Two Queens on the Throne?

The Sun

The opponents of marriage equality are losing the battle. You know they are when they resort to silly arguments like this:

BRITAIN could end up with TWO Queens on the throne if gay marriage becomes law, an MP warned last night.

Tory Peter Bone claimed the new legislation would throw the monarchy into crisis.

He said it would mean a lesbian Queen having a Queen consort or a gay King having a King consort.

Mr Bone has demanded an emergency summit of Commonwealth leaders to discuss the planned changes.

He said: “They seem to be rushing this through without thinking of the broader implications.”

The MP has fired off a letter to Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone warning of possible upheaval in the monarchy.

And he wants to know if it is the Government’s plan to change the Royal Marriages Act of 1772 to allow a same-sex union.

Mr Bone believes this would make it impossible for the monarch to continue as supreme governor of the Church of England.


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  • Once more, I’d like someone to ask Mr. Bone if he thinks an admitted adulterer who married his mistress in a civil ceremony is unfit to be Supreme Governor of the Church of England when his mother passes beyond this mortal ken.

  • thor42

    Two kings or queens on the throne? Nonsense. 
    A consort (whether they are straight or gay) is **never** considered to be “on the throne”.
    I think that this Peter Bone has a bone in his head. 

  • “Marriage equity”??

    Anyway, yes, they are losing the argument.  Mostly because very few are listening as Britain is a basket case.  They all think it’s about rights and equality, but, as this example shows, it’s really about the next generation and how it’s raised.  Those that don’t think of the future don’t care.

    • BJ

      You are so right. Gay marriage proponents are selfish and shortsighted – contributing nothing to humanity. It will screw up the future of humanity. And when a child raised by homosexuals that socialize with other homosexual couples – how are they ever going to ‘see’ any alternative to a gay relationship – gay will become the norm heaven forbid and women will become  surragates and nothing more – how horrible. Men will become more disconnected with woman as it becomes abnormal for a man and woman to have a relationship  and men teaming up as couples will become more dominant in the world  – the balance of things will be lost and that will be the end – thanks to ‘rights’

      • Vlad

        Oh crikey, can’t think of anything else to say, and can you give us a date when the world will end?

      •  HI BJ,

        Actually, they are contributing something – the argument over this.  We do need to have a discussion over what marriage between a man and a woman IS, rather than what any counterfeit is not.  That’s becoming more and more clear to me as this debate goes on.   In other words, why do man and woman complete each other.  I can understand the longing in the homosexual’s heart for all of this, except that their solution, their desire to recast reality will not give them what they want.  They’ll be left even more bereft than before.

      • Kosh103

        Oh BJ you do talk some bullshit.

        All what you have blathered about has already been proven by studies to be bullshit. Go back to the darkages you twit.

    • Dean Gray

      I think the Catholic church should be put in charge of everything. That’d sort out the underage buggery and homosexual marriage issue straight away. All you’d have to do if you were into that sort of thing would be to get some of the sacramental wine into the altar boys after Sunday mass and Bob’s your mother’s brother.

      Honestly. It’s HILARIOUS when catholiphiles like you pretend to have an opinion on gay marriage. 

      •  Damn, I accidentally liked your comment.  Ignore it.

        Because it’s ridiculous, given that more MEN than women sexually abuse anything that moves, and even that which does not.  Which means you have no right to an opinion on anything sexual.  Is that how it goes?

  • Vlad

    I think this my favourite objection of all time to this legislation, funny enough to qualify as a Mental Health break, and I look forward to the day when it happens.  

  • toby_toby

    England already has two Queens: Elizabeth, and Elton.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Richard 11 was gay and had a sodomte who was knocked off by the barons and Richard had a red hot poker shoved up his arse.

    William Rufus like a bit of bum and William of Orange like young nen with a well turned leg

    • Greg M

       That made my eyes water just thinking about it!

      • ConwayCaptain


        They shoved a bulls horn up first so that there would be no external markings.

