The Standard on the Ports: Blame Mike Lee!

The Standard predictably turn feral over the Ports of Auckland saga. What is surprising is who they are now fingering for the blame – Mike Lee and his left wing ARC.

“Over the last decades the Ports of Auckland has been systematically starved of capital to upgrade cranes and transport systems by the demands of ratepayers wanting reduced rates. Successive councils have raided the profits of the Ports of Auckland thereby reducing the ports ability to make better returns.”

Just to be clear, the council the Standard is referring to is the Auckland Regional Council – chaired by Mike Lee from 2004-2010, with left wing majorities over this time.

It was under Mike Lee’s watch that:

  • the Ports were bought out by the ARC lock, stock and barrel at an exorbitant price in 2005.
  • the Ports had their balanced sheet raided to pay for Mike Lee’s projects and funding ARC transport through dividends that the Ports in retrospect, couldn’t afford
  • A massive buildup in Port debt occurred
  • a hasty bailout/recapitalisation under the guise of the government helping to buy Queens Wharf occurred a few years back

The Ports were stuffed under council ownership under Mike Lee’s chairmanship, with the ARC’s dividend policy preventing POAL from making the investments in the business they needed to make.

The supercity is the blessing that may actually save the Ports as a business – bringing in proper management under a strong board, not subject to the interference and bad decisions of the old Regional Council. The business demands of council have meant that the Ports board are dealing with systemic issues to improve the business, rather than borrow money they no longer can afford.

What is ironic is that the hard left of Auckland are now turning on Len Brown, and will I imagine put Mike Lee, the architect of the demise of their pals at the Maritime Union, up as the saviour of their cause.


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  • Level13

    Rumours abound of Mike Lee turning feral on the Mayor, of emails flying around in cyberspace between triumphant C&R councillors and angry left-wing councillors, and a very quiet Mayor in the middle.

  • NotLen

    Mike Lee is out for Mike Lee and his crazy socialist view of the world.  He always wanted to be top dog and becasue he did not get it, he will undermine anyone who gets in his way.

    Len Brown is in his way.  Look out for news stories, rumours etc..

    • Guest

      There is political violence about to commence!

  • Agent BallSack

    Typical blustering offensive bullshit from the left. Any attempt at discourse is met with sly snide remarks and offensive outbursts. Which is really funny because they voted for Len

    • jay cee

      you obviously only see in the posts here what you want to see then?

  • Agent BallSack

    I hope Parsloe feels really happy about the 300 people he just put out of work. Perhaps he’ll grow a conscience in time to blow his own brains out before someone does it for him.

    • Doug_S

      Agent, I think he has already emptied the magazine into his feet. 

    • hugo

      no, hes probably up for retirement, take his money and run

    • Guest

      They’re not “people” they’re bludging Labour/Greens voting UNIONISTS

      They don’t deserve jobs. Certainly the ports & the new employers won’t touch any of ’em with a barge pole. They don’t deserve any benefits, or any bank loans or anything.

      They deserve to starve in the gutter.

      • Guest

        That’s unfortunate. They might be stupid and irrational about workplace relations, but I don’t think we want them to starve or become subhuman in some way.

  • What the honest fuck is this from The Standard – I mean seriously. I will be right back – something tells me there was a bit of “copying” with that post at The Standard

  • On the note of Cllr Lee – shit I nearly feel sorry for him with his motion to cease port expansion in its current location and hold a review (that I called for a while ago and they most thought I was daft or something (ACIL I wont even go there)). But with the ARC that sympathy disappears – but LOL at The Standard – Lee might get the hammer and Brown is the saviour of Auckland?

    CHRIS TROTTER – your opinion would be appreciated here seems The Standard went feral on your “candidate” to replace Brown.

  • joe bloggs

    Not overly surprising – after all autophagy is common in some lower species:

    – the short-tailed cricket eats its own wings
    – the sea-squirt will absorb its own brain once it attaches to a rock
    – rat snakes have been known to choke to death while eating themselves
    – and of the marginally higher life forms, bloggers at the Stranded are prone to turning on their own

    Interestingly in us humans it’s not recognised as a mental disorder or symptomatic of a mental disorder, although it’s been associated with psychoses and Lesch–Nyhan syndrome, with its symptoms of mental deficits and self-mutilating behaviour…

    Kinda goes with the Stranded’s territory really

  • Simo

    TV3grad – so predictably manage a viewer poll on Dipshit Live exactly the opposite of this:
    Port workers’ sacking – who do you
    – The sacked workers

    – Ports 62%
    The smarmy greaseball could’nt stop smiling…….what a f*&^&&wit!
    What was interesting is TV3grad demonstrated during the 2011 election that they are
    biased beyond believable statistics. In another death defying feat of stupidity,they dropped their pants again and take one up the chook on behalf of the thefty lefies 

    • Gazzaw

      Very funny. I bet the producer got a real reaming out. Didn’t she think to check the Pravda poll first?

    • Gazzaw

      Forgot to mention.  Did anyone hear Larry Williams crucify Shearer on ZB at 5.15 tonight? It’s well worth a listen on replay. Shearer did not have a clue – even admitted that the port wasn’t an issue that he kept up with on a daily basis.

      • Greg M

         I thought it was embarrassing, Shearer didn’t have a clue.
        Larry should have asked him ” if you are not aware of all the facts, and aren’t following this on a daily basis, why did you issue a press release? ”

        The Chairman of POAL put the points across very well.

  • Chriscook

    It must be remembered that Mike Lee was returned as the lowest polling member of the ARC and was Chairman as a result of leftist members. He had no manadate and Helen Clarke allowed him the veto to a world class waterfront stadium.

    • Johno1234

      Clarke wanted the stadium – there was nothing she could do about fuckwit Lee vetoing it. A tragedy for Auckland,