The thuggery of MUNZ

The Ports of Auckland doesn’t want to let the union thugs back onto the port.

Not surprising really when there are MUNZ supporters out there displaying this logo on their Facebook pages:

And another has posted this on the Facebook page of supporters of the Ports of Auckland:

 If ever a snake a rat or a slob
would stoop so low to take another man’s job
He would rather take up the name of a dirty festering sore
A ratbag,a blackleg and rotton to the core

He’d be shunned and despised both him and his wife
As an inhuman,a scumbag a form of low life
He’d sell his soul if he had one you bet
A lower form of human you’d be hard pressed to get

He’d do the bosses bidding and break all the rules
No worker or Union is safe from his stool
They say he has no heart and his spine is all yellow
This bloke has no guts,just crawl along on his belly

When times they are tough and your jobs up for grabs
watch out for the people that workers call scabs
they’ll creep they’ll crawl they’ll snoop and they’ll run
Watchout for those sores that people call scum

To crawl upon your belly
On little legs that run
To fight to strive to endeavour
to get up the bosses bum

What will you do when the years they pass
When your children ask,why did you crawl up his arse
Was it on your knees,or on all fours like a crab
Then you will have to admit yes I am a scab

The stigma will remain passed from father to son
Remember once tainted the damage is done
As you pass in the street they will jeer they will scowl
So do not complain you cannot cry foul

Youre a scab to the end,you’ll take it to the grave
Youre a liar a cheat not even one Jesus can save
And when you’re in judgement someone will say
For your evil deeds on earth now you are going to pay

So remember don’t scab, don’t be a leper or scum
Your unions the place not up the bosses bum
Keep your good name,your respect and your pride
For your record will stand both at home and worldwide

These union bully boys need to realise that the formation of a scab over a wound is because a healing process is taking place and that the puss and infection has been expunged.


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  • Mike Smith

    “The thuggery of MUNZ”??   You exaggerate!

  • doshi

    thank you for printing that as it will give everyone an idea of what the word scab means
    Even those that write into this will understand the definition of a scab now
    once again thanks Whale
    a balanced view

    • ConwayCaptain

      I dont think that anything said by that poem that WO pposted can be called a ‘ballanced view”.

      The view of a person of low intellect and brainwashed by “the UNION”

    • Markm

      doshi , your children will be forever tainted being the son of a damned wharfie  unionist.
      you may think its a badge of honor being in “the Union”but in the real world ,outside the 100 protestors , your seen as greedy , lazy thugs.

      • Mike Smith

         Here, in the ‘real world’ union members are not seen that way.

      • In Vino Veritas

        in the real world of New Zealand, only 17.4% of the workforce are Union members. In terms of current relevance, that number pretty much says it all Mike Smith.

    • hoha

      This part of the poem makes me laugh, 
       “If ever a snake a rat or a slob

      would stoop so low to take another man’s job”, as this is describing the union. This is because at their meeting with the ports they were told there was not enough work for them to be able to return to work for another week and that the ports had already had a roster crew for the week. So the union said take the non union workers off the roster and put union workers on. My point being that if they believe this poem to be a true representation of what a scab is then that makes the union a scab does it not.

  • Pete George

    Acts of implicated thuggishness then. What some call just expressing sentiments.

    And why shouldn’t the scabs be packing themselves, anyway? They made a concious choice to attack their fellow workers and now they’re on the
    losing side. As the London piece says;
    “No man has a right to scab so long as there is a pool of water to
    drown his carcass in, or a rope long enough to hang his body with.

    I’d suggest the Waitemata is a perfectly adequate pool of water for that purpose.

    When challenged: “C’est le vie, c’est la guerre.”

    And: “I can assure you the sentiment is widely held in the entire union movement, worldwide.”

    Then: “And wouldn’t the easiest solution to the safety ‘problem’ be to send the
    50 or 60 scabs home on pay and let the real workers work?”
    Then after a bit of standard diversionary attacking (like “whoops, better last out and away from this”) the reinforcements arrived.

    “Similarly Whale can describe the Labour party as being ‘nasty’. I just think he is looking at a mirror.”

