What a pity they can’t marry

The disingenuously suggests that Alison Mau and her  girlfriend are set to marry:

Television personality Alison Mau is engaged to marry dance instructor girlfriend Karleen Edmonds, whose family is said to be thrilled about the news.

Mau this week revealed that she proposed to her partner – who she has been seeing for the past two years – just over a week ago.

Ms Edmonds is the director of top Auckland dance school Broken Beat Dance Syllabus, based in Meadowbank, Auckland.

In a statement released this week, the couple said: “We’re excited to be taking this next step in our lives together and want to thank all our family and friends for their unanimously positive reaction to our plans.”

At Ms Edmonds’ home in St Heliers yesterday, her father – who did not wish to be named – said the family was very happy about the news.

Unfortunately they won’t be getting married. They can currently only have a civil union, which is a terrible shame.

It is bizarre that we allow first cousins to marry but two gay people. It is time for Marriage Equality. Alison Mau and Karleen Edmonds should be able to be married.


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  • The Baron

    Hear hear. And this is one of the very best commercials ever made on that same topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TBd-UCwVAY
    Why anyone would want to ban people from marrying each other and making such a heartfelt commitment is beyond me.

  • TeenageDiplomat

    Was Simon Dallow contacted for comments?

  • Groans

    Boo Hoo; isn’t life just so hard on them!  They should be grateful with a civil union

    • Kosh103

      Greatful??? Fuck you.

      • Guestosterone


        seriously, you’re a teacher?

    • Guestosterone

      thank you invisible pink unicorn representative #456727836346


  • Euan Rt

    If this was about 2 guys, there would be 50 posts on here already…

  • ChrisP

    Um, Mau has openly stated she’s bisexual, not gay. So the relevance is………(so what if her “partner” is gay)? 

    And gays should be allowed to marry – ONLY when they can have kids on their own without requiring the state (or someone else) to help or do it for them. It is truly weird that those who promote liberalism and less state in our lives, actually are voting FOR the state to bully us into this?

    Marriage has responsibilities – gay sex can’t carry out one of those responsibilities.

    • Cameron

      Nobody is voting for the state to force heterosexuals into gay marriages. And heterosexual couples who require assisted reproductive technology to achieve pregnancy are still allowed to marry, so what is your problem? 

      • ChrisP

        Who said anything about heterosexuals being forced into a gay marriage?
        Is that another oxymoron red herring pulled out of nowhere?
         As for the assisted reproductive technology – that old chestnut eh?Heterosexual couples requiring assisted tech are in the minority – low single percents, they are NOT the norm. And it is a shock, a burden and a great inconvenience for them – it is their reasonable expectation – FROM THE START – to be fertile.Gay couples KNOW right from the outset they are infertile. They do not find it  shock when they can’t conceive. 

        If you wish to use the assisted reproductive logic, you then have to accept that you should legalise baby bashing and all manner of other minority activities, based on your idea of BECAUSE I CAN.

        It is bad practice to base laws on the combination 1) dodgy logic, b) unuseful behaviour and) minority populations.

        Gay marriage is not something worth dying in a ditch for – TO DEFEND IT. 

    • Kosh103

      And to you as well Fuck you.

      Making babies is a responsbiblity for marriage??? What a crock of shit. What about those hetro cpls who cant have kids, or choose not to? Are they too be denied marriage under your rules?

  • Apolonia

    If it’s O.K for 2 women to marry each other then why not 3 or 5. Why can’t a woman marry her cat or dog when they obviously love each other? Leave marriage alone.

    • Groans

      It’s scary eh Apalonia.  These Lefties are clever, give them that.  They understand do things slowly and one step at a time.  By the time most people wake it’ll be too late.

      • Auto_immune

        I would argue that the issue of gay marriage has little to do with the left-right economic spectrum.  Granted; the left in NZ has enacted more change in this area than the right, but that doesn’t make it the sole domain of left-leaning individuals.

    • Tony

      Nicely put. Let’s call all of the legal hook-ups “Legal Unions” and let religions call them an additional name – like, I don’t know, “marriage”.

      Marriage is a union for a particular purpose – love is only one of the inputs required – being a raving bender is not one of those inputs

    • Cameron

      Yes, polygamy and bestiality has been thriving in the Netherlands since gay marriage was legalized there. 

