Victimised? No…Mocked? You bet

It is the vegetarian’s turn to be “outraged”:

store in .

store in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pak n’ Save has been forced to pull an advertisement promoting “meat week” at its supermarkets after vegetarians complained it was offensive.

The ad first ran on television on Sunday, but it has been pulled from rotation and the company’s Facebook page and YouTube while it is reviewed.

Wellington vegetarian Tashee Smith, 24, said she was upset that the sarcastic advertisement made a mockery of her belief system.

It began with a warning to vegetarians to look away while they showed meat on a conveyor belt, which was “okay”, she said.

“Then the punch line of the ad says, ‘Alright vegetarians, you can look back now. It’s a carrot. Just kidding, it’s a sausage’.

“The whole tone of it I felt really was just quite offensive. It was made to offend.”

It was a high profile company that was often trying to promote organic, ethical and responsible trading, but it now came across as unwelcoming to thousands of vegetarians and vegans, she said.

Smith had emailed Foodstuffs to ask for an explanation and apology, but was yet to hear back.

Several people on Facebook also voiced their displeasure about the ad, claiming it was in “bad taste” and vegetarians did not need to be victimised.

Bloody fussy eaters, precious wee things too and can’t handle pictures of nice juicy meat. What a bunch of sooks.

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  • Pete George

    I’m glad they pulled the advert. I’m pissed off it mentioned carrots. I used to be called carrot top when I was a kid and it still hurts whenever carrots appear in supermarket advertising.

    • RH

      So you are a ginga with no soul?

  • ConwayCaptain

    Why do we have to bow and kowtow to a few precious little wimps who cant take a joke.

  • Beagle

    Once again a case of the tail wagging the dog. 

  • rouppe

    Have a concrete sandwich and harden up…

    Us men should join together and get tampon adverts removed from television because they disgust me too…

    • Sarrs

      Women will join that cause too. 

    • Mike Smith

      Us men?  

    • James

      Tampons…the stuck up cunts…>:-(

  • Phar Lap

     Get over it FFS ,we seem to be a nation of precious losers.Vegetarions,if NZ was to depend on that lot of finicky ***** and all meat was banned that includes exports and in most cases dairy products ,wonder how our standard of living and balance of payments would look.FFS stop falling over your feet to accomodate a tiny useless ugly pedantic minority.Wake up NZs before it is to late.

  • Why won’t people think about the plants? Do these vegans know how many innocent plants were cruelly harvested in order to feed them?

  • Bunswalla

    Some of the comments in the article are priceless. Nic #295 should be framed.

    • MarcWills

      And Farmer Brown #49

      “I’ve just spent the morning attaching signs to all my livestock saying
      ‘NOT A CARROT’ so as not to offend any passing vegetarians.”

  • Doug_S

    What a load of PC absolute bollocks. There are no pictures of meat in the ad at all. They are all cartoon figures that very vaguely look like meat. I’m sick and tired of this shit in NZ. A couple of whining veggies get their panties in a bunch and one of NZ’s iconic companies looses hundreds of thousands of dollars. STFU veggies and mind your own bees wax.

    • Gerr Hughes

      PC? PC? How did you come up with that???   GET INFORMED!!!

      • Doug_S

        Really? So Pack and Save withdrawing an ad because some spanker veggie head complained because it “insulted her belief system” is not a PC backdown as you suggest? Sounds to me like I am not the uninformed one! 

      • Doug_S

        Troll aletrt!

  • Groans

    Is Ramadan just around the corner?

  • Mickrodge

    Tashee Smith…harden the fuck up princess.


    What’s next? Targeting the radio ads of The Mad Butcher?

    • Groans

      I fear yes

      •  despite repeated viewings..

        the ‘you can’t beat the mad butchers’ meat’ still disturbs..

        ..and not for any reasons of diet..

        [email protected]

  • BJ

    Alongside the article on ‘Stuff’ there is a poll being run – 91.6% vote for the advert. The company should not allow themselves to be bullied by a small minded 24yr old that will probably become a  carnivore when she grows up

  • Kthxbai

    “Wellington vegetarian Tashee Smith, 24, said she was upset that the sarcastic advertisement made a mockery of her belief system.”

    People are altogether too precious about their belief systems, whether it be their religion or their gluten intolerance. 

