Union keeps kids from their Lego

via the tipline:

The Maritime Union strike action is keeping kids from their toys. Mean union bullies are now hurting the kids.


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  • Jobbie

    I wonder how Australians will enjoy having these notices in their stores now too??

  • Guest

    Remember – the Warehouse is a big business that can cope with strikes a lot better than smaller owner operator businesses, who can’t afford ads in the paper to say they are strike affected (much less ads to advertise their products). 

  • Travdog

    Just watching Garry Parsloe feeding more lies on Q&A. “we still think there’s a deal there, this is only the start of it.” and “5000 people there supporting us”.

    Really Garry? 5000? your spectacles are playing tricks on you old boy.

    • Euan Rt

      Trav, you’ll probably find it was Parsloe who fed the 5000 crowd figure to the media in the first place. Of course the media guys don’t have the expertise to assess crowd sizes – they just know that 5000 is written 5-0-0-0. Dimwits!

    • Jester

      Hey Trav, did you see Parsloes face when the camera panned round after Pearsons “it’s over” comment?

      It was pure gold!

      • EpochNZ

         Sounds brilliant….can anyone provide a screengrab of it?

      • Travdog

        damn right I did Jester, and almost sprayed my coffee across the lounge.

  • hoha

    Just a thought.
    Where are the members of the business round table on this?I would like to know where they stand.

    • Travdog

      In support of the port.