The worm turns

Princes Street Labour is wanting a piece of Len Brown:

The Young Nats should get down to support Len Brown, after all he has worked to protect the ratepayers of Auckland against 300 union scum.

They should get big signs that say “Onya Len”.


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  • rouppe

    He got elected for his silence? Really?

    I thought he was elected cause he bashed his face – in a Maori way – after being caught fiddling his council credit card

    • Dr Wang

      I thought that “the Maori way” was with a closed fist??

    • Gazzaw

      Careful Rouppe. HoP gets to call you a rabid racist for comments like that.

      • rouppe

        That’s why I included a published source for the remark….   :-)

  • Guest

    Yeah, get the Young Nats to turn up and start slapping themselves like Len did. 

    Len would find that useful as he remonstrates with the little socialists from Labour.

  • Guest

    AoC will be there I’m sure :-)

  • Petal

    Young Nats should make LEN signs where the N is the National Party Logo.

  • Rightoverlabour

    One sure thing about Commies, they turn on one another faster than injured sharks,,,

  • jay cee

    remind me again how quickly shipley,english and brash got shafted?