        Apparently the screams were heard for miles.

      • Greg M

         Rectum ? bloody near killed him !

      • ConwayCaptain

        Greg M

        I’ve been tuging again!!!  What were you tugging, makes you blind you know

      • Greg M

         Captain, doing static pull tests yesterday, getting re surveyed, G

    • Vlad

      Conway, is there no end to your wisdom?

      • ConwayCaptain

        Thank you Vlad

        Being at sea for 27 years one did a LOT of reading and I liked non fiction especially history.  Used to set myself a certyain book to read each voyage so ploughed throush WSCs Hist of the Eng Speaking Peoples, History of WW2, War and Peace, 7 pillars of Wisdom etc etc

    • motorizer

      yep and it was probably known and not made official like the white elephant that homosexuality should be. how often have i heard people say “yeah i dont mind queers, just as long as they dont make a big deal about it in front of me”?. its stupid really. 

  • Cadwallader

    Princess Margaret was onced asked “How’s the Queen?” She replied: “Do you mean my mother, my sister or my husband?”

  • ConwayCaptain

    pparently the Queen Mum phoned down one day and said to on eof the servants

    “Would one of you old queens bring this old queen a gin”

  • NotLen

    What is it with polly’s having suggestive names?  Here is Peter Bone.  Goes with Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, Winston Peters.  There must be some more.

  • Kosh103

    The royal family line is full of poofs and queers. This MP needs to learn his own countrys history and rules about titles/positions.

    • motorizer

      god. what do you do all day man. do you have your OWN blog? why dont you concentrate on that.

      • Kosh103

        Given that it is 6.40pm and I am only just on here, how about you bugger off and ask the people who have been posting all day if they have their own blog.

  • BR

    “All what you have blathered about has already been proven by studies
    to be bullshit.”

    What studies?

    • Kosh103

      The sort of studies done by smart people. You know, people that are not as thick as you.

      • BR

         “The sort of studies done by smart people. You know, people that are not
        as thick as you”

        OK, so no studies then. Only “the sort of studies”.

        What was that you were saying about thick people?


      • Kosh103

        I was saying BR that you are thick.

      • Kosh103

        Ok enough playing with the very small brained thicko BR.

        Im being a tad lazy here as I really cannot be arsed posting link after link after link…

        Go to Wikipedia and pop in LBGT parenting. While Wiki should not be used as the last word on anything, the studies in the ref section put pay to your bullshit about gay parents.

        However, I suspect I know how you are going to react.

  • Steve P

    Marriage exists to create paternity. That’s it, finito, end of. Anything else to do with love, sex, commitment, companionship, personal fulfillment, individual rights or whatever is irrelevant or at best, incidental – icing on the cake, as it were. That’s why even today, despite everything, if a married woman has a child then her husband is defined as the father.

    Why did Prince William get married? It certainly wasn’t to guarantee nookie – a guy of his status would be guaranteed fresh nookie until long after he’d be too old to do anything about it, indeed, he is severely limiting his options by promising himself to one woman.

    No, Prince William got married so that he would have legal heirs by his wife – paternity.Society supports paternity – the marriage of a man and a woman – because, like it or not, paternity is good for society. Societies in which men do not have a guaranteed stake in their own family life go downhill rapidly, if they ever get off the ground in the first place. Anthropology is replete with such examples, indeed, we can observe happening this right now within parts of our own society.

    In a relationship between two men or two women the question of paternity becomes utterly inapplicable. Regardless of what medical jiggery-pokery you might use to create any children, if there are two men then at least one of them will not be the father, and if there are two women neither of them will be the father. 

    So, if the fundamental reason for the existence of marriage does not apply to same-sex relationships, then there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to create this new thing, “gay marriage”.

    • Kosh103

      LMAO – ohhhh good lord. I dont think the 1500s is far enough back to describe your beliefs.

      • Peter Wilson

        Thats been proven in various studies to be untrue. Check out google.

