The Redneck South

Quite unbelievable that people still think like this:


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  • Sooty

    Them’s the good ol boy’s. Thick as two short planks and a sandwhich short of a picnic.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Could be members of MUNZ if they wanted to be.


    Dah good ole boys.God,guns,and the confederate flag.Hope the boys on the ute,were leaving town,cause those white pointie hats are still about.

  • And this explains why Santorum’s win there will not translate into wins in the… slightly more (erm…) cosmopolitan… states’ Primaries. Romney will take all the population bases on the seaboards – and California’s delegates are winner-take-all. Those people will still vote for whoever the Republican candidate is, when the main ballot comes around. 

  • Tango 1

    Just the results of long term indoctrination. You can find it anywhere, even here, no point in just pointing to those guys as the worlds sole sufferers of stupiditus. Some of them would probably be quite nice blokes, friendly etc, just saddled with a skewed world view. Keep looking long enough and you can find idiots of all persuasions everywhere….

    • Ratchet

      Like at the Port of Auckland gates?

      •  Interesting you say that – depending on where you go and who you choose to talk to you can always produce results that confirm the media’s prejudices for the storyline.

  • Kosh103

    I love Bill Mahr.

  • was that shot in dipton…?

    [email protected]

    • Travdog

      English isn’t a redneck you lazy bludger.

    • Grizz30

      No one would be avaliable. They are all too busy working.

  • MrV

    Why has the term “family values” been hijacked to now mean pig ignorant?

    • Kosh103

      Because in the US the 2 go together quite well.

    •  because it is a meaningless cliche that is seized upon by the ‘pig ignorant as something for them to hang their irrational prejudices/bigotry off…?

      just saying..!

      [email protected]

      • Kosh103

        Like I said, the US and the 2 go very well together.

      • Agent BallSack

        Trolling Kosh? What a surprise..

      • Kosh103

        Just being honest ballsack.

        The southern states are a hot bed of backward thinking rednecks.

  • nzd.gbp

    Is it just me or do these gentlemen seem to lack the persuasive charms of our own resident racists and bigots?

  • Super_Guest

    Bill Maher’s a socialist cunt, but it is disappointing to see these attitudes persisting.

  • Agent BallSack

    And there we see exactly why Santorum can get votes. Very scary.

  • Blair Mulholland

    What Super_Guest said – Bill Maher can go fuck himself.  He’s just as bigoted as these folk, but in the other direction, and no less stupid.

    I’m pretty keen to visit Mississippi myself sometime soon and see what it’s like.  The few folk I have met from the Deep South have been “interesting” to say the least.  I met a fellow from Alabama while having a beer at Hooters once, and he somehow managed to get the word “nigger” into a conversation with me, a complete stranger.  Ditto a fellow I met from South Carolina.  And the only person I’ve met from Mississippi, while she never said anything racist, she did have one of those jutting jaws that made her look like an extra from Deliverance.

    I’d still rather have a beer with any of those people than that dickwad Maher though.

    • Kosh103

      Dem da rednecks have to stick together.

      • Super_Guest

        Don’t you have kids to indoctrinate?

      • Kosh103

        My my SG, a tad touchy. Too much sun on the neck today?

    •  maher is part of the holy trilogy of comedians..

      ..maher..stewart..and colbert..

      ..long may they reign…

      [email protected]

      • Euan Rt

        Phil, I see you are up for a pay rise next month. Good work if you can get it …eh…?

    •  you don’t really need mullholland..?

      ..wot with yr usual rightwing sense-of-humour byepass at birth…?

      ..bitter anger ..leavened with irrational prejudices does you for emotions..

      [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        So long as you’ve got comedy, Phil, you don’t need a job.


      • Blair Mulholland

        Bill Maher is not a comedian Phil.  To do that, you have to be funny.  Genuinely funny people have their own point of view, but can see the validity in the other side.  Someone like Seth Macfarlane is a perfect example – he even had Rush Limbaugh on his show.

        And if you are going to talk about sense of humour bypasses, there is no better example than the Green Party caucus.

    • ConwayCaptain


      The South is great and full of history and many talk as if they were in Gone with the wind.

