Victoria to remove name suppression of kiddy fiddlers

The state of Victoria in Australia is making changes to remove the protection of name suppression for kiddy fiddlers:

The Victorian government will urgently consider repealing a law protecting the identities of child sex offenders.

But there are concerns such a change would increase the number of children harmed and encourage vigilante behaviour.

An inquiry headed by former Supreme Court judge Philip Cummins has made 90 recommendations to reform the state’s child protection system.

One of the most controversial, supported by a majority of the inquiry panel, is to repeal parts of the law relating to serious sex offenders that allows courts to suppress their names.

Premier Ted Baillieu says the government will seek advice from Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay and other justice officials about the recommendation and consider the experience in other jurisdictions.

“The government will be urgently seeking advice to deal with this matter,” he told parliament on Wednesday.

“The interests of children will take priority and do take priority for this government.

“Protecting children, families and the wider community is this government’s first priority.”

Of course there are those who like to hug pedos:

The premier’s announcement followed Community Services Minister Mary Wooldridge saying on radio earlier on Wednesday that while she had personal sympathy for the recommendation, pedophiles’ rights had to be considered.

“We have to balance the rights of children and families also with … the rights of pedophiles,” she told Fairfax Radio.

Wrong. Pedophiles have no rights to even breathe.


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  • nzd.gbp

    Very strange use of “vigilante” there.
    A vigilante takes the law into their own hands. Someone who takes revenge on their victim because the public know who they are is not a vigilante. They are a just a plain old criminal about to notch up strike two. 

    “We have to balance the rights of children and families also with … the rights of pedophiles”.

    Wow. Mary Wooldridge is more concerned with compliance than justice. Just wow.

    • nzd.gbp

      alright. I read it wrong. Phew. They’re talking about the baying mobs being vigilantes.

  • devlsadvocate

    Good move. Name, shame, with luck a lot more scum child molesters will catch metal poisoning in vital organs.

    It makes me uneasy, though, to see people vilify paedophiles rather than child sex offenders though – the attraction to children sounds to me more like a mental illness than anything, except the subject would be too shit scared to seek treatment. I’m not a psychologist or a social worker so I can’t claim to know how a paedophile would think but it seems dangerous to not have any way of intervening before their compulsion gets the better of them and they do something unforgiveable.

    I reckon that for anything from viewing child porn up to molestation and beyond, set the cunts on fire, compulsion or not they’ve put their needs ahead of the welfare of a child and there’s no coming back from that sin – but before it gets to that point there’s got to be a way of diverting them from that course, fixing them or keeping them away from anyone they could harm. That means either some sort of profiling or test (can’t even begin to imagine how that’d be done), or having them comfortable enough with coming forward and getting treatment early. Otherwise we have a whole lot of anonymous ticking time bombs, no way to find and diffuse them until they hurt a kid, seems like we as a society are dropping the ball.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      yeah – but anyone can a union or the Labour Party anytime they like…

      Seems strange when people need to register a dog, but not to sign over their individuality to be ceeded to these thugs…