Trotter calls time on Shearer

Chris Trotter on TVNZ this morning was scathing of David Shearer.

Trotter says Shearer doesn’t have it. That Labour has other options for Leadership.

It underlines everything I’ve been saying.

He compares Shearer’s stance with Walter Nash who famously said he was neither for nor against the wharfies.

Trotter rightly concludes the Shearer’s position is untenable as a Labour Leader.


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  • Hagar

    Lets use reverse psychology. and leave Shearer alone then then Shearer will lead them  to the shearing shed in 2014!

  • not much to argue with/against there..

    ..labour seem lost/adrift..

    ..mana/harawira are talking the sort of talk that labour should…

    ..(i had a raging argument at the standard…with a commenter who claimed ‘how courageous!’ labour were..

    ..with their promise to include the poorest families in w.f.f…by 2018..!..six years/two terms of parliament away..

    ..i pointed out that from the position of the poorest/labours’ core-vote/concern (supposedly) read/sounded more like a sick joke..

    ..with them/the poorest the butt of that joke..

    ..and just more of the same neglect exhibited by labour/clark for those nine long years..)

    ..and they seriously still wonder why their base hasn’t ‘connected’..?

    ..and if shearer /labour don’t/can’t come up with a clear vision/plan… undoing the wrongs of that neo-lib revolution both they and national foisted on us..

    ..and showing the whys/hows? of tackling/ending poverty etc..

    ..they will just continue to wither…

    ..harawira will take their base..

    ..peters willl take their redknecks/racists..

    ..the greens will take their greens..

    ..and there ain’t much left to fight over..

    ..they will still be there..but smaller/more equal with the other centre-left parties..

    ..the upside being that in ’14 we will see our first real m.m.p-govt…

    [email protected]


    • Guestosterone

      “i had a raging argument at the standard”

      thats like a fight over an apple core on the special bus

    • Super_Guest

      There’s nothing “centre left” about Mana or the Greens. The Greens have moves more to the centre but are still hard left. And Mana would make Lenin blush.

  • rouppe

    At about 4:35…

    “A guy that has stared down gun barrels should be able to stare down Mayor Brown and Tony Gibson at POAL”

    I wonder…. Is the Shearer back story more manufactured than real? Has he actually stared down the gun barrels, or did he in fact leave it up to someone like his UN interpreter to get them out of the sticky situations…

    Just a question….

    • Troy

      Spot on.  When I first heard about this back story I wondered how much fabricated it was.  I think he shoots blanks frankly when he tries to proffer himself up as the “new” Labour man when he actually doesn’t have much of a history with the party.  I think he’ll get sucked into the big Labour machine and spat out by all its very unusual lobby groups.

  • Super_Guest

    Shearer is kinda doing the right thing. Distancing Labour from 70s-style union hackery.

  • Dutyfree

    They are not the workers party, they are the you don’t need to work party

    • thor42

      That’s right! 
      They’re for striking unionists and bludging beneficiaries.
      Neither group works. 

  • Budapet

    nice comment that shearer should be able to stare down tony gibson and len brown !  why is that the left will hang len out to dry, let chris carter was given a UN  number ?

  • Auto_immune

    I get the feeling that Shearer’s upcoming “My clean, green and cleverer modern Labour party that stands for things” articulation speech will be as exciting as the shitty title I just gave it. 

  • adam2314

    Shearer has very much the same lip and mouth movement as Mallard..

    says it all really

  • Jackhenderson00

    here’s another poss. …shearer will stay. he will make a mark but won’t win in 2014. they will prepare for 2017 under shearer. he will continue to be an introverted leader. they need the time to steady the labour vessel.he will move towards the centre on social issues but will move hard left on fiscal to combat national and to grow alliance with greens and the ever growing list of left wing parties. 2014 will be nationals. 2017……. who knows?