      In New Orleans you can walk down a road with beautiul ante bellum houses and magnolia and one street back are the old slave quarters.  If you want great food go to Nawleans and go to Pascals Manale for the best BBQed prawns you have ever tasted.

      Go to Charleston and Savannah which are great, forget Florida.  Houston is interesting as well.

      • Blair Mulholland

        Well I live in Texas, and I have to say that Houston is only impressive by being freaking massive, and taking an hour to drive across.  No fun.  Where I live in San Antone, with the Alamo and the River Walk, is  much more interesting.

        I do want to see Nawlens.  I was going to go there for my first wedding anniversary, but never got there (the city, or the anniversary).

      •  mullholland…maher is hilarious.. you also think stewaart and colbert aren’t funny…?

        ..are you just confirming that rightwing s.o.h.-byepass for us…?

        ..i mean..p.j.o’rourke was funny..

        ..but i can’t think of any other funny rightwingers..

        ..can you..?

        ..who do you think is funny..?


        [email protected]

      •  mullholland:..yes ..i have to agree.. party meetings were generally pretty dour/humourless affairs..

        ..more to be endured than enjoyed…

        ..with many..but not all … those meetings…

        …not liking/appreciating my clumsy attempts at the artform…

        ..smartarse-one-liners are looked upon with deep suspicion…

        [email protected]

    • Bunswalla

      Blair, I once spent a few weeks in the south mainly in Louisiana and Florida. I rocked up to a golf club with my wife (we’re both caucasian) and the starter put us with an old-timer that played there most days and would show us around.

      After introductions, the first thing out of his mouth was “I don’t like niggers and I don’t like japs” !!!

  • Middleagedwhiteguy

    In a just world, Santorum would look at the people who voted for him and despair.

    • Blair Mulholland

       I suspect with some of us it is the other way around.  Sanitorium is not my favourite guy, but a Mitt victory would kill the Tea Party revolution.  Vote for the Catholic bigot.  It’s important.

  • Grizz30

    The thing about these clips is that you could interview hundreds of people, but only the most bigotted two tooths who are definately a couple of kumaras short of a hangi would ever make the final cut. They could come across a whole bunch of respectable people but their views did not fit the needs of the producer in trying to portray that Southern white folk are racist rednecks.

  • santorum is just evil..

    ..he is the barry gpldwater of his day…

    ..and he speaks directly to/for those ignorant pricks in that vid..

    ..they are his people..

    ..and seriously..!..are you tut-tuttingrightwingers missing the mirror-effect..? aren’t seeing yrslves in that clip..?

    ‘holy denial..!..batman..!’

    [email protected]


    • Super_Guest

      Phil, you pointless, pointless man. Can’t you see that you’re just as bigoted as some of us (not me, I’ve never said anything racist)? You are bigoted against people from the South of the USA, people with a couple bucks to scratch together, people who believe that they deserve the money they earn more than you, the rich pricks, and for some reason Barry Goldwater who was a Libertarian at heart.

      •  you liked them super guest  because they are you..and you are them…

        ..that mirror-thing i referred to.. can they not share so many beliefs..

        ..and yes..i am bigoted against racist/homophobic/redkneck pricks..

        ..i can’t stand them..

        ..they can just fuck off…eh..?

        [email protected]

      •  superguest..i have spent periods living in new york/hawaii/california and new mexico… i have seen enough to hold an opinion…

        [email protected]

      • Agent BallSack

        Slow day over at whoar today is it Phil?

      • Grumpy

        Hey Phil, I hear that fresh from the success at POAL, the govt is going to contract out the dole…..CV ready?

    • Blair Mulholland

       Barry Goldwater was very much against the moral conservatives in the Republican Party – in many ways he was the opposite of Santorum.  And as for Santorum himself, I don’t like his Catholic fundamentalism, but he is a good, decent and moral human being with principles, and that connects with people.  It is the main reason he is still in the race, and despite all my reservations about him, I think he will be a better nominee than the slimy Romney, who couldn’t lie straight in bed.