    “But that’s ok. I like being ‘nasty’. Please give me more excuses…”

    • ConwayCaptain

      You want to express your sentiments???

      Voltaire said “I disagree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it”

      However it has to be said in a non threatening and civilised way and not in the manner of the cosh or the fist.  That is what you cannot understand.

      • Pete George

        It was a unionist claiming that until there’s evidence that they will act on it they are just sentiments.

        “I can assure you the sentiment is widely held in the entire union
        movement, worldwide. But the question is not about the sentiment itself,
        but about whether MUNZ members are going to act on the sentiment. So
        far, there is no evidence that they have or will.”

        So they can say they might punch you in the face, but until there’s evidence that they actually will then they haven’t done anything wrong.

        It’s how they justify intimidation.

      • Pete George

        And I and others got lectures and threatened with bans unless any comment deemed to be casting any aspersion on any MUNZ member wasn’t backed by evidence. But they weren’t threats, just sentiments of moderators.

      • Arnold

         are you living in the 21st century…your who mental state should be under careful management. I have not read shite like this since i read the “Power and the Glory”  about the australian unions….I work f-in hard, 50 hours a week for as much as those lazy arse munz guys get, I also dont have the perks as well….geeze pick yourself up out of the history books and grow up and live in 2012

    • Tramper

      How exactly have these individuals “attacked” their fellow workers?  Yes, they made the conscious decision not to turn into thugs, to have an objective and original thought in their heads and to listen to their own conscience.  You wear that badge of honour Doshi, Pete and Mike because like attracts like and you will all end up together.  Back stabbing and bullying within your own internal ranks until such time as you have obliterated yourselves from the inside out. 

      The amazing thing is that we see abuse in the paper all the time.  We abhor people that abuse children and murder them cold heartedly but you have no problems intimating the abuse of another human being.  Clearly you would lash out and abuse another human being because you don’t like the fact that their opinion differs from your own. All of you probably see no problems hitting your children, your wife, your partner because if you can abuse a complete stranger then you are most definately abusing the ones you love,  because if you hit one person, you’ll hit all.    I had hoped that we were living in a far better evolved society but you have proved that humanity can be a disgusting species. 

      • Pete George

        I don’t have anything to do with any union and I don’t support the tactics and attitudes of some of the MUNZ (and other union) supporters. I was quoting what they’d been saying at The Standard.

        But I think you are generalising far too much accusing all of them of being children and wife beaters, that’s like unionists accusing all employers of being dishonest..

      • Tramper

        Okay Pete, I take your point, however looking at comments on their facebook pages, the comments they have left on others facebook pages, the stand over tactics of intimidating woman on their way to work shows an attitude that is tap dancing on a knifes edge.  When men 6 foot plus, stand over your car preventing you to access your workplace and others with hoodies and balaclavas surround a car and start rocking it, with one woman inside, it doesn’t take much for a person who is on the edge to make mistakes.  I have over generalised, but only slightly.  I do know port workers both male and female.  I know some of the guys on the picket line and some are good but some are pure toxic evil and I know they have hit innocent people.  I am over generalising in terms that all wharfies do.  So I retract that.  Some of them do!

  • Basil

    I want legal action for recovery of all addittional costs incurred from this dispute.Recovery from the union and striking employees personally and individually.We the ratepayer and taxpayer should not have to endure any extra costs due to these f…wits.

    • Mike Smith

       Talk to Tony Gibson then. He spectacularly failed to manage.

      • Tramper

        Its not over.  Upon the result both parties be judged!  And what do you call Garry Parsloe?  He hasn’t been able to manage this from day 1 and as for your previous posts about evidence, goes off half cocked on things he doesn’t have evidence for to the media all the time and gets repeatedly caught out.  Look at the actions of the two different men!  Ships are still calling at the Ports of Auckland despite Garry Parsloe’s threats that “none would call at the Ports of Auckland”. 

      • hugo

        talk to parsloe couldnt negotiate his way out of a paper bag.

  • Positan

    Says it all really.  Mental corruption of outlook – knuckle-dragging, loathsome depravity – willful non-comprehension of basic human dictates – individual gutlessness displayed as paramount.

    No trace of employable characteristics – just a typically bitchy, union mobster-type reaction.  Sad that such people think they’re acting like New Zealanders.

