As expected the bus has run over Nick Smith as events spiraled out of Michelle Boag’s ability to control the spin.

He has now resigned all his portfolios. Nick Smith just told parliament that he has resigned from all his portfolios in a personal statement before the House. He tendered his resignation and the Prime Minister has accepted it.

Nick Smith conducted himself with humility and decorum, well done Nick. Unfortunately the Opposition will still heap vitriol onto him.

It is a pity that he has had to resign when he was making such progress in Local Government reform.

I guess this was what Michelle Boag meant when she said she didn’t want to embarrass Nick Smith? Well, congratulations Michelle, you just cost a man his job.

It is Michelle Boag and Bronwyn Pullar who deserve the blame for this whole issue, not Nick Smith, unfortunately it is Nick Smith who has paid the price.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Boag and her Ilk should also be for the chop.  The Nats should get her and Poorbloke (Goodfellow) out of the way

    • Troy

      Boag should shamefully removed herself completely from anything public – the destructive bitch has always tried to punch way above her station in life.  She’s certainly ruined a few lives in the past and the latest demonstrates that clearly.  I detest her smugness and holiar than thou attitude – carrot up the ass type whom nobody needs, not even the National Party.

  • MrV

    Key should have Crusher take over Local Govt reform, and the opposition will be left wondering what they have actually achieved.

    • jay cee

      why should the opposition wonder anything smith was hoist on his own petard.

  • Could of been worse and a freight train running him over (costing him his full job as MP) rather than the bus.

    Having heard his speech Nick Smith performed admirably right until the very end when he fell on his sword.
    While what he did that led to his resignation was daft, what he did as of consequence I hold him with respect for (in resigning with humility).

    Eyes and Cannons should be focused on Boag now for this sordid affair.

    And now who will be Minister for Local Government?

  • Of course the opposition will still talk about this – or “heap vitriol” just like you would if this happened to be a Labour Minister. 

    Bronwyn Pullar should be arrested. Not only has she shown total disregard from the victims whose information she received – but last time i checked – blackmail was illegal. 

    Nick Smith should have chosen his friends more wisely. We are often judged by the company that we keep. A friend would not have asked a politician to do what she asked him to do and he should not have done it. 

    RIP Nick Smith’s career. 

  • rouppe

    He should be back in about 8 months time

  • Kthxbai

    I do hope Ms Boag isn’t currently working on behalf of any councils – it wouldn’t be a good look for her.

  • Markm

    Radio live political reporter claims that Winston Peters claims of ” sex” in this case , were a catalyst in Smiths loss of his political career.
    Winston Peters claims his grubby innuendo about sex were taken out of context and were only referring to ACC sex abuse victims .

    Just goes to show what a nasty pedophile Peters is.
    Ask him about 1983 September .

    Evil prick

    • Justme

      Blimey! Really? I’m surprised no one has commented on this.

      • Southshore

        Why is anyone surprised? that is classic Winston Peters the dirty little ratbag! At least Nick Smith has the character to tender his resignation – best wishes to him I don’t pardon his behaviour he was foolish and even sillier to dither over the shape of the letter, but its a tough one, he has been in parliament most of his working life in the inner circle.

    • insider

      Can we ask you instead?

    • James

      And his paying for the importing of copies of supposed child-porn “Unbound’ magazine for his mates the Flannagn’s in his crusade against gay bookstore owner Jim Peron….

  • LesleyNZ

    Spot on Whale!  I feel a bit sad for Nick Smith actually. Nick used to REALLY annoy me with his stance on manmade Global Warming and the carbon tax – but really – there wasn’t anything in that letter that was really bad. Politics is a tough world. At least he has gone out doing a something good – sticking up for us ratepayers. Michelle Boag and Bronwyn Pullar have a lot to answer for.

  • Petal

    Damn.  Well, he stuffed up.  And I appreciate that National continues the standard of having Ministers take responsibility for their mistakes.  We never saw that from the other side of the house, and nothing I have seen since suggests to me that they will do an better next time.  

    Of course, as suggested above, after an appropriate time he will be allowed back.  And in all fairness, his stuff up doesn’t call for the complete end to his career.

    As for Boagie and Puller…  isn’t it time the MSM turns on those that caused this complete CL*STERF**K?

    • jay cee

      excuse me? david parker resigned as attorney general when he felt that his behaviour was below par.