    They are impinging on everyone else’s free speech, an attribute of a democratic society that, unlike belief systems, can have objective arguments made in its defence.

  • Kosh103

    When did being a vegetarian become a belief?

    • Bunswalla

      It’s not just a belief Kosh, it’s an entire belief system. Tashee Jones says so, and she’s 24 and everything.

      • Kosh103

        LOL, well I know I sure has hell had all the answers at 24 so wow, must be true. ;0D

    • Fucked if I know Kosh but I think I am going to have Double Servings of a nice juicy Scotch Fillet steak tonight and devour it very very VERY slowly enjoying every last bit of it. Then tomorrow its the pork, then the lamb the night after that. Speaking of which I better go get it out of the freezer first :P

      • Boss Hogg

        Hey Ben, I met some Wide Boys last time I was visiting Wisconsin.  Their non-gay ute had a large bumper sticker  “KILL IT AND GRILL IT”.  How would that go for the wee Tashee……….

        Thought that might line up with your belief systems.  They also had a gun rack in the back window with two shot guns and two weatherby 270 rifles – most situations covered.  Cheers

      • it’s your

        hope you aren’t exceeded yr recommended weekly-dose…

        ..y’know..!..cancer..and all that..

        [email protected]

      • Boss Hogg – LOL. Trust the boys at Wisconsin to do something like that.

        Phil – hmmm no. Today, Tomorrow and the Day after means that is my 3 servings a week of meat (although I did say double to illustrate a point to the whinger above somewhere). Last night was fish so means three nights either meatless or chicken.

      • Kosh103

        Yum, steak.

        Had pork chops myself tonight  – very very tasty.

        My view is if God didnt want me to eat his critters then he wouldnt have made them so tasty.

  • Bunswalla

    “The New Zealand Vegetarian Society warned its followers about the advertisement
    on Facebook, saying it went further than the normal jokes about vegetarians.”

    So it’s OK to make “normal” jokes about vegetarians, but this one went a bit too far, did it?

    •  reply to ben:..

      ..i am puzzled you think chicken is not meat…

      [email protected]

      • Sarrs

        An awful lot of ‘vegetarians’ still eat chicken and fish. It’s a very WTF kind of thing. Too much red meat is bad for you, don’t think chicken or fish is so Ben should be fine

      • 3x a week for red meats, once a week for fish, and chicken leaving 2 days meatless or slotting in Carl Juniors somewhere is not exactly going to kill me. I watch my diet thank you and dont fall crap that this sarah utters for beliefs

  • joe bloggs

    Am I right in concluding she’s complaining about a STICK DRAWING of a SAUSAGE????

    What about Stickman? He’s been naked all this time – and not a murmur!!!

    •  um..!..sarah/sarrs…fact/reality-check for you..

      ..people who eat chicken and/or fish actually fall outside the definitions of ‘vegetarian’

      ..and if you think eating those has no health implications/outcomes.. really need to read more widely…

      [email protected]

      • joe bloggs

        fuck off Phool – you want to reply to Sarrs then reply to Sarrs – or is your drug-addled brain working particularly slowly today

      • Sarrs

        Phil, I know they aren’t technically vegetarians but they do insist on calling themselves such. Hence why it was ‘vegetarians’ and not vegetarians. 

        Everything in moderation Phil, including red and white meat. I certainly hope you pick up your required iron and calcium intakes from somewhere!

    • Kosh103

      LMAO – OMG, that is so true! These Pack N Save ads are basicly pornographic!!

  • as a vegan i wd like to have a stern word with the vegetarian society..

    .about their consumption of animal bye-products..

    ..they are actually part of the problem..

    ..not the/any solution..

    [email protected]

    • toby_toby

      So phil… you don’t ever use animal by-products? No leather shoes or belts or furniture? No dairy? No honey or pollen or beeswax products? No dye from animals? no gelatin (hard to avoid, that one)? Never used photographic film or paper with gelatin in it? Never use match heads or sandpaper? Gelatin capsules? Hair gel? Paintballs? No glues made from animal products? You’ve checked that none of your furniture has any woodworking glue in it? You don’t own any paintings or instruments with animal glue in them? You avoiding glycerol? Making sure you don’t use any soaps made with animal by-products?

