The Invisible Man sits on the Fence

Chris Trotter thinks David Shearer has badly handled the POAL dispute.

The Invisible Man has another disastrous interview on Breakfast yesterday, where he failed to assume any position at all.


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  • Apolonia

    He performs better the less visible he is.

  • Cobolt

    Some complain about Key’s diction, at least he gets out what he’s trying to say. It seems Shearer isn’t sure what he’s trying to say and stumbles over his words while he thinks about it.

    •  Can someone explain to me what’s happened with John Key’s speech since the Christmas break. There is a slight slur to it in most of the comments he’s made. Not trying to make something big out of this (I do the same thing when I’ve not been sleeping well) – has anyone got an answer – several other folk I’ve spoken to have noted the same thing….

  • rouppe

    This really doesn’t look like someone who stared down gun-toting Somalis

    • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

      They were probably trying to figure out WTF he was on about.

  • MrV

    I think his position is fine, if he caused a fuss, he’d be accused of dying in a ditch over some union workers with a grandeose sense of entitlement.

    Theres no political capital to be made on this, other than those who vote Labour/Greens anyway.

    • Troy

      Problem is, he hasn’t delivered well the message of his position.  Confidence in a leader comes from understanding, clearly, what their vision and direction is – Shearer is failing miserably to do this – fumbling, bumbling.

  • Gold

    He’s assumed a position, Whale. The crash position.