      • Rufus

         typical example of how you operate Kosh – someone puts up a reasoned response, and you, having nothing to offer in return, ridicule him. 

        Grow up man.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO-  oh rufus, none of you homophobes have put up anything close to a reasoned argaument.

        You either misquote/abuse the Bible or pretend that marriage is some sacred cow that can and never has been changed since the Earth was formed. Or the most fun, gay marriage will lead to everyone marrying anything and the world exploding.

        If that is what you call reasoned, it is no wonder you are as you are.

    • BJ

      Steve P you talk succinctly more sense and truth than everyone else combined contributing to this blog. 

      • Steve P

        BJ, you’re too kind. Very little of what I write I can claim as original thought; much of it is simply rehashed from others very much smarterer than I – Mark Richardson (Oz Conservative) in particular.

        You know how it is, you read so many things in so many different places you begin to wonder if any of your thoughts are original, or simply some memory of something from ages ago bubbling up…


    Ah religion; the biggest cause of death since cancer. I don’t have anything against the idea of religion, just the hypocritical individuals who practice it – they go against the whole principal of religion by being openly bigotted, small minded and inflammatory. If only they practiced what they preached, this world would look a heck of a lot better than it does at the moment. Think of all those young ones who have taken their own lives because of the bigotted views of a few, is that REALLY the result you want? Let he who is free of sin cast the first stone (or something like that). And don’t get me started on the whole titheing idea, extortion at the very least; I doubt God would be short of cash and I am sure he didn’t want people to worship him from behind walls but out in the open; so what’s all the money for? Live and let live, if my mother chose to be gay, it would have been a hell of a lot better than the violence suffered at the hands of her husband (our, for the want of a better word – father)

    • Peter Wilson

      What a sad diatribe against, well, everything really.

      Ah religion; the biggest cause of death since cancerDo you count Hitler, Pol Pot, Amin, Churchill in your summation of the causes of death? We can give you Bush, killing 1,000,000 innocents, he claimed something about Gods work, I’m sure.Lets be honest, whereever there is the pursuit of power, there will be evil. Nothing to do with religion, all to do with politics.I get a little tired of people bagging religion, when, in fact, we all have our own religions, just some do not reconize it.

  • James

    Marriage is a HUMAN construct that has nothing to do with religion and in fact long preceded it. Gays were marrying throughout history with the blessing of the church…which it self took no interest in it until it saw it could enhance its own wealth and power by subsuming it within its occult practices.

    • @BoJangles

      James, now you’re talking.   

      Paternity is a legal construct, nothing fundamental about that.

      • James

        Actually its a metaphysical absolute. Marriage by contrast is an arrangement totally made up by Man…..and just how is it supposedly inseparable from procreation…? Hows that work?

  • Dean Gray


    “Damn, I accidentally liked your comment.  Ignore it.
    Because it’s ridiculous, given that more MEN than women sexually abuse anything that moves, and even that which does not.  Which means you have no right to an opinion on anything sexual.  Is that how it goes?”
    No, that’s not how it goes – that’s just really, really stupid – because I can’t choose what sex I was born, but I can definitely choose to be a member of the Catholic church. You might know of them – some of their clergy engage in homosexual and/or underage sex while their leader Pope Jumped Up the XVIIIth tells us that gays shouldn’t get married.
    Do you SEE how this works now? You probably don’t given that your warped sense of what passes for logic lead you to equate being a member of a religion with what set of genitalia you were born with. Of course, to doublethinking zealots like yourself they probably ARE the same thing – but luckily for you, people with a better understanding of the human condition run the world.
    ” In other words, why do man and woman complete each other.  I can understand the longing in the homosexual’s heart for all of this, except that their solution, their desire to recast reality will not give them what they want.  They’ll be left even more bereft than before.”
    It’s difficult to describe how fringe lunatic that just made you sound. Go and grasp at some more straws and recite the rosemary, and leave the adults to talk about the important things in life.