  • Bunswalla

    I disagree Cam – Nick Smith certainly has to take the blame, which he has done with humility and dignity. But unless someone held a (literal or figurative) gun to his head, he didn’t have to write that letter or send it on Ministerial letterhead, which is what led to his demise.

    He chose to write, sign and send the letter, and that was very poor judgement at best.

    • That is the problem, someone was holding a gun to his head, and that someone was Bronwyn Pullar.

      • Bunswalla

        I’d love to know what the leverage was….got anything for us?

      • Balanced View

        That’s incorrect Whale.
        He made the mistake that’s caused this, not anyone else. I would have thought that you would be a promoter of self responsibility? Nick smith accepts that, why can’t you?

      • Peter Wilson

        So, now we are saying Pullar had something on Smith that made him act foolishly. Do tell, or at least hint. Still no excuse, personal responsibility is Smith’s mantra apparently, lets give him credit for it.

  • Evan Johnson

    No Cameron, Petal is right.  NICK SMITH specifically stuffed up.   The release of the 6.700 names to Bronwyn Pullar was the catalyst that set the events in motion. 

    Michelle Boag got into the machinery somehow but by then Smith had done his damage already.  

  • Greg M

    Gerry Brownlee has picked up local govt portfolio, this could be interesting.

    • I think that will be interim? Surely. Gerry Brownlee will not hold onto that, especially while reforms are passing, he must be far too busy with his other portfolios. Unless, of course his other portfolios will be rearranged. I wonder who will take his position on the front bench.

      • Greg M

         Joel, I am hoping it’s permanent, Gerry could be the “Caterpillar D8 bulldozer” that is needed to get the reforms completed in a timely manner. Christchurch city council, be very afraid!

  • Hillfox1948

    Merely a case of a past catching up in a good old fashioned sex scandal, that if he hadn’t written the letter wouldn’t have been known to anyone living outside Nelson.  We’re not suprised…

  • Bob

    “It is Michelle Boag and Bronwyn Pullar who deserve the blame for this whole issue, not Nick Smith, unfortunately it is Nick Smith who has paid the price.”
    What a load of poppycock.  Typical – blame someone else.  It’s always someone else’s fault.  Get with the REAL WORLD.

    The man is responsible for his own actions.  He himself said he made two errors of judgement: writing the letter at all, and the fact that he used ministerial letterhead.

    • Spanishbride

       If the rumors are true he made 3 errors of judgement. The first one was the gun to his head.

      • Fozzie

        And there in lies the problem – not the action, but the cover up of another. Many a great political career has been destroyed not by the ‘mistake’ but the attempted cover up. Let MNick Smith go in peace to the back benches for he has paid his price.

  • Evan Johnson

    Will Gerry Brownlee steamroll the proposed Local Government legislation changes through?  That is his talent, is it not?  A bit like Bill Birch.

    • Roscoe

      Watch out Bob Parker – all bets are off now..

  • Auto_immune

    Though Nick Smith was arguably one of the more hard-working Ministers in cabinet, this needed to occur.  I suppose it’s possible he’ll be a Minister again, but for the sake of the party (for rejuventation purposes rather than disgrace) he should make this his last term. 
    I do hope there’s suitable repercussions for Pullar and Boag of course.  

  • Fozzie

    Ahh one of the most important thing to remember in politics that it not the crime that gets you it’s the coverup ……. more to come on this I am sure – the sequence of events that lead to Nicky’s resignation are just too much of a co incidence …..

  • Nicks Mate

    Lets not forget this wasn’t his first blunder:

    Fined $5000 for contempt of court for publicly intervening in a custody battle on behalf of a couple, who later lost their appeal for custody of their seven-year-old son.He was also embroiled in a defamation case for $15 million damages action related to statements he made about timber treatment, but settled outside court.3 Strikes and your Out

    • Petal

      You might be right.  And that may already be The Plan.   But for the man’s dignity he is allowed to serve his term and announce his retirement close to the election.

       Maryan Street is probably having a boozy lunch to celebrate right now.  

      • Gazzaw

        Nick Smith is still the elected MP of Nelson and will be again in 2014 probably with a vastly increased majority. Street is and always will be just a scum list MP.

        Watch for pressure from the powerful Nats Nelson lobby to get Nick Smith reinstated into cabinet.

      • I doubt a 7000 majority will be turned into a loss for National in 2014, regardless of the candidate (notwithstanding a major boundary change). That’s a fairly strong sign that it’s a Right-leaning electorate population.

