The Huddle Tonight

I’m on Larry Williams show on NewstalkZB tonight.

The Huddle will be Josie Pagani and Me. you can listen to the live stream here from 1740.

Our topics are the Ports of Auckland and Shearer’s cocked up policy launch.

I will post the audio tomorrow morning.


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  • Boss Hogg

    The use of the word “Fired” is getting very tiresome.  The current business model does not work so the company decides to change the business.  Make the changes including redundancy of staff no longer needed in accordance with th eemployemt contract that the union negotiated – Now outsource function – done.

    Redundancy is NOT being fired – but evryone here knows that, sorry for stating the obvious, but these idiots make me a little bit cross.  In the country I work there is no need for such words – you just get terminated, this covers all scenarios.  Simple and it works, therefore it is good.

  • Guest

    If only we really could “terminate” those MUNZers and bludgers and unionists and Labourites!