This true for me

Andrew Sullivan

Often I sit at night reading blog after blog, news site after news night wondering just what I am going to post for my reader tomorrow. Sometimes it is almost impossible to see the twist, the thing that makes my readers come back. Other times it is easy. Sometimes inspiration hits the inbox, other times the feed reader

The more tired I am the harder it is…the less sleep I have had the harder it is, but there is always the nagging voice there that I need to find things my readers like. I need to post more, or better or faster, but always improving the reader experience. Blogging for me is a learning journey, it is finding out what people like and what they don;t and posting what I like too…but sometimes it is just bloody hard work…

And then there is a kind of synchronicity that happens, when you read a post or watch a video and it just clicks and there is a blog post. This video is one of those moments, and it is relevant to this post and these ideas.


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    sounds applicable to most situations.