The stories don’t match

NZ Herald

Bronwyn Pullar issued a press release yesterday. Unfortunately, as is always the case it is the cover up that undoes people.

On Sunday Michelle Boag told David Fisher:

“In the meeting he said if we agree on this as a way forward, a condition would have to be that you return the information.”

The ACC report stated a letter had been sent to Pullar after the meeting that insisted the information be returned to ACC. According to Boag, there was more information in the letter – including the offer of a single year’s benefit.

Boag detailed her recollection last week in an email to Collins, which was obtained by the Herald on Sunday. The email said it was “verbally agreed” the information would be returned “on agreement on the way forward”.

Then in her press release Bronwyn Pullar says:

In a statement this morning, Ms Pullar denied ACC accusations that at a meeting in December she attempted to use the data to get a two-year guaranteed benefit from the corporation, saying she never used the words “payment”, “guaranteed” or “benefit”.

“I made no threats and no demands of ACC. I made no threats and no demands for return of the information. I did not threaten ACC that I would inform the media of the alleged privacy issue. I did not threaten ACC to get my own way in any way,” she said.

Really? Then how can Boag have said what she did? The two positions are impossible to exist together. One speaks of a deal and the other says there was not even a suggestion of a deal.

Why didn’t Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag simply hand over the data? Why not in August? She still had it in December FFS? Why were they holding all that back? And why wouldn’t ACC have simply demanded the data back?

Neither of Bronwyn Pullar’s nor Michelle Boag’s explanations are believable. The worry is that both of these women are supposed to be PR and marketing professionals. Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag are not speaking from same page. This is what I believe David Farrar would term a PR clusterfuck.

There are times when you should just STFU…this is one of them. But Michelle Boag and Bronwyn Pullar can’t keep their mouths shut….nor can they get their stories straight.

Remember these two have done this before to an insurance company, they suggested to me to do the same.

A reasonable person would have handed the data back or at the very least deleted it. You can’t tell me that ACC doesn’t have a disclaimer on the bottom of their emails, all major corporates and government departments these days have qualified privilege statements on the bottom of emails.

It is unconscionable that she retained the data between August and December, worse that she has shopped it to Phil Kitchin and god knows who else before.


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  • Peter Wilson

    A reasonable person would have handed the data back or at the very least deleted it.

    Absolutely, anyone that has obtained data by any means, as soon as they realise they are not the intended recipient, or the information is requested back or be destroyed, it should be done immediately. And who the organisation or entity is should be irrelevant, be it a company, government department or even a political party.

    • clbear

      I am one of those named in the document.  I agree it should have been returned immediately.  Those names are of claimants that have all been to Review, (the first step to District courtt).  The information is only let go punblkic if the claimant allows it.

  • Sullir

    It’s all falling down around him!  First his ineptness with the Christchurch
    council debacle, now ACC – what was he thinking to ever write a letter like
    that – and Michelle Boag well God knows where she is coming from but it seems
    to me that she has become unarmoured with her own importance and power – they
    should both be booted out.  Doctor Smith is
    surely on notice now – he needs to pull out an amazing performance on the
    changes to councils to restore his credibility.

  • politically unstable

    This Pullar woman is obviously pretty whacked and she is using Smith and Boag big time. Keep shining the torch….

    • clbear

      Anyone ever heard of Boag being used ‘little time’? Let alone ‘big time”??