The Huddle at 1740

I am on The Huddle this afternoon with Larry Williams.

Number 2 is on with me.

Our topics are:

Gerry Brownlee’s comments about Finland causing a  bit of upset!

The Chris Cairns case in the UK where he won the libel case over the dodgy IPL guy who said he was a cheat on twitter.

Depending on developments at the Employment Court we could be talking about the Ports of Auckland and the lazy, overpaid, racist, bully, union scum holding the country to ransom.

As usual I will post the adio tomorrow, but you can listen online from 1740.


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  • Mike Smith

    “and the lazy, overpaid, racist, bully, union scum holding the country to ransom”


  • Matt

    Learn how to spell, Cameron. You’ve been running a blog for long enough now to know how to edit your publications competently.

    • Fcuk Ffo

      • Balanced View

        Hahaha brilliant!

    • MrV

      Quick the entire internet requires spellchecking >
      … only x billion pages to go.

  • Random66

    Well it happened and I’m pissed.  Parsloe is gloating by saying, ” so this port’s now dead until the 16th of May.” I’m finding it all abit hard to swallow. How the hell did the PoA get it so wrong. I told you guys to dot your i’s and cross your t’s – and you didn’t!!!

    • I think you will find that Parsloe is lying again….in case you didn’t notice two ships were processed today so it certainly doesn’t look dead to from where I am looking at it from.

      • Whafe

        Parsloe is as bent as a rusty old hairpin, couldn’t lie straight in bed….

  • Mike Smith

    Perhaps POAL management simply aren’t up to it?

    • You could always take Gibson’s job or ACIL Gary Swift’s job?