The New Generation of the Nasty Party

Kate Sutton is considered the next up and comer in the nasty party, a bona fide nasty woman in the mold of Darien Fenton and Sue Moroney.

Here’s Kate practicing being nasty and preparing to join the nasty caucus in the Labour party on The Nation last weekend.

Short of electable, appealing women, Labour Women is Kate Sutton’s vehicle to bring in more women.

What wasn’t said in that video was the tipline has been talking about Kate for many months. Apparently her reputation is typical of many high achieving women, crashing through the glass ceiling then getting it reimposed so other talented women can’t be a threat to her.

Look for Kate to try to take a safe Labour seat off the back of her work with Labour women. And look for few other Labour women to make it into caucus off the back of Kate’s efforts.


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  • Positan

    Have we got the correct site link here – this site is 17 minutes on Shearer not Sutton.

  • Doug

    Hell he could hold his mettings in a phone box.

  • Cactus Kate

    Personally I think Sutton is unlucky not to already be an MP. Socialist Cindy lives the life she should be leading. She has every reason to be pissed off as do plenty of other young women with better or equal backgrounds to Cindy such as Deborah Mahuta Coyle and well, I’m struggling to think of any others but I am sure there are some.

    All credibility in this article diminished when Whale you described Kate as a “high achieving woman”. 

    The Labour Party has a glass ceiling – for straight white men.

  • Philip ure a cock

    Labour women never reach the glass ceiling; they all get stuck in the carpet

    • @BoJangles

      with burnt knees….