    • Mike Smith

       There is a huge amount of stereotype in that post.

      • Tramper

        Similar to the stereotype that you place on the Port with total ignorance to what is happening to the global economy.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I hope WO that the POAL puts in an official complaint about this thuggery against people wanting to work an honest days work.  Not a group of neanderthal knuckle draggers that cannot see that the world has moved on from the confrontational abuses of yesteryear.

    People from MUNZ have said that single people cannot negotiate with their employer and their employer will drag them down and stamp on them.  I worked ashore as a manager for NZ Steel running their Marine Ins for nearly two years.  Every year we had an interview with the preson we reported to and they advised us of how they felt we were doing.

    I had my interview and they were very pleased as their claims had PLUMMETED and I recd a 10% pay rise.

    A good employer who wants their company to advance and make money for the shareholders (in this case the people of akl) and have money to expand and provide more jobs for happy and contented emp;loyees will not treat their people badly and the sentiments are returned.

    However with the attitude of MUNZ and their antediluvian fellow travellers this cannot happen  The Cancer has to be lanced.

    I now suppose our MUNZ supporters here will now have to consult a dictionary, if they know how to use one.

    • Mike Smith

       There is a huge amount of stereotype in that post.

      • Tramper

        Again?  Original thought please?

      • Vij

        Rubbish as usual Mike, no wonder you’re an ex-banker

  • thor42

    That picture of a fist is crying out for a bit of editing to make it say “anti MUNZ”.  

  • EpochNZ

    Words fail me…..I am sitting reading this with sheer disbelief….

    I’ve just read it again and I still cant believe it.

    I dont think its really the unions position to threaten anyone and their offspring with eternal damnation to be fair, or maybe the unionists think they are sitting on the right hand of God?

    That deserves to be spread far and wide if only to show how totally out of touch the union is with anything that comes remotely close to real life.

  • doshi

    i think you lance a boil not cancer
    The word consult is one of the weaker words used in any negotiation and even you might understand this Captain.
    When a business consults with their employees,it is a farcical process that involves telling the employees what they are going to do with them and the employees may make suggestions  but the employer does not need to action anything that the employee wants.
    Consultation is a meaningless process and a lot of people are sucked in by the process.
    not all employers are as honest as the ones you have had anything to do with Captain,in fact there are very few.

    • Gandalf

      “not all employers are as honest as the ones you have had anything to do with Captain,in fact there are very few”
      It’s amazing you think so little of the human race, or is it just that you’ve only ever worked with dishonest workers (such as the active and vocal ones on the Picket line), and have no experience of honest workers! I see them every day. There are plenty of us!

      • Mike Smith

         Try quantifying it. How many ‘dishonest workers’ have you ever been alongside?

      • Tramper

        But Gandalf, the poem in itself shows you the mentality of the Union.  This is what they believe and implicitly. People like this never see the good.  They are victims and everyone that does not believe in their cause are perpetrators.  In fact I would go as far as saying that they are Georg W Bush lovers – remember his famous words to the world, “If you’re not with us,then  you’re against us”.

      • Jellyfish

        Re Mike Smith;

        Quite a lot when I worked at the Ports of Auckland.

    • Mike Smith

       “Consultation is a meaningless process” – Not so if both sides come to the table in good faith.
      I sat in on a meeting between union and employers in England many years back, The company was in a bad way and the employers really did consult. It was fascinating. The business was saved. Some jobs shed. The key though was the consulation was done in  GOOD FAITH. Both sides brought that to the process.

    • Gazzaw

      So doshi what background do you hail from? You allude to being a wharfie but I suspect not. I think that your tipple would more likely be a room temperature cask chardy with the local labour hacks than a Lion Brown in the Britomart with the bruvvers. You don’t ring true. 

    • BJ

      Consultation happens in a formal setting when advice is given or views exchanges on an agreed subject for discussion. It comes before any ‘negotiation’ and when a collective contract has expired there’s no ‘right’ to negotiation. If you don’t want to work for the goals of your employer – go find another job. Oh heres an idea – try firstly working for yourself and then try being an employer.

    • Angry

      Lance a boil.
      Amputate a cancer.

