7gta

       the earth is not a massive glasshouse,  CO2 does cause heating,  which in turn causes greater evaporation,  whihc is, per force,  causing more weather extremes.

       where did this tree nonsense come from?

      you seem to becoming unhinged. 

      you need to lie down. 

      no matter how much you froth the simple fact is that the world is getting hotter thanks to the CO2,  29 Gigatonnes per annum,  in excess of the amount the planet can soak up,  that man is pumping out.

      get used to it.

      • Patriot

        you get more forgetful with every reply
        YOU SAID,

        ,,,,1 Earth is NOT a big Glasshouse – so is that – Not a Big Greenhouse as well  ??   MAKE UP YER MIND

        2  Co2  — AGW is 0.117 of 0.383 you said — ie 44ppm out of 380ppm — so whats the Big deal with 44 ppm AGW     ???

        3 If Tree deforestation is an issue re Co2  — why continue to make houses/furniture out of trees — close down the timber yards then  ehhh !!

        4 If AGW is 1 molecule in 22,000  — treat me to how 1 molecule in 22,000, will create Rain & Floods .   You are bullshitting again

        5 Point me to an excel of temperatures taken around the world — so we can check the location of those temperature records — that allegedly conclude the earth is getting warmer  — You Bullshitting again !

        6  How do you know if it is Natural – uncontrollably natural that more natural co2  is being created rather than AGW  Co2     eg volcanos in Iceland & Chile pumped out how much ??   did you count that   ??

        7 If world is getting hotter — could it be less cloud and more sunlight rather than more AGW Co2   — you lose that point too cos u got NO answer dummy

        7  You lost that debate again — keep trying . You will never beat or answer my questions   LOSER.