  • BJ

    For all you small minded perfect little judges out there I hope you all trip over your own feet and fall flat on your face some time soon. 

    If you weren’t so quick to condemn  you might be concerned with someones motives rather than the outcome of their actions. For all of those that are self-centered, this won’t concern you but for those that ever help others in need you will know how hard it is to continue to resist a manipulative ‘helpless’ person that just keeps chipping away to wear you down trying to their problem yours. And I hope the is happy now, that because of her selfish pushing and pushing for her perceived ‘right’ while acting without integrity, she’s well and truly stuffed it up for a decent, contributing politician who’s done what plenty of men would eventually do to get a nagging woman off his back.The way he wrote the letter indicates he doesn’t expect it/or want it to carry any weight.I wonder how long it takes till the rabid dogs reply to this post.

    • CommonSense404

      Quite the contrary BJ – its a fair point. But it was still political suicide whether it be right or wrong.

    • Bunswalla

      If Nick Smith lacks the backbone to say to Bronwyn Pullar “no means no, I’d love to help you but my position prevents it” then he certainly isn’t cabinet material.

      Woof woof?

      • BJ

        Neither are most of the Labour members in Parliament. 
        Is that what every ‘dog’ is waiting for – for the contributing diligent good value politicians that aren’t just there for their own egos, to fall, so they can be set upon by the pack?  We will run out of decent politicians soon. What a waste.

    • Bunswalla

      Very disingenuous BJ. If hje didn’t want/expect it to carry any weight then why was it on Ministerial letterhead? Even he acknowledges that was the main problem. If he wrote it on his MP letterhead (not Ministerial) or better still on plain paper as a private citizen he’d be on much stronger ground.

      Nobody doubts that his intentions were good, but the road to hell is paved with them, and it was his actions not intentions that hung him.

  • Phar Lap

    Still cant get it myself.When Darren Hughes was caught it was alleged with his ***** in a private place ,in Annette Kings house .Also Goff did a cover up with King,yet they are still in Parliament.None of them gave up anything.Let us not forget Mallard who was tied up with the Trade Me ticket scam,yet” Dormouse” Shearer said or did nothing.Why are both parties so different, or have i missed something.TO REALLY OPEN THINGS UP HOW COME PETERS CAN SCREAM FOUL OVER SMITH,YET REFUSE TO PAY BACK THE ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS HE STOLE FROM THE NZ TAXPAYER.

    • Nicks Mate


      I agree with everything you have pointed out and that’s why Liebour will be on the backbenches for another two terms or longer, but Nick needed to shut this down ASAP and by relinquishing his portfolios he has done this.

      He will be back :)

      • Petal

        I really hope Labour won’t be back until they have properly rejuvinated, but I fear that you enthusiasm and optimism about this doesn’t recognise the “centre left” vs “centre right” vote.  

    • Petal

      These are all good points.  But FULL CREDIT to the National Party / John Key for setting a level of expectations for ministerial behaviour and the eventual consequences when these are no being met.

      To be honest, the National-Led government has given me some hope that those that represent us can set an example of how to behave.  Lockwood Smith has done his level best to raise the standard of discourse in parliament, and John Key’s expectations from his ministers are very clear.  If you don’t meet them, you take the hit.

      If only other parties would raise the bar.  I will not forget Norman’s decision to protect his staff during the billboard defacing saga.  That was a pivotal point in his career where he could have set the standard and clear expectation that his staff and MPs are expected to be an example to voters.

      Labour, NZ First… they’re long lost.

      Three cheers for the National Party, I say.  And so far, and honourable mention to the Maori Party.

      • joe bloggs

        agree 100% and said so this am.

        Ministerial responsibility is one area where National has it all over Liarbore. 

        As for Boag and Pullar – once more with passion – may they rot in hell for their shabby opportunism!

      • MrV

        Agree 100% with the aim, but the issue is the left will stoop to anything as long as it’s for the cause, so I don’t really expect things to change in the long run.

        Just look at how long Peters was able to hold out with the whole Owen Glenn saga and racing industry payola, all the while being defended by the then Prime Minister. Then there is Taito Phillip Field, who is only guilt of working too hard for his constituents …. apparently.

        Very difficult when one side is able to turn such a blind eye to such behaviour all the while condeming the other.

  • guest

    ….another victim of mad cow disease

  • Never pay a blackmailer. Right? 