      Shoot a unionist.

      • That is inappropriate.

      • Kerianna

        You’re a moronic fucking idiot making extremist comments like that.

  • SJ00

    Why does this ‘logo’ remind me so much of a mongrel mob or black power logo…..

    • Stevo

      ‘Love’ on one hand ‘Hate’ on the other.

  • Arnold

    sorry Captain…my reply was to Pete George…somehow i hit the wrong entry….love yourstuff

  • doshi

    Gandalf stick to writing about Nick Smith’s girlfriend as this is man talk here.
    I wrote about employers not employees
     i will only explain this once an employer is a boss and employee works for him.
    i can see this being a tough debate today
    proud to be a wharfie

    • Pete George

      I’ve had dealings with quite a few employers who have been honest, looked after workers  and good at consultation. If you’re a wharfie you may nor have very wide experience of differenrt employers. How many companies have you worked for?

      • Margerita

        As a female observer in this thread, I find this rather fascinating.  I have worked many jobs – some employers have been good and others have not in my work experience.  When I was unhappy with my employer, I left.  Ultimately why put yourself through endless days of misery and stress by working for an employer that you cannot stand.  Lets say I had decided to strike, what sane person would if, a) you were going to lose money by not getting paid, b) nobody actually cared for my cause and c) if I were to negotiate some better terms and conditions with my employer, what ultimate difference would it make if I still hated my employer and was miserable having to turn up to give them the best years of my working life?  As a woman I would leave, and I have.  However I have to admit I have worked for far better employers than I have for less better.  This is still the right of the MUNZ member.  If you don’t like it, you can leave because nothing is stopping you.  From all accounts in these posts, general consent from the Union supporters is that they hate the company.  Why drag negative baggage through your life.  As Doshi so rightly puts it, MUNZ members can lance the boil of their employment with the Ports of Auckland and make their life and the life of the Port, a better place.

      • I know plenty of good honest employers….who all had to dismiss staff for thieving, intimidation and general nastiness.

        No business I have ever been involved with has ever gone 6 months without a serious misconduct issue with staff, from drug use, to stealing, to defrauding the employer.

        Though I have seen a business partner rob a business blind as well…he had a nice boat and house while doing a Matt McCarten with the taxes…

    • Mike Smith

       ‘as this is man talk here.’???????

    • Ronnie Chow

       Doshi , in the ’80’s , most wharf workers were dishonest . Agree/Disagree?

      • AngryTory

        Was then, and by definition, all the unionist ones still are.

        by definition.

    • Pharmachick

      Hello doshi, can this chick join in your man talk, or is it only for the boys? I don’t put up with that attitude in my chosen job, why should I here? 

      • Chicks aren’t allowed on the wharf…just ask many women work as Stevedores…I’ll tell you because he will lie…the answer is 2 out of 300. 

      • Pharmachick

        Doshi best remember that “chicks” are mothers and sisters and wives and girlfriends and daughters. 

        Anti women is anti-family. 

        Ah me, silly we girl that I am I thought Parsloe was saying it was all about family. 

        Best I go take a powder and paint my nails. 

      • Knowing Me – Knowing You

        I think Pharmachick that Doshi may be Graham McKean.  He was the ex wharfie that got fired for writing a racist and sexist article in the Port News.  He is proud to be a wharfie, he is proud to be a unionist and he does love the sound of his own voice….just a thought.

    • Gandalf

      Apologies Doshi, I misread.
      Thanks for the definition.
      There are plenty fo bosses out there who are honest – they are just trying to live an honest life like the majority of us. They often work harder than anyone, especially if they own the business, they have a greater responsibilty on their shoulders.

    • Light

      “this is man talk here”

      Really doshi??  Really?? 

      I think it’s great you stand behind your beliefs, even if I don’t agree with them I can respect your position in this debate but not your “man talk” comment.  Mrs Beeton and her book of Household Management are no longer relevent in today’s society.  You see, women have cottoned on to the secret …. their brains actually work and they can think for themselves now. 

      Plenty of women post on Whale Oil doshi – get used to it.  They may even have worked in the port industry … careful, the shock of that thought could bring on a panic attack. They are valued contributors in any forum and you might notice that there is no gender test before you post on Whale Oil.

