Top Ten Blogs in NZ

Open Parachute has released the latest blog rankings for February:


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  • Johno1234

    I’m more than a little concerned about the absence of RedAlert. 

    Being one of the best advertisements going for centre right government I’d like it to have a higher profile.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Dont be concerned Johno, there’s an obvious explanation – everyone’s been banned.

    •  given the long list of absences…shouldn’t it be called/qualified as the top-ten-site-metered blogs..?

      is it any different to those other ranking sites that only rank you if you sign up to them..?

      ..essentially meaningless..?

      i’m not detracting from the success of mr oil in building his audience..

      ..and those top rankings probably reflect the actual rankings..

      ..but get a bit below there and it must be getting a bit far as meaning a lot..?

      ..especially given that long list of absences..?

      [email protected]

    • Scanner

       The real shame is Kiwiblog which has slipped steadily down to a travel blog, but only if you have good glasses, DPF seems to have stopped getting up those that need to be got up, and the mantle of attack seems to have fallen to Cam, 

  • Jman

    Congrats on 1st place, but where is Cactus?

    • Cactus Kate

      I’m not in NZ

      • Robbo

        But your blog is hosted through an NZ domain, right? Perhaps these only blogs that have a site meter.

      • Perrottk

         Yes, only blogs with a sitemeter, statcounter or similar which allows public access to stats. Its automatic from there on.

  • Agent BallSack

    What no WHOAR? LMAO!

    • Euan Rt

      I see phil has been banned at kiwi until today so I suspect he may spend a bit more time over there again continuing to enlighten them. No wonder we have seen so much of him lately. He is not widely respected around the blogosphere it would seem. No matter what site you go to phool has been there first and pissed them off.

      •  i take my trans-ideological-abilities to offend as a mark of pride/individuality..

        ..and to be banned from brian edwards..kiwiblog..and frogblog.. the same time..

        ..almost deserves a t-shirt…

        .i reckon..

        [email protected]

    • yes..confirms the reliability of the!..)

      ..and a technical question for mr oil..

      ..for the convenience of my readers i cram the 30-40 new stories/links i find each day onto one  page…

      ..if i were to spread them out over say..three pages..

      ..would my pageview numbers  treble..?

      ….am i shooting myself in the foot here..?. far as pageviews are concerned..?

      [email protected]

      •  and seeing as we are talking things-site.. there a particular reason you don’t have a general debate thread..?

        ..don’t you think it would enhance..?…not detract..?

        [email protected]

      • Groans

        Have you got your T-shirt yet?  You do deserve a T-shirt.

      • Agent BallSack

        I had a look at your blog yesterday Phil, if you want some honest critique I would say I found it hard to interact with any of the stories, due to there being 30 stories loaded all at once. That’s only my opinion, however. If you look at here for an example – because news is fluid, Whale updates through the day as news is released or discovered, so you may see a story on the MSM, if it’s going to be of interest to whomever Whale determines as his demographic, it will be posted – occasionally even before MSM. That gives us a chance to discuss one topic then the next etc. In saying that I don’t know what sort of traffic you receive either as I just looked at the layout.

      • James Gray

        No, the rank is ordered by visitors/month, each site visitor counts as only one visitor regardless of how many pages they view

      • Probably Phil, your page views would go from 1 to 3…hardly going to set the world on fire.

        I have found that pageviews in actually largely driven by comments. Since your site is desert to comments it won;t matter in the slightest.

      • I don’t have a General Debate thread because I put it tot he vote of the readership and they said overwhelmingly that they were gay and not to bother…a good site owner listens to his readers.

      • Sarrs

        Phil -I checked out your blog too. I will say that your writing on your own site is a lot better than what you expose us to here. You seem to use your blog as a decent vehicle for information sharing yet you come here and spout nonsense – according to your blog you are capable of polite and interesting comment yet here you just troll. 

        BTW I like the way all your daily stories are on one page. I think the reason your page numbers are lower is because of how you speak to people on this and other sites. 

  • Biker

    well done WO

  • Kosh103

    Steve got 5th??? Good lord, he will be insufferable.

    • (reply to ballsack..)

      “..I found it hard to interact with any of the stories..”

      did you freeze..?..were you unable to click..?

      ..was it fear of idea-infection that stilled yr hand..?..

      ..why were you ‘unable to interact’ for any other reason..?

      “..due to there being 30 stories loaded all at once…”’s an easy scroll..designed that way..

      ..for the reader to easily race thru..and then click on any that interest them.. again..did you freeze..?..unable to scroll..?..idea-infection fears again/still..?

      ..and really..whoar and this place are very different beasts..

      ..whereas yes i am a my selections reflect that..and i do feature backgrounders that support my ‘case’..

      but in the main i am going for a one-stop local/international news-grab on the/any day..

      ..trying to present as accurate as possible a rendition/record of that 24 hrs..

      ..whereas mr oil is sourcing/linking/specialising for his audience… i said..different beasts..different priorities..

      ..were you nervous when you went there..?

      ..scared yr mouse might burst into flames..?

      ..scared a reborn karl marx might leap out of yr monitor..?

      ..(he is lurking y’know..!..and will be front and centre again..soon..)

      ..diid it make you feel a bit edgy/daring even..?

      ..a certain frisson..?

      [email protected]

      • Agent BallSack

        Haha Phil, I wore my tin foil hat. A couple of stories looked interesting but I didn’t feel any personality from you, the 30-40 stories IMO detracts because, say you don’t like the first 3 or 5 or 10 stories you will just leave without paging down. Analogy of you look through a fruit bin if you don’t see anything you would eat immediately, you’re not going to pick through the rest of the bin to find the choice fruit. Nothing piqued my interest enough to say ‘Oh I must comment’, although I was curious as to what kind of blog you ran.