  • Gerry Hughes

    What fuss? A journo found one person with a gripe. Then stuck the story up and the hounds came out. No sense of proportion whatsoever!!!!!!!  LOL

    • Sarrs

      They did pull the ad ‘for review’ because of it 

  • Symgardiner

    Just to add some perspective….

  • Dave

    Hmmmmm  or is it intentional.   This has put Pak n Save in the limelight, better than paid advertising.   Create a relatively trivial campaign, have an unknown wannabe cry about it, then let the press run wild.   Not bad PakNSave……..   Well done.  

    PS:   PakNSave when are you going to reverse it and have a Vege advertising special so i can complain.  

    Boss Hogg – you need to sell that line (Kill it n Grill it) to Countdown for their campaign.

    • MarcWills

      Yes Dave, you just can’t buy advertising like this.

      Last time was the “outrage” over the Tui beer ads by the hairy-leg brigade.

      DB laughed all the way to the cash register.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      How about ‘Cut off it’s horns, wipe it’s arse, and stick it on the Barbie’

      • Boss Hogg

        That’s right – you are a Melville Old Boy………..I was there 75 to 78…..??

      • ConwayCaptain

        That’s how they cook it in Argentina!!!!

        Medium or well done there and you are a heretic

  • Maybe

    No meat No point!

  • MrV

    You wonder if these who things are PR stunts from beginning to end, nothing like whipping up some faux outrage, how much do consultants charge for that these days?

    Why would Tashee Smith, 24 from Wellington want this to be the first thing that pops up every time an employer does a google search?

    • Gazzaw

      I don’t think she thought of that Mr V.

  • Super_Guest

    Human beings are meant to eat meat. We’ve done it since we first showed up. Hell, Chimpanzees (the closest thing to being human without being human, that and being a Mana party voter) also eat meat. Vegetarians are toss-pots, and they always look sick as all hell, all grey and lifeless and with horrible teeth from using non fluoride toothpaste (case in point…any Green party MP).

    •  too much outright silliness to even bother with there..s.g…

      [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        No please, if you’re not going to bother getting a job, please bother with debunking the idea that human beings are omnivores not herbivores.

      • James

        Yep…Man is a meat eater….to try and deny that and live otherwise is anti human…making it an evil creed.

  • Macca


    • (reply to s.g..)

      ..there are about 1500 links in the vegan category at whoar..

      ..more evidence than you can poke a stick at..

      ..and all yr questions answered..

      ..recipies too..!


      [email protected]

      • Steve P

        Oysters are about the healthiest things you can eat. Just a couple will provide 100% RDI of zinc, and balance out the copper from a grain-heavy diet.
        D’ya eat oysters, Phil?

  • ConwayCaptain

    In my 27 years at sea there were 3 types of people I NEVER met as a memeber of a ship’s complement:

    1 Vegan/Vegetarian.  They would have been told by the catering dept to FO and we aint cooking a separate meal for you.  You can live on the veges we serve up with the main courses.

    2 Mormons and Jehovahs Witnesses.  WE had them come on the ship trying to convert us and they were told to sling their hook.

    The 2 people that caused me the biggest problems were two 2nd Mates on opposite swings.  a Rabid Catholic and a Born Again Fundamentalist.

    • Super_Guest

      Captain, have you ever considered writing a book about your time on the sea? Your anecdotes are always interesting.

      • ConwayCaptain

        I have a few about spreading ashes at sea!!!!!  Drunk cook falling over the side in Akl harbour after me only being in command for a few voyages  Earthquake in the New Hebrides, 3/O on the last British Flag Pilgrim Ship!!!!

        Land Mine clearance in the Suez, Collision with a Yankee Destroyer,  County Class Destroyer firing broadsides over the top of us down the Portland Gun Range Maybe I should email them from time to time for WO to post for light relief.

  • Steve P

    Well, yeah. Vegetarians and vegans aren’t doing it for health reasons (otherwise they wouldn’t be vegetarian/vegan in the first place), they’re doing it to demonstrate their moral superiority over us filthy meat-eaters. It’s a form of asceticism – hence, “belief system” (see also ConwayCaptain’s post above about various religious types).

    So, it’s not the insult to this woman’s vegetarianism as such that gives her offence, it’s the insult to her moral superiority.

    •  would you like some fries with that guilt-burger there steve..?

      ..and there are 19 different tribes of vegans..

