Trotter warns Len Brown

Chris Trotter in the same post I blogged about earlier has served up Len Brown a warning and signalled a left wing faction fight between Mike Lee and Len Brown:

And if the shareholders have instructed the boss to double the business’s return on capital? What then? If we’re talking about a unionised business, then the boss’s most obvious course of action is surely to drive the union out. This is is exactly what POAL Boss, Tony Gibson, is attempting to do. The Auckland City Council (led by the allegedly left-leaning, Len Brown) has demanded that POAL double its rate of return on capital from 6 to 12 percent. If not in the wage-packets of its workers, where does Mayor Brown suggest POAL go looking for such an impossibly high rate of return? In demanding 12 percent, the Auckland City Council is effectively demanding the deunionisation of Auckland’s wharves.

Left-wing voters would do well to remember this next year when the so-called “Independent”, Len Brown, asks them for a second term. Or, perhaps they could run their own candidate in 2013? Maybe the wharfie’s son, Mike Lee?

It would serve Len Brown right for being so naïve. For seriously believing that the action of attacking the Maritime Unions would not generate and equal and opposite reaction.


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  • The gift that the Left keeps on Giving – I comment why after I save my sandwich from the cat….

  • Cobolt

    Why does this sound so much like the school yard cry of “I’ll tell my big brother to beat you up”? without any thought as to whether big brother would or not.

  • Trotter mate you are literally just given the Mayor contest to the Right next year. Let me explain.

    If Cllr Lee decides to run for Mayor as does Len you will have two results.

    First – if CnR or the Right can stand a bloody good candidate that Auckland Likes

    Mike and Len split the left vote and the Right Wing Candidate literally sleep walks into the Mayor’s Office unless they are convicted of a crime. Enter one Richard Prebble or Rodney Hide (or another candidate you think suitable)

    Second – if CnR or the Right stand a piss weak candidate that Auckland does not warm too

    Len would move to the Centre and canvas both sides saying Len in Office keeps Lee and MUNZ out (you get the drift). The Right would swallow one huge dead rat and bring Len back in to that effect – of which you hope there is a right wing dominated Council next round.

    In any case Lee running means no running for a Council Ward position for him and thus we wont see him for three years in Council and the end to some atrocious Stalinist Policies especially in Land Use and Planning.

    So by all means Trotter – get Lee to run next year

    Oh and Trotter – get it right mate, let me assist you

    It was not the Mayor calling for the 12%, try and look at your running mate you are “wanting” to run against Len – he has single-handedly stripped POAL of just about any meaning which excessive demands on dividends during the tenure of the ARC and still doing so now with the Super City. All for his transport and other follies…

  • Hakim of phut

    Trotter has been elected to …….?
    Well he was the ……
    But before that he was known as …….

    I cant even use the words “has been” ,as its an insult to all has beens

    But Im sure the good Mrs Trotter still gives guidance as shown in the recent outing 

  • Gazzaw

    I love it when they start feeding on themselves.