  • Doug_S

    Speaks volumes about the voting public. Well done Cam…

  • Greg M

    Good job WO, awesome.

  • Downstairs Bathroom

    Twice as many readers as the Standard and views. Time to start advertising yourself as NZs Top Blogger? Just a little sub heading under the banner: “NZs #1 Blog” or something similar.

  • wannano

    Well deserved, WO well done.

  • joe bloggs

    Double the visits and views of that bunch of up-themselves strangulated hernias across at the Stranded!!!

    All power to you!

  • Grizz30

    Who is Steve Gray?


    Great work,keep it coming.

  • Busman

    awesome stuff whale

  • RAS

    Great site – always the first place to look for comment – great result – thank you for your work.

  • Cadwallader

    Deserved! Brilliant!

  • Super_Guest

    This really goes to show that individual ability will always trump a think tank or committee. The Standard has a whole team of Labour hacks and bile spewing commies, yet on his own Whale murders them all in popularity.

  • Robbo

    That’s awesome WO! Really enjoying your work!

  • Grizz30

    The Standard gets it wrong on so many levels. a couple of big examples are stating unsubstantiated claims as being gospel and ban/modify comments just because they take an opposing point of view, no matter how sound the facts are in which they base their opinion.

    At whaleoil people like Philu can freely state their opinions and other posters have the opportunity to critique such statements. We may not always agree with one another, but we do need a free and open forum to make the blog credible.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      I can’t believe the Stranded came in at 3!!! Do that many follow them or is the “freak show” value they provide for the sane members of society?

      • politically unstable

         you are on to it. I got banned for three months and I am a very IMO moderate commentator. But I still have a look as it really is a freak show…

        Its like discovering a whole new species of people!!!  And idiotic ones at that….they really are savage and strange

    • re the standard and heavy-duty-moderating…

      ..that’s fair comment…but they seem to have eased off a bit lately..

      ..i had a long argument with one of the censors over there on just that subject..

      ..arguing for more latitude..less censorship..

      ..pointing out that really…when you boil it all down..nobody

      ..and the only other fear i cd see being that of ‘idea-infection’…

      ..which really..on so many levels.. just silly…

      ..the third leg of my argument was think of how much time they would free up for themselves….

      ..were they not chained to the censorship machine..

      ..i don’t know if that helped..

      ..but they have definitely throttled back since then..

      …barring libel..they should have absolutely no censorship,,

      ..i reckon..

      [email protected]

      • Vlad

        Phil, you are allowed here and there is no doubt that this provides you with by far your largest audience.  Tolerant posters here have even offered you advice that might improve the impact of your opinions.  For the last time, from a person who enjoys debate, why not work on the format of your postings so that your input, no matter how trivial and irrational, is at least readable?  

      • Sarrs

        ‘idea-infection’ makes me laugh because it is so accurate a description of what they fear. And it is silly. If they have so little faith in their followers that they think a decently written and researched post from a right-winger is going to turn their heads they should be ashamed of themselves. They should trust that their arguments will hold up to scrutiny and, sometimes, ridicule – if they don’t…why do they believe them in the first place? Unless of course they believe in weird right-wing conspiracies that brain wash the entire country and are fighting against that. I’m not sure which is worse :/

  • Euan Rt

    Anyone know why frogblog doesn’t show up here? I see it is another that Mr ure is banned from – fancy that. You’d have thought they had a bit in common.

    • Travdog

      You forget they reformed and got rid of the pot heads.

    • at frogblog it is the vegan thing that really gets up their noses..

      [email protected]

  • CommonSense404

    Yeh the congratulations are well deserved. Big step up in quality & incisiveness this year. Great work on the MUNterZ, teacher unions etc. With the MSM going for self congratulatory “we make the new” soundbites, the quality blogs are where its at. Keep up the good fight WO – we need you to keep shining the light into the corners. Cheers.

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  • Went and checked out About Steve and it made me want to take up smoking again. 
    Guess I’ll be adding Dim to places I pimp myself around for the next year. 

  • thor42

    Good stuff, WO!   

  • Guestosterone


    nice work cam

  • Chris


  • Phar Lap

     Superb result,would have been a miscarriage of justice if there had been any other blog outfit in front.

  • Agent BallSack

    I suspect the Standard is one of those blogs that the rabid visit hourly, hell you just have to look at some of the multitude of same person posts…That said bloody well done again Cam, cheers for all the hard work you put in and the subsidiary work with opinion pieces on radio etc. Surely Listener or a serious MSM journal needs weekly pieces though ;)

  • Stevo

    Good work WO!

  • Petal


  • Hagues

    WO “I don’t have a General Debate thread because I put it tot he vote of
    the readership and they said overwhelmingly that they were gay and not
    to bother…a good site owner listens to his readers.”

    Hmm you also put Phil’s presence here to a vote and got the same response, yet he is still here, still dragging the site downwards.

  • Magoo

    Open Parachute is the crappiest NZ blog I can think of. Perrott says he welcomes open debate but never does and will attack you personally if you challenge his views. If you are stupid enough to visit his shithole of a ‘blog’ then prepare to have as many of your private details as possible leaked onto the web as payback for disagreeing with this fuckwit. DON’T VISIT OPEN PARACHUTE – & if you do don’t say you weren’t warned

  • Good blogs to post on this article!