    • Ronnie Chow

        In case you hadn’t noticed , ill lip , Cameron Slater and Jon Stewart have the same methodology , that is , exposing stupid people who tell lies . You are in denial , sunshine (hater)

      • what a strange little man you are there..ron…

        what exactly does ‘sunshine hater’ mean..? it a global warming denial thing..?

        [email protected]

  • and of course this clip is a brilliant illustration of the deep ignorances/stupidities of that sad/pitiful creature…the  poor-rightwinger..

    ..what the 1%/elites refer to as their ‘doorrmats’… there to be used/walked over..

    ..those who are poor..yet subscribe to those vile politics…

    ..’cos they hope to be a rich prick one day…

    “ could work for me..!”…’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad…

    [email protected]

    • Super_Guest

      Everyone’s a rich prick when you’re on a benefit leaching off them. And it’s great to hear you have no expectations of yourself, no self respect and want nothing more than your fairly pathetic situation. When are you going to pay me back for all the rich prick money you stole off me, Phil? I’d like to use that money to pay for my children’s education not your drug habit…

    • @BoJangles

      Bring on Boss Hogg……

      • Boss Hogg

        Hi BoJangles, I must say that I have been suffering a bit of what I call “Pillock Fatigue” over the last week on the Whale Oil site, so on that basis I have been steering clear of Gay Marriage, MUNZ and all associated Muppets, Phil U, Kosh and the like.

        Phil, why don’t you head out to some of the “cash crop” regions of the North Island like the Far Norh and East Cape with a video camera and pop into a local pub or TAB on benefit day and do some random interviews with your amazing wit and invrestigative talents and share the results with us.

        That would make the Southern boys on Mahr’s clip look like well dressed, healthy, polite, intellegent brain surgeons.

        BTW, favorite place in Texas — Houston space museum, awesome.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    So Stalin, Mao and Kim are your mirror buddies then? Them being the left elite, you presumably the doormat.

  • George

    My experience of living and working with Southerners is one of overall politeness.  Their word didn’t mean anything to them, it was everything.  No doubt they have their share of ratbags and some of their views strike kiwis as quaint.  But after last time, coming back to Auckland was a shock, the airport seemed full of gothic idiots, irritable snarling staff and unhappy people.

  • Mr_Blobby

    This is what happens with a few generations of inbreeding. Take note Honke Harawira. The white mother fuckers might be useful after all. If they decide to take pity on your family.
    This level of intelligence is prevalent around the world and nothing new. Unfortunately they are, inevitably, very unaware of what’s happening out in the World and tend to believe everything they are told on the tube. Remember 70% of Americans don’t have a passport.
    We have our own Redneck/blackarse disaffected minority here fortunately they are a minority.

  • Nigel201065

    Phil a serious question and can you respond properly in english
    How is voting for someone because he is black any different from not voting for someone because he is black
    these rednecks are racist but so are all the Afro Americans who voted for Obama just because he is black, if you really want to see true racism as a Caucasian try wandering  down the main st of Crompton LA and see the lovely chaps there

    •  or you could try being a black guy wandering thru the streets of a rich l.a.suburb…

      ..then you will be guaranteed yr ‘true racism’….eh..?

      ..which will likely involve men in uniforms with clubs and guns.. white/rich ghetto…one poor/black/latino ghetto…

      ..but both ghettos..and both fearful of the other…

      ..the only release from that fear comes from living where the races co-mingle..

      ..and are at ease with each other…

      ..i mean..both otara and takapuna are each in their own way grim..

      ..the utter vacuity of takapuna almost make that more unendurable…

      ..stepford wives on the shore…

      ..i mean..the beach is even dull/crappy…

      ..the lake is spooky….

      ..and the people.. god..!..the people..!

      [email protected]


      • Travdog

        Lets see, Takapuna or Otara…hmm………………….

  • Vlad

    Disappointing to see some implied support for these obvious dingtbats here; they don’t represent the South (where I have been), or Republicans, and they sure as hell don’t represent anyone who should be commenting on this blog in this country. 

    • Kosh103

      Actually listening to the republicans who hold office, they sound just like the rednecks in the clip. Only difference is the rednecks are not wearing suits.

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