      ..they aren’t all the same..

      ..and have different reasons for being vegan..

      ..(usually ranging from not wanting to hurt animals.. doing it for health/vanity reasons..)

      ..i’ll have to add another category..

      ..making it twenty…

      ..for those only doing it to feel ‘morally superiour’…

      ..(that’s some classic projection you’ve got going on there..steve..)

      [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

         Still waiting for you to prove to me that human beings aren’t meant to eat meat.

      • Steve P

        Presumably you think your comment refutes mine, Phil. Bad news for you is that it actually does the opposite (see also, most of your other comments).

  • Travdog

    Vegetarianism is a metal illness. Phil U is living proof.

    •  eating flesh/fat/blood is an addiction…

      ..and like most addictions..

      ..those mired in them use all sorts of convoluted excuses/justifications/defences..

      ..of their addictive practices…

      ..i call it pretzel-logic..

      [email protected]

      • Travdog

        I respond to you in the same way phil, replace flesh/fat/blood with ‘vegetables’.

        But of course, anything that doesn’t fit into your twisted logic is bound to be incorrect……….

    • J.Key is a maggot

      why did you marry her then you fucken moron

      • Travdog

        I think I outlined enough reasons not to. Come on, sharpen up and learn to read. Lack of meat has caused you to have a lack of attention.Think about what you’re saying. Eat some meat, get some trace elements back into that brain.

  • BR

    I thought vegetarianism was a diet, not a religion.


  • RH

    Smart move by Pack N Save.  Appear to be PC, stir up controversy – no such thing as bad publicity.  Three times the effect for the $

  • dad4justice

    phool whore forgets to tell us all he uses good ole blood and bone to make his crop of weed taste cowish, and it helps his crop produce big bob marley heads over a foot long. 

  • Steve P

    Friend of mine’s parents had a market garden: one acre of prime flat land. They got 3 (or was it 4?) harvests a year, but to maintain that level of productivity they put ten tonnes of fertiliser and pesticides on that one acre every year – most of which of course deriving from fossil fuels. Eating your green veggies does not make you particularly green.

    Incidentally, the veges the family ate themselves were grown on a separate part of the garden – they didn’t eat the veges they sold.

    •  wow..!..what classy people you know steve..

      [email protected]

      • Steve P

        They’re Asian. You’re not a racist, are you Phil? Look! Look everybody! Phil’s a RACIST!!!!

      • Doug_S

        Sometimes you really are a twat Phil. For Gods sake think before you post.

  • Seems to me

    Seems to me that Pak n Save pulled the advert as they had HEAPS of free publicity, so why waste money on running more TV adverts:-)
    Maybe that complaining sheila wa sin on it….make a big fuss to the get the peasants revolting.
    Hoorah for Pak n save creatives….

  • are you drinking steve..?

    or are you still just going thru those teenage hormonal-surges..?

    ..are the pimples clearing up..?

    [email protected]

    • starboard

      cooking tonight philwhore?

  • toby_toby

    I don’t normally shop at Pak n Save but I think I’ll be making a special trip during meat week.

  • James

    I still smirk when I hear that you “just can’t beat the Mad Butchers meat”…as I’m sure most of NZ does too…

    This chick needs a dog roll injection up the clacker….silly bitch.

    • Boss Hogg

      Mutton Javelin
      Pork Sword

      Where does it stop    ;-)

      • davcav

         Leg of NZ’s finest?


    Next thing you know, fat people will be moaning about the term “stickman!” – HIPPIES!

  • Brian Smaller

    Look – Pak N Slave pulled the ad because  they got a few complaints from “offended” vegetarians. Stop whinging here and email or ring Foodstuffs (NZ) Ltd and aomplain about being offended by their pulling of an advert in the face of a few freaks.  Use your power. Tell them you wont shop at Pak N Salve any more, but to a more meat friendly supermarket.

  • AndrewB

    Wow… that is ridiculous.  As a vegetarian for over a decade, I’ve always had the view that people can eat whatever they want. Being to precious about things just causes more issues than its worth.  Far more important things to worry about than some silly ads on TV!!!

    • do you still eat the bye-products andrewb..?

      ..and i was wondering why you are a vegetarian.. ? it for health/animal-welfare reasons..?

      ..or something else..?

      [email protected]