Warnings for Len Brown

There are many warnings for Len Brown as the hard left considers him missing in actions over the ports dispute.

Chris Trotter fires a shot the other day and last night issued another more dire warning:

So stand steady, comrades. If it seems dark now, it will be lighter soon. You are not alone. You have right on your side – and time as well. Every day and every ship that passes brings the moment of reckoning for Tony Gibson and his mates one day and one ship closer.

And the same goes for that filleted jellyfish formerly known as Len Brown. If I may conclude by paraphrasing the Australian Labor Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, on the day he was dismissed:

“Well may you say ‘God save Auckland’s port’ – because nothing will save Auckland’s mayor!”

Malcolm Harbrow at No Right Turn likewise isn’t impressed:

Meanwhile, Len Brown stands on the sidelines and does nothing. And that, I think, is the end of his mayoralty. Elections aren’t until 2013, but he’s just publicly repudiated his base, and they’re not going to forget.


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  • Gazzaw

    Great! Just what we want – the left split down the middle.

    •  Yeah – didn’t all of those go and vote National?

  • Dr Wang

    Len’s leftie supporters really are as thick as pigshit. It has been obvious to everybody else that he was a untrustworthy waffling waste of space and just a pretender, from day one.

    His (former) supporters have FINALLY clicked – duh!

  • Euan Rt

    After his interview last night on TV3 I have (a little) more respect for him. He said that MUNZ should have taken the offer because it was a good offer, as did Shearer this morning.

    •  Agree – they shot themsleves in both feet back then…

  • BJ

    Everyones looking to blame him and I don’t see why. Surely he has more credibility if he is an impartial Mayor never mind his origins

    • My point also – he should keep his nose out of operational matters – which he is trying to do – inspite of the media trying to haul him in.  BTW can you change your nom deplume? I get the wrong imagery every time I see you initials….sorry if it is your real initials…

      • Dr Wang

        Yeah BJ – do you swallow?

    • Patriot

      BJ,   Loopy Len proudly declared his socialist roots — he is finding out that socialism is bad for business in a competitive world — like Tauranga Port taking several big customers off  Ports of akld  .

      MUNZ are munting  POAL as a bisness — Lefty Len has no choice but to back POAL

  • joe bloggs

    Trotter is an unreformed old-style socialist and his “high-dudgeon” class-war polemics are straight out of the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists school of socialism.

    He’s a hundred years out of date and consequently completely out of touch with modern globalism.

    Gerrit hit the nail on the head across on Bowalley Road when commenting that “MUNZ missed a golden opportunity to tender for the stevedoring contracts. New wave unionism where your union is at the forefront of looking after their members by tendering for work. They have the skill set but unfortunately cant see past the cloth cap institutionised mindset.”
    Top marks.


  •  Trotsky and referring to people as Comrades?
    Were we teleported back into Soviets Russia in the 1930’s overnight?

  • Keep going Trotter – you are the gift that keeps on Giving – that is Giving Mayorship back to Brown or a CnR candidate.

    I see Trotter the Left also went feral on your preferred candidate Cllr Lee yesterday – good one.

    So the Left declares Civil War on itself and the Right just smiles and waves – John Key style.

    BTW I did read somewhere that Len Brown could be very well a closet Neo Liberal after all with his constant shunning on MUNZ…

    So then WOBH readers, lets throw names into the ring – who will stand for The Right as Mayor of Auckland 2013

  • TCrwdb

    “filleted jellyfish” fantastic!

  • Apolonia

    I wonder if MUNZ consider their spending of the members $2,000 in the Mayoral election to be good value for money?