      You might not be able to think of MUNZ in terms of being in the new millenia but PLEASE, do yourself as favour and try and shift your views on women forward a few decades.  You don’t want to be eating boiled lima beans on burnt toast for the rest of your life.

      • Pharmachick

        Very nice.

  • doshi

    I would agree there were some dishonest members but not unlike other businesses and I was there contrary to what some here say that i am not a wharfie.
    I also in my time have met  and worked with some incredible people and have belonged to a union that is extremely generous to various organisations through donations over the years  and for that i am extremely proud.


    • Stevo

      Like MUNZ donating to len brown?

    • Tramper

      Unlike Ports of Auckland who also donate generously to many causes and as mentioned before always support their employees when they are diagnosed and undergoing treatment for cancer.  You can’t say that only the Union is generous.  POA have proved they are generous to their employees as well.

  • Vlad

    Mike Smith, I do not think in the current economic environment & given recent history, that it is a badge of honour to call yourself a banker.  Whatever your political bent. 

    • Mike Smith

       Not sure I do either. Mind you the GFC cost me, personally, a shed load of money.

      • Vlad

        So do you think you are throwing a cloak over yourself by posting witless leftist slogans on this website?  If you were a successful banker, give whatever you made to the wharfies & spend the few dollars left over on a well-tailored hair shirt.  You bullshit artist. 

    • Mike Smith

       It may surprise you Vlad but not everyone in the  world of banking fits into some neat political slot. Much the same as in life.
      As for “witless leftist slogans”, I have simply responded to several of the posts on here. How is that “witless leftist slogans”?

      • Positan

        In the main your responses have been facile and inane.  They have contributed nothing of substance to the tenor of debate and most reasoning people would classify them as noise made for the sake of making noise.

  • Mooloo

    Unions could do so much more for their members . Help them to up skilled ,inspire them to improve . teach them budgeting skills and many more .Instead they aspire to nostalgic 1950’s style socialism long disproved. The Soviets are long gone guys . Unions need to adapt or become totally irrelevant. Gen Y’s don’t give a shit about out dated ideology. They are your future get with the program     

    • AngryTory

      No they can’t. Unions are shit. Scum. Liked Patched gangs or any other kind of terrorists they are always utterly useless, utterly evil.

      Would we let the Black Power or the Mongrel Mob have their own political party?
      Would we make it illegal for employers to discriminate against gangsters when hiring?
      Would we let them “negotiate” wages and conditions?  (Since I’m the employer and it’s my fuycking money I’m offering, I completely fail to see anything to “negotiate” about).
      Would we make it illegal to work if you’re not a member of the Mongrel Mob.

      But we do all this – and much much more – with the unions, who have done and continue to do far more damange to NZ’s economy than the Power and Mob and Headhunters and Killer Bees and Tame Iti and Maori Terrorism and all the rest combined

      Unions are always everywhere completely evil. 
      ANyone who is or who has ever been a member of a union, their kids, their families, deserves nothing but hatred and disgust

      Pedophiles do much less damage than union scum.

      And someone still things Unions can “help”?

      • Mike Smith

         “Since I’m the employer and it’s my fuycking money I’m offering, I completely fail to see anything to “negotiate” about” – says it all really!

      • EpochNZ

         I agree completely with AT and Mike and I think its something that is being forgotten here.  It is no ones god given right to work.  It is a right you earn by proving yourself worthy.  My employer needed a job done; In return for doing that job, they give me money.  If in any way I no longer do that job to their standards, they no longer pay me.  Simple, end of story.  If they change what the job entails, I can either accept or leave; there is no third option.  Cos as sure as shit sticks to a shovel, there is someone standing right behind who is more than happy to do that job.  That doesnt make them a scab because they are prepared to do something I’m not, thats just life.

    • Mike Smith

       ” Unions need to adapt or become totally irrelevant.” – give us an example of the adaption you have in mind.