    Sounds like ACC is not the only organisation / person that Bronwyn Pullar has threatened in an attempt to get her way. 

    Why was she involved with The National Party in the first place? 

  • Roscoe

    Yeap Michelle Boag and Bronwyn Pullar owe Nick Smith a big apology for forcing him to take the hit on this – its absolutely revealing that both these women ???!?! (huh)  have been invisible and silent and didn’t bother to even try to support Nick Smith in any way.  Disgusting.  He had to resign he had no choice.

    • Peter Wilson

      Absolutely. As a cabinet minister and MP of 20 years standing, when confronted with an ethical dilemna he had absolutely no choice but to act unethically.

      I mean, hello, he’s a cabinet minister, supposed to have a few clues. He didn’t, so out he goes.

    • Gazzaw

      Boag must have used every PR trick and contact in the book to have maintained such a low profile in this whole grubby affair. Shame on her & may all her sinecures evaporate.  
      Karma will apply.

  • Peter Wilson

    Unfortunately, Nick Smith took a deliberate choice to write a reference for Bronwyn Pullar. No one forced him to do it – or did they?

    I don’t really understand how a cabinet minister could be so gullible quite frankly. It should be a simple zero tolerence, just don’t do it.

    • Work for a living

      Exactly. It’s quite easy to say “No”.

  • MrV

    I think one of the broader issues that this brings up is the sort of who-you-know relationships that NZ seems to run off, it doesn’t affect any particular government but plenty of past governments as well.
    Is anyone really able to argue the merits of issues, when in the dark corners someone has the ear of a minister or persons of influence, whether that be in a formal or more likely an informal relationship?

  • Timandtim

    Nick Smith – thud
    Andrew Little – carpetbagger
    Winston Peters – Headliner
    Michelle Boag – disaster
    “The woman who caused it all” – victim

    New Zealand taxpayer – Losers

    • Pharmachick

      Like this, but would add 1 crrection:
      The woman who caused it all –  maybe victim, maybe blackmailer

  • Phar Lap

    Someone said three strikes and you are out.Teeheehee.I count fifteen for the little fat oaf
     Peters,how come he is still standing, sitting, or lying or wobbling all over the place.Seems the whole parliamentary and legal system live in fear of his scheming,seems he can say what he wants in parliamentary protection.even half the lies he says are not true.

    • Gazzaw

      I don’t know how the prick sleeps at night. He’ll get his comeuppance eventually in some shape & form. He’ll probably end up as a lonely, friendless old bastard in a resthome. No one gives a fuck about your baubles in there Winston. A dry undersheet is the best that you can hope for. 

      • davewin

         Either that or married to Michelle Boag!

      • Gazzaw

        He should maybe take the resthome option.

  • Deep blue

    Ahh Cedric Allen and Andrew Pirie ( ) will be furious at the negative attention their new business partner is bringing to the company they have just launched in Auckland. 

    Boag’s name is now complete mud within Parliament and no matter how they try and spin this, Boag is about as welcome in National’s corridors as Trevor Mallard is.Winston needs to turn his guns on her now and really expose her sordid attempts at spinning this. OIA question: how many telephone calls have been received by Ministers from Michelle Boag over the last week??????? She will be in the thick of it.

    Cedric – time to start another firm mate.

  • Blubber

    Pullar definately had something hanging over Nick Smith. The earlier emails to Nick Smith she sent to Whale Oil, dated a month or so before the ACC letterhead letter, overtly threaten him with something she has, whether it was the list of names, who knows. Maybe it was the second ‘letter’ that Nick Smith owned up to signing without declaring a conflict of interest. Personally I believe the admission of the second letter was Nick Smith getting the PM off the hook for not firing him the day before, ie there’s a high chance there was no second letter, just 24hrs of inactivity on the PM’s part.
    There’s also a story behind the email of 9600 ACC names. Reading about this Pullar women, it’s quite possible she used her ability as a nasty social engineer to extract this info from an ACC employee, either again through blackmail, namedropping or harrassment or in lieue of favor. It’s very unlikely to be a mistake. You have to attach the file, or reply including attachments. No, the email was sent to Pullar directly, with the sendee knowing the content. We just need to know why. Therein probably lies the connection with Nick Smith.
    WhaleOil – can you tell me how the ACC letterhead letter from Nick Smith came to be in the Public Domain ? Can’t find it’s source anywhere?