We know, good she does now

We have known all along that Lucy Lawless is completely mental, she has now acknowledged it herself:

Lawless said fans who only knew her from her television work didn’t realise “how completely mental I am”.



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  • Sarrs

    I hate it when people say things like ‘oh I’m so crazy and zany, you don’t even know’ – in my mind they are saying ‘oh look at me, I’m trying to be hip and relevant’

  • pdm

    That is why someone somewhere wants her to be the next Mayor of Auckland.

  • Vlad

    Sounds like first draft of the scheduled court performance.  “Never been in trouble before yr honor, overwhelmed by concern for the planet; didn’t realise what I was doing, deepest apologies, give me diversion and some community work scrubbing oil off penguins.”  Maybe she has finally spoken to a lawyer who has advised her that US Immigration is 100% humourless and right or wrong, not given to cutting much slack for activists messing with US-government authorised business operations.    Actually I have some sympathy for her, she was used and is obviously naive. 

    • Kthxbai

      Or maybe she was using Greenpeace for the publicity opportunity?  I suspect it cuts both ways.

      Anyway, despite looking so good, she’s too old to still be naive.

      • Vlad

        If you are a thespian, naive lasts a long time.

  • Dr Wang

    Lucy Brainless finally collides with reality? – yeah right.

  • Steve p

    Lawless has realised she’s running out of time to get attention by flashing her tits, so she’s gone looking for some other way…

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Emotional Train Wreck – just wanting attention that’s all

  • Kosh103

    Everyone is a little nuts.

    Or so the voices in my head tell me.

    • Boss Hogg

      Hey Kosh, the only voice I hear in my head is mine………….anything else you want to tell us?  Or am I strange?

      • Kosh103

        Are you sure its yours? Perhaps your crazy voice is able to mimic your own voice.

        Now theres a thought to ponder,

  • niggly

    She was on TV1’s Sunday the other night (http://tvnz.co.nz/sunday-news) which pretty much was Greenpeace propaganda and talk about a puff piece by the lame reporter – for a so called senior reporter perhaps he would be better off working for Woman’s Weekly because it was all smiles and patsy questions.

    The “hardest” question he asked of Lawless (finally) was how does she know climate change is real? To which Lawless replied because that’s what the Climate Change Scientist’s have said.


    As someone who believes in the ideal of Public Service Television (an oxymoron at TVNZ) it’s crap stories like these that see me thinking well fuck supporting TVNZ (over the years) – hope they get sold off and flushed down the toilet (and join the sewerage known as TV3).

  • Steve P

    *Totally irrelevant and possibly gossipy aside* Years ago I once saw Lawless shopping at St Lukes Foodtown. She walks with incredibly long, mannish strides. I wasn’t entirely sure it was her but I heard some people in the queue
    behind me say, “It’s not often you see a warrior princess in your local supermarket…”

  • Jackhenderson00

    I might be going out on a limb here, I am really pushing my memory herte but… was she not in a petrol station ad bac in the day? I’m sure it was her!

  • Southerncomfort

    Lucy is mental. She has broken the law willingly,briken in to a government owed port by cutting the lock off and got onto a ship owned by us and hijacked it putting herself and the other idiots in danger,Greenpeace put boats in front to block them from passing. If NZ judge go easy on her Shell Oil can go after her in US court-piracy is a lifetime prisonment- yep Lucy is a nutter.She even admitted she knew she could hurt her career and she knew she was gonna get arrested but she did it anyways- so she deserves what she gets. Do the crime do the time.