The racism of David Cunliffe

We all know that David Cunliffe is a racist, he proved that with his little speech during the election, where he put on an affected Pasefika accent. Now we have more proof, this time from inside parliament.

During the debate on the Search and Surveillance Bill, he was speaking when Simon Bridges heckled him:

Simon Bridges: You’d be complaining.

Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE: The perma-tanned member opposite argues that this is a legitimate power of Government, but he flies in the face of the fact that 90 percent of New Zealanders would say that when only one in five burglaries is being closed by our boys and girls in blue—

Hon Judith Collins: I raise a point of order, Mr Chairperson. I do not think it is appropriate for a member of this Committee to refer to a member who happens to be Māori as “perma-tanned”, and frankly I think it is offensive.

This is the man that the membership wants as leader of the Labour party. A bigot.

David Cunliffe says it wasn’t racist but I can think of no other reason for him to say what he said other than as a racist slur.


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  • Bob

    He will never be leader, that video of him showing his true racist and hating personality will haunt him forever, the Labour Ladies and Rainbow wing will not accept him.

    And as for his ‘beard’, really, if you can’t grow a half decent beard then you just shouldn’t.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      The beard is to combat Auntie Helen’s bigger balls! 

    • politically unstable

       He might be more than racist….that word may be too narrow in definition. Maybe bigot is a more apt description….

      “intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs. The predominant usage in modern
      English refers to persons hostile to those of differing sex, race,
      ethnicity, religious belief or spirituality, political alignment,
      nationality, language, sexual orientation, and age”

  • Tevisiteur

    This is a third strike for Silent T.  First when he mocked Pansy Wong’s accent, then when he started speaking in a Pasifika accent during his infamous “greasy men in blue suits” speech, and now this.  Send the smarmy git back to his mansion in Herne Bay.

  • Hakim of phut

    Fantastic sledge- he didnt  care about any Maori ‘connections’ until he became a National MP.

    and why is he claiming to be a ‘crown prosecutor’ in the District court in Tauranga. Shouldnt that be police prosecutor and I didnt know the High Court conducted trials in Tauranga. Another case of wrapping himself’ in a cloak’

    • politically unstable

       Thsi is just too easy for phitwit….go to Wikipedia…he was a crown prosecutor. Go NZ Law website – Bridges was a crown prosecutor…Go to Ministry of Justice website —-Tauranga is also a high court.

      Fuck you are dumb

      • Hakim of phut

        There are only 16 crown solicitors in NZ. Bridges wasnt one of them. Its another example  of  his grandiosity.
        Tauranga is a high court registry , ie you can file documents, the same in Masterton but  High court judges dont conduct trials in Tauranga ( its done only in Rotorua for BoP) .
        PU , you are  soooo wrong, and  stupid

      • politically unstable

         this must be the 15th time in a week I have had to call you for being Shit for Brains.

        Of course – ignorance is bliss and you must be living one fucking blissful life..

      • Hakim of phut

        The MoJ website  says High Court judges dont conduct trials in Tauranga- strange but true. 
         You are ignorant about the High Court, having a  on office means  documents such as wills can be lodged etc. But unless you have a trial no need for a high court crown prosecutor.

      • joe bloggs

        Phuckt – there are indeed only 16 crown solicitors in NZ – Bridges is not currently one of them because he resigned his warrent as crown prosecutor in 2008 when he was elected to parliament…

        … Tauranga is classified as a high court district by the crown law office…

        … the current Crown Solicitor for Tauranga leads a team of 10 lawyers who prosecute for the Crown and Government departments in the Courts of the Western & Eastern Bay of Plenty…

        … stoopid is as stoopid does – and Phuckt you do say some rilly stoopid thangs

    • joe bloggs

      Ngati Maniopoto on his father’s side, former Labour Cabinet minister Koro Wetere is a cousin and his marae is at Oparure near Te Kuiti.

      He would like sometime to return there. “I don’t want to overplay it,” he says, “but it does add something. It’s a part of me, but, look, just in the same way that I have grandparents from Yorkshire.”

      Bridges was indeed a senior crown prosecutor in Tauranga – an office now occupied by Greg Hollister-Jones of Ronayne Hollister-Jones Lellman.

      Tauranga’s court system offers high court, district court and family court services out of Mclean House

      Another case of wrapping yourself in ignorance and bullshit and calling yourself a well-informed little troll eh Phuckt?

    • Peter Wilson

      The problem is, Cunnliffe is saying that because Bridges doesn’t look like a regular bro, he’s not really maori. Inexusable from a wannabe leader to be honest.

  • Gazzaw

    HoP is pretty free with accusations of racism. What say you HoP?

  • BJ

    When he was election campaigning at Avondale Racecourse  market he stood on top of a van and spoke to the constituents with a decidedly ‘bro’ accent. He’s got an accent for every occasion and has a ‘line’ to match

  • Michaelharford

    HoP – The High Court can/does sit at Tauranga.

    • Hakim of phut

      The High court has registries in Masterton and Tauranga but Judges dont conduct trials at these locations. Look it up!

      • joe bloggs



         [1] Mrs Jones applies
        under r 29A for an order granting an extension of time to appeal against a
        judgment of Associate Judge Doogue in the High Court at Tauranga on 23 August
        2011 ordering the removal of a notice of claim by Mrs Jones under s 43 of the Property
        (Relationships) Act 1976 (the Act) over her husband’s farm property (the




         [1] The appellants
        appeal against a judgment of Judge Bidois in the Tauranga District Court in
        which he rejected a claim for damages arising out of a visit by the police to
        the appellants’ house in Auckland. The appellants had claimed exemplary damages
        of $200,000 arising out of alleged tortious acts and a breach of the New
        Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 (Bill of Rights).


         Judges conduct trials
        in Tauranga High Court and District Court – the evidence is documented and a
        matter of public record


        Quod erat dēmonstrandum
        – Phuckt you are talking out of your arse – again

  • Kiwidon

    Reading the above begs the question – why are socialists such devout liars?

    • Hakim of phut

      Why is a former police prosecutor claiming to be a crown solicitor ?

      • That’s it…this is about the racism of David Cunliffe nothing else, you have overstayed your welcome. Good bye.

      • Travdog

        Good job, fuck off Hakim. The Whale has spoken. Executed for an addiction to irrelevance.

      • Grumpy

        Phut is Phukt

      • Dion

        Good job.  That said, I’m sure he’ll be replaced by another sanctimonious tosser soon enough. 

  • Dr Wang

    Don’t be too tough on old Cunny-lips. If you were as frustrated and pent-up as him you might blurt out the odd intemperate statement too!

  • Vij

    Thank you Whaleoil

  •    The Labour Party as of the moment…

  • thor42

    Cunners is great news for the Nats.
    With that “bros” video (and now this), the Maori and Pacific Island communities have all the reasons that they need not to vote for his party. Mind you, most of them will do so anyway. 

  • Jackhenderson00

    I don’t actually think that Cunners meant it in a racist way actually. I didn’t know that Simon Bridges was Maori. I thouht he was rather tanned. He just happens to have that look. The irony of it is that I think Cunners is racist, what with those videos lol

  • Hieronymous Parsonsen

    Cunliffe is proof, if proof were needed, that you can, in fact, polish a turd.  I know this, having dealt with this apalling man at a personal level!