The Huddle tonight

I am on Larry Williams NewstalkZB show this afternoon on The Huddle with Jock Anderson.

Our topics are The Ports dispute and Super Tuesday.

You can listen live from their site.

I will post the audio as usual in the morning.


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  • The Invisible Man gets owned again this time on radio…

    • Travdog

      Heard that Ben, political Party leader gets nailed by radio host. I joined halfway through the segment not knowing who Larry was talking to and wondered “Who is this misinformed cock, Larry is taking him to pieces” before I heard “David”.

  • Mighty1

    Heard it too he was just sooooo uninformed, ill prepared, disorganised, silent t must be laughing so loud.

    • Gazzaw

      It really was a shocking performance on Shearer’s part. You would have thought that he would have got some practise in three months on. Who the hell is his minder? Williams got him on the radio specifically to discuss POAL and Shearer comes up with the classic line that it isnt an issue he keeps up with on a daily basis. And he wants to run the country?

      • Alloytoo

        Listened to this on the drive home. Williams was brilliant, Shearer kept trying to raise vague “costs” that the had been address in the POA interview a minute or two before (Embarrassing)

  • Guest

    All those MUNZ bludgers just got fired and none of the new stevedoring companies will touch any of ’em with a barge pole!

    Now Key needs to move fast – no benefits ever for fired bludging strikers!

    and then do to the rest of the civl service what the ports of auckland did to their unionist bludger – fire the lot, no redundancy, no reemployment ever, no benefits ever

    That’s how to deal with Labour, Greens & Unions!