Walk of Shame no more

The Telegraph

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has declared the Walk of Shame to have no shame what so ever:

In a ruling that suggests that society no longer judges women who have casual sex, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that a Harvey Nichols advert showing women doing the so-called ‘walk of shame’ the morning after a night out was “unlikely to cause serious of widespread offence”.

‘Walk of shame’ is slang for people’s journey home after a one night stand.

The department store’s advert, which aired on the YouTube website in December, showed nine women in party dresses walking home at dawn after a night out.

Eight women were depicted in skimpy dresses looking dishevelled and embarrassed, and one of them wore ripped tights. The strapline ‘Avoid the Walk of Shame this Season’ then appeared, followed by a shot of a well-dressed woman – apparently a Harvey Nichols customer – returning home at dawn looking confident.

Four viewers complained that the advert – which was set to the song ‘Morning has Broken’ – was offensive because it reinforced negative stereotypes of women, and in particular those who chose to have casual sex. They also said that it was demeaning to women, while one viewer said that the ripped tights “implied sexual violence”.

Complainants also said that the advert suggested that lower class women who had one night stands should feel shame, while more wealthy women who behaved in the same way – such as the woman at the end of the advert – should feel proud.

However the ASA ruled that the advert did not cause harm or offence and was not socially irresponsible.

It dismissed Harvey Nichols’ claim that the women in the adverts had not necessarily had one night stands. The ASA said that by referencing the ‘walk of shame’ the “implication” of the advert “was that the women had had casual sex the previous night”.


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  • Michael

    It’s not the walk of shame, it’s the stroll of success.

    • Patriot

      women are equal – and can have casual or any other kind of romance – who cares what whomever implies what  –  could be that they have been to the hairdresser for the ” just had a root ” tossed hair  look  — Great

  • motorizer

    if it was done right the women shouldnt be able to walk AT ALL.

  • i found a good one this morning in this vein..

    ..30 questions to tell/define if you are a slut or not….

    [email protected]

  • Whalehunter

    Women wanted equality, this sort of thing reinforces the fact that they’ve got it. Only some feminists only want some aspects of equality and not the negative bits e.g. the don’t want to have any responsibility for the one night stand and it should be the male that shoulders responsibility for what happened with the female the “victim”, or the fact the don’t fight for the right to fight on the front lines of war in places such as Afghanistan despite speaking strongly about the restricted lives of afghani women – they are still happy for the ‘disposable’ male of the species to go off and fight and die for their beliefs. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, if you want equality you have to accept everything that comes with said equality. In other words “grow some balls”.

    • Patriot

      yep agree with whalehunter ,
      Nothing wrong with the ” just had a root – just got outa bed  ” look – for either gender …. ie that spikey or messy hair look .

      Women are equal — even more equal than .  They still are pleased  to car door opened for them – and pleased not to be leading the charge into battle .

      Real women inequality is that burqa, that muslims impose  — and women cant drive a car – swim in a pool or at the beach in a regular swimsuit from Harrods, The Warehouse, or Maceys . What an insult  to women

      • Whalehunter

        so true, the swim suit thing! I was on holiday on Langkawi island (Malaysia) and saw a muslim couple paraponting on the back of a jet ski, the man was in regular togs but the woman was in full burqua!! Then is saw that the jet ski couldn’t keep enough speed up to keep the couple in the air, which resulted in the couple plunging slowly into the sea about 200m of shore. This illustrates the ridiculousness of that burqua, without the assistance that followed that woman would’ve no doubt drowned! CRAZY. 

      • Patriot

        Yes Whalehunter ,
        Last year the Iran womens Football Team won qualification towards  their division  of the womens world cup …. FIFA said based on how they are dressed , sorry but that aint a uniform & with such flowing headscarves ,potentially catching/obstructing  another player — Iran was told to dress in uniforms like everyone else or get the RED card — they were DSQ.  for not being permitted to wear football uniforms …..  Muslims  huh , such a breach of womens rights .   They players were dressed like mummys with a scarf . 

  • jay cee

    so does one have to assume that all women walking home in the morning has just had a one night stand? not like guys then who may have had a few too many and stayed at a mates place for the night? this is just male fantasy stuff right?

    • Patriot

      i’m with yoy JayCee,
      Dont assume – just cos of the hair

  • My problem with the photo is the depiction hardly looks like the women involved were willing party to the action. They all look like rape victims.

    Still nice to see that male chauvinism is not completely dead in this country – any of you rugby or league supporters?

    • Whalehunter

      You’re what’s known as mangina Neil. A lowly “beta” male who takes the womens side of an argument like this in hope of getting a sniff of pussy for yourself. How about growing some and standing up for your own gender for a change, god knows we need it.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Don’t be wet Neil. They all look like rape victims? What does a rape victim actually look like?
      I don’t have a problem with women sleeping about if they feel like it, it’s their choice and that is that. However, they are also responsible for their own actions. Including if they end up with a dud root……….