The Sound of Terror

IDF Blog

Israel is under attack again, I doubt they are going to put up with this for long:

More than 200 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, and struck major population centers in southern Israel in the last 103 hours. More than 1,000,000 Israelis are under the threat of rocket fire.

Terrorists, such as the PRC (What is the PRC?), are firing rockets into the cities of Ashdod, Be’ersheba, Yavne, Netivot and Ashkelon; as well as into the Eshkol and Shaár Ha’Negev regional councils. Iron Dome system has so far intercepted 56 rockets that were to land in densely populated areas.


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  • Grizz30

    No doubt they are fired from sites close to schools and hospitals putting innocent children and women at risk of retaliation.

  • Guest

    No this cant be happening – its just Israeli propaganda – special effects.  Its all a Lie.  the Jews are satans children.  – Just getting in before the lame arse lefty wankers.   Or how about,  the israelis deserve it?
    If I was Israel I would burn anything within Katushyn range of their border and stop this crap

  • NZ Groover

    The guy taking the footage doesn’t sound to terrified. Just must be used to it I guess. Strange indeed.

  • So I take it you’re pro-Israel – hmmm….I’m not anti Israel just totally against zionist teaching – they’re as blindly radical as those peoples they oppose and call terrorists.

    • bristol

      Double speak Neil. The words you have just chosen indicate you ARE anti-Israel. Weasel !

      •  Whatever – blind….

    • Shaun McC

      Judge both sides by their actions and its not hard to see witch side to take.

      •  Starting from what date exactly?

      • Peter Wilson

        Neil: Starting from what date exactly?

        Hard to disagree there Neil…..and Adolf Hitler certainly agreed with you.

  • Leata

    When i was in Israel, back in the early 92 Iraq was still bombing Jordan, however i got to visit a lot of the sights that were hit in Israel. In Haifa they had built a mall that was nicked named Scud mall – on the entrance level there was one of the deactivated scuds hanging right there. It was also very acceptable that everywhere you went there were soldiers carrying M16’s. I was at the lights and felt something poking in my side, i turned to see the end of an M16 digging into my side, the female solider mumbled something along the lines of Oops sorry then crossed the road… the airport my sister said that if they suspect a bomb they will announce it on the intercom but it will only be in Arabic, so if you see everyone running, just run. Not too long after we saw a group running, I turned in panic and said to my sister, shouldn’t we be running…her answer was no they are over there (about 5 meter’s away) we will be protected by the bodies in front. Yes she had been there for 4 years by that stage. They are all used to it. It is ingrain in their culture and their core belief is if it is my time then it is my time. 

    • Troy

      I spent a year working between Egypt and Israel and agree with what you are saying.  Although there are terrorist factions in places like Gaza, there are Israelies who are just as guilty in terms of killing innocent Palestinians – actually they are pretty much bullies.  I got on better with Palestinians than I did Israelies and indeed I detested their arrogance for the most part.  This conflict will NEVER end (well maybe when earth goes past its expiry date) – it will continue on and on and for those who think there is hope – there just ain’t – too much historical conflict to ever see either side be in a forgiving mode.

  • Guest

    Time to see to Popeye Turbo’s go to work, don’t you think?

  • Blair Mulholland

    Israel looks gorgeous – I want to visit :-P