      • I was thinking extinction as a result of a fail to adapt…like the dinosaurs

  • thor42

    I’ve never seen a less-deserving, greedier and lazier mob of PARASITES than the MUNZ strikers.
    I’ve also never seen more of a HYPOCRITE than Parsloe.
    The phrase “I’m all right, Jack” applies to him. He’s not on strike. He’s got a cruisy-as job, and he’ll still have it when the wharfies are “down the road”. 

  • Owl

    The OWL speaks
    It’s not about the money. QUOTE
    It’s about family QUOTE

    Good people make good families. Good families now how to moderate their families

    292 people….100people on the picket line.

    Tomorrow I will post a Quiz…..I hope WO will post it.

    It will make you all sit up

    Love the OWL

    • Email it OWL and I will post it

  • Mully

    Just practicing for the new “career”

    All the best poets are unemployed, aren’t they?

  • doshi

    woman calling themselves chicks probably says it all about those  woman that write in this.
    Instead of worrying about woman working at Auckland ask about the Port Company flying in 10 Tuvaluans  to be trained as cargo handlers at the expense of young Aucklanders and those unemployed in Auckland
    A bloody disgrace

    • Travdog

      No point moaning about it, you don’t work there anymore.

      • Guest

        Bludger will never work again –
        and we’ll all pay his dole, his ex-missus DPB, benefits for the kids, for their schools, their HCNZ homes, doctors, dentists,  the whole fucking thing.

      • Bullneck

        But we will get a small grace period while they fritter away their redundancy, any outstanding leave and supperannuation they have accrued and don’t forget, Parsloe has told the media that they are all going to Australia to work because they won’t work under the conditions that the Port want anymore, so “theoretically” we should be free of them bludging off us.  However…I say “theoretically” because Parsloe has not said anything “true” yet in the media.

      • AngryTory

         But we will get a small grace period while they fritter away their redundancy, any outstanding leave and supperannuation they have accrued and don’t forget

        But we’re paying for their FUCKING REDUNDANCY!!!

        They deserve nothing. absolutely nothing

      • Travdog

        I don’t know about that AngryTory, I reckon they deserve a one way ticket to oz. Outta sight, outta mind.

    • Jellyfish

      Doshi, come now. You have ZERO evidence to support this and I should know, I work at the Ports of Auckland.  You are taking too many spin lessons from your mates Parsloe and Kelly. 

      • Travdog

        So far doshi has been unable to provide evidence for ANYTHING he has posted. I’m still waiting for the evidence that shows the union provides me “the great conditions you enjoy”.

        Just another bullshit union catchphrase.

    • Pharmachick

      Women can call ourselves anything we please, so I’m not quite sure what you are implying.   
      However, one thing I am sure of is that in your very next sentence, you managed to exhibit three of the worst traits that MUNZ members have been accused of (misogyny, racism and bad grammar). IMHO those three traits are more of what you [so thoughtfully] label “a bloody disgrace” 

      • Light

        Agree totally

    • Doshiisaracist

      You disgusting racist pig, how dare you attack the Tuvaluan’s when some of them are out there on the picket line with you, so you were the one that wrote the racist letters and put them under the doors. Now we know who you are you fat faggot. Don’t worry i have screen shot this page and i will hand it to their families on the inside to show them. Be careful on the line out there you maggot, they will be coming after you now!!!!!!

      • Settle…leave the angry to the union

    • Gem

      Chicks vs comrades.  Hmmm, know who I’d rather hang out with. “comrade” carries a bad juju vibe.

      • Travdog

        And “chicks” are more than welcome here. Unlike MUNZ, we aren’t sexist.

    • Light

      Doshi, you’re at it again brushing women aside and trying to stay in mantrol.  Forget it, you’re fast losing credibility here.  Your comments in the above are poor and lacking evidence. 

      1.  the union has set it up that you have to lash first if you’re a new employee, thereby excluding a lot of women who would be excellent drivers.  If a man lashes and is found not physically strong enough to cope with the job he is still allowed to drive.  If a woman can’t lash she’s down the road.

      2.  I don’t know if the port flew in Tuvaluan’s or not but if it did good for them.  Tuvalu is sinking and it’s people need help. I’d rather have Tuvaluan’s than the children of existing wharfies adding to another generation of MUNZ blinkered comrades on the wharf perpetuating names like scab and blackleg.

      In case you’ve also got some kind of strange lenses in your glasses, look at your comrades …. there are huge proportion who are from numerous pacific islands. If it turned out that the Tuvaluan’s bought their own tickets would you still have a problem with them?  So far the only wharfie to bring up Tuvaluan’s was one Andrew Angus and I’m just wondering Doshi, if that might be your real name.

      • Tramper

        Don’t forget Graham McKean (now a First Union Representative having been fired from POAL for writing an article in the Port News that was racist and sexist)  He also bagged Tuvaluans.  Someone posted the court documents on WO earlier.

    • Guest

      “woman calling themselves chicks probably says it all about those  woman that write in this.”

      Would those be the ones that don’t live in the stone age, like your views on women still seem to be based on?

    • A bloody disgrace is Graham McKean who is sexist and racist and writes letters proving it.

      Tell me “Doshi”, why ar there only two women working as Stevedores? Why is that? Out of 300 workers just two women?

      Why aren’t women welcome in the lunch room? Tell me that…

  • Travdog

    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a scab the healing process of a wound? If the port workers are scabs, then MUNZ unionists are the unsightly festering pus filled cyst.

  • doshi

    no we have already had it explained in quite a fitting and explicit manner at the start of this
    so your explanation of a scab is when you cut yourself not when you undermine your fellow workers  and scab on them
    the lowest form of humanity is a scab and I hope those scabs sleep well at night with any sort of conscience and back bone
    At school I hope their kids tell the teacher what does your father do for a living
    I hope they say he is a scab on at the ports of Auckland

    • Tramper

      Beg to differ.  All opinions are a matter of perspective.  There are yours (which from all accounts are like a school boy bully) and then there are others (who accept people for who they are – as is).  

      And remember this Doshi, you are a minority here and not just on Whaleoil.  You have a rally where out of a city populace of 1.4 million you get up to (i am being generous here) 5000 people supporting you.  You have just under 10,000 people supporting your on line petition out of a national populace of over 4 million and then you have the support of the ITF and other Global unions to the tally of 400,000 out of a global population of 7 billion. 

      So statistically speaking your thoughts and the beliefs of your fellow unionists aren’t really going to stack up doshi.  I think the negative stigma will hold for your own children.  I certainly hope they learn to keep their mouth shut!!

      • AngryTory

        I’m sure the stigma will affect his kids and grandkids.

        What’s much much worse is that productive hardworking kiwis will be paying for him & his family & his kids!

        In 1951, it was illegal to give any aid or any government benefits to unionists or their families!

        That law is more needed now than ever – and it needs to be permanent!

    • Guest

      Whale – time to ban this commie fuck. 

      • Mike Smith

         tsk tsk.

      • Guest

        Thats a bit harsh, he’s like what Winston Peters is to government, a bit of comedian entertainment to brighten our dull days

    • SpongeBlob

      So the lowest form of humanity is someone who wishes to not belong to a
      union (for various reasons) and just wants to do a good honest days work
      to support their family?

      • Tramper

        Unfortunately it is in Doshi’s eyes and probably in about half of those of the union members. 

    • Gem

      Good grief, stop drinking. You make more sense when you’re not hysterical.

    • Bunswalla

      A teacher friend of mine told me that on the day at school where all the kids got to tell the other children what their father did for a living, one poor kid looked really uncomfortable. When it was his turn, he got up and told the other kids that his father danced for tips in a gay bar.

      The teacher took the poor kid aside and asked if that was really his job, and the little fella burst into tears and said “No, he’s really a MUNZ liaison officer down at the Ports of Auckland, but I couldn’t stand the shame.”

      • Greg M

         Awesome Bunswalla, I just spilled the piss, hehe!

      • Bunswalla

        A pleasure Greg, only wish we could have laid on some decent weather for you here in the Bay. Tomorrow should be brighter.

  • Big Bruv


    You live in the past. Today for many of us being called a scab would be a badge of honour.

    • Guest

      Just goes to show – the only way to deal with unions is never, ever have anything to do with ’em.  

      It’s well past time unions were simply removed from NZ. 

      • Angry

        But that’s not enough, is it?   Once you let a union in anywhere near the country, there fucking up transport, they’re fucking up the post, they’re fucking up traffic, they’re affecting the viability of the council controlled organizations.

        ANd then NZ’s second largest political party is after all the “political wing” of what is basically NZ’s largest patched criminal gang – MUNZ & their mates. 

        The only way to “never, ever have anything to do with ’em.” is to ban them from ever happening, from ever having any influence — or at least, giving citizens the legal right of self-defence against unions & their mates and families.

      • Mike Smith


  • Random66

    Just a quick thought, I’m certainly no poet
    but here goes…


    The non-union man is a true hero,

    in case you guys don’t already know.

    When all others for greed walked away,

    he said ‘I’ll settle for what’s fair and

    Those union guys hoped the port would fail,

    but not so, now it’s more a success we hail.

    We give thanks to those who have shown to
    be so brave,

    because we know how badly the guys from
    MUNZ behave.

    So PoA management continue to stand for
    what’s right,

    because those non-union guys aren’t afraid
    of a fight!

    • Gem

      Really enjoyed it Random 66

      • Random66

        Thanks Gem

    • Jester

      Nice work Random66

      Here’s mine.

      An ode to MUNZ,
      You pack of lazy, gutless unemployed fucks.

      The End.

  • Gandalf

    SCAB = Skillfull Citizens And Breadwinners!

  • thor42

     MUNZ =  Moronic Unemployable New Zealanders

  • toby_toby

    I think what strikes me the most about doshi is that he is actually dumb enough to believe that workers across the nation are in jeopardy of losing their smoko breaks if/when the union loses. In fact, he seems to think that everything unions achieved years and years and years ago (when employers actually were sneering, moustache twirling villains, unlike today) is now at risk. Of course, meal breaks and the 40 hour working week etc are enshrined in law and no government would overturn those. But doshi actually seems to think this could happen. At first I thought he was just toeing the union line but no other unionist is making similar claims; he’s come up with this one all by himself. He so earnestly spouts this crap as though the rest of us will believe in it as much as he will. It’s sad, really. He makes all wharfies look bad.

    • Bunswalla

      Toby, two things to remember about doshi and his scum mates at MUNZ:

      1. This is what they live for. This is class warfare and in their warped 1960’s pommie mindset the boss is an evil capitalist determined to exploit the honest working-class man. Every action is twisted to fit this very dated but highly prescribed world view. Any minute there’s going to be a revolution and the working man will rise up against their oppressors. They imbibed this shit with their mother’s milk and you’ll undoubtedly find generations of union members in MUNZ – from father to son. There’s no reasoning with them so I don’t bother.

      2. The original reason they took industrial action, starting with small strikes and resulting in this monumental clusterfuck with Parsloe’s name written all over it, is pathetic, petty and vindictive. They got their panties in a bunch because the POAL management DARED to pay non-union members the same rates and allowances as the MUNZ members. They got so pissed off that non-union employees were “riding the (gravy) train without buying a ticket” they went on strike.

      They failed to realise a) that POAL is entitled to pay its workers whatever the fuck they please (we’re talking more here, not less), and b) the MUNZ negotiators must be pretty shit if they can’t even get a better deal than employees bargaining individually.

      I’m sad for the genuine union members that desperately want to get back to work and who generally have pride n their performance and respect for their employer. Sadly they’re being stood over and intimidated in subtle and not-so-subtle ways by the bully boy thugs and goons of the union hierarchy.

      This is not going to end well for MUNZ, Parsloe and Kelly.

      • Gazzaw

        Helen Kelly has totally stuffed any political ambitions that she may have had. She will always be remembered for seriously jeopardising the NZ film industry and her leadership in the Auckland ports fuck up. The parliamentary wing of the party will not want to be associated with her in any shape or form. Hardly the poster girl for recapturing the centre ground.

  • Dr Wang

    Whoever wrote that is sick. They need professional help.

  • Ratchet

    I think there is one important question that I would ask Doshi to answer:

    If you were to be given the original offer of a payrise in return for flexible hours (i.e working a ship rather than a shift) guaranteed at 160hrs per month, would you sign and go back to work?

    If not, what are your PERSONAL reasons (not the union line) for not accepting the offer?