      • Hakim of phut

        polygamy is far more popular in certain very conservative areas of the US

    • What a stupid straw man argument.

    • Hakim of phut

      No current laws prohibit more than two people , with a discrimination for same sex.
      You are free to advocate the numbers and combinations you wish.

    • Kosh103

      OMG, they are now pulling out the stupid arguments. Ohhh if we let 2 men/women marry then thats it the world will end and people will marry cows.


      • starboard

        Kosh…lets get one thing straight. Marriage is for a man and a woman only. Not for homosexuals like yourself. It will never be for your sort. Your sort aint normal.
        Get over it Kosh. Thats just the way it is son.

      • Travdog

        time to come out of your cave starboard, society is progressing, homophobic bigots like you will get left behind. “Your sort” need to learn to accept gay people are all around us, and have just as many rights.

        Try not to be an ignoramus all your life.

    • Guestosterone

      the dumb and brainwashed being dragged kicking and screaming into reality

    • Amanda123

      Yes, because cats and dogs are capable of entering into binding contracts and legally recognised as individuals by the law. This is why once women were allowed to vote, we suddenly had sheep and cows voting too.

    • Well why not? If people freely choose to enter into such an arrangement and want it recognised for legal reasons by the state then who cares…?  Who’s rights are violated by that?

    • Troy

      That’s gotta be about the most disingenuous loopy statement i’ve seen on this issue.

  • Johno1234

    Marriage… Civil Union… it’s only words. Does it really matter what you call it?

    I’m all for people’s freedom to do as they please as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. Gay people that want to get together with genuine love and commitment … I wish them all happiness and success.

    But according to the Oxford dictionary ‘marriage’ is “the formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife:”

    So strictly speaking, “gay marriage” is an oxymoron, unless we are getting into some PC revisionist language changes. Newspeak, anyone?

    • Hakim of phut

      Well civil unions are non discriminatory, straight and gay couples can have them,  so lets have marriage  the same.  Churches are optional as a marriage isnt legal without state sanction first. 
      Some churches dont allow divorced people to remarry,that would be silly to let churches decide the rules for everyone

    • Kosh103

      How about we just use the word marriage for everyone, and afford the same rights to all kiwis. Not just keepiong narrow minded biggots view.

      • starboard

        No. Will never happen. Marriage aint for you lot. Get it through your thick head.

    • nzd.gbp

      Deferring to a rule book such as the oxford dictionary is a brave position to take.

  • pay-to-view

    even just thinking about this gives me goosebumps….

  • Agent BallSack

    I find it hard to remain interested. Slow news day on Stuff obviously. The only reason anyone cares is she used to read the news perhaps?

  • Peter Pumpkinhead

    Mr Oil, as you mature and leave your nasty right wing urges behind (not sure I have ever seen any even nastier left wing urges), you seem to be developing into quite a nice civilised human being.

    What next? Surely not a Libertarian?

  • Mark

    I feel sorry for Dallow. Poor bugger thinks he’s got a great marriage with lovely kids and his missus ups and leaves him to become a fanny nosher. Shit he’d be gutted and think there was something wrong with him.
    P.S. How does a wife and mum all of a sudden become a lesbian? Is it an age thing or something?

    • Fuck yeah, mid life crisis. Guys get cars, Women get girlfriends. 

    • strapadictomy

      very hard to compete with the procedure that results in a permanent hard on 

    • politically unstable

       I have been surprised to witness a few married men with kids up and leave their wives and come out and say they are gay…

      Not sure why, but that’s life really.

  • Steve P

    Gay people *can* get married – Oscar Wilde was married.

  • Roflcopter

    The thought of watching that girl-on-girl action is indescribable

  • Blair Mulholland

    She can’t get married?  I wasn’t aware St Matthews had banned them?!

    Churches decide who can get married, not governments, and at the moment the government does not prevent two women from marrying each other, or saying that they are married.  So there is no violation of human rights.

    What Whale Oil wants is for the government to issue a piece of paper endorsing the marriage, and that is bullshit.  You’d think the government was making them wear little pink triangles, the way people carry on about this non-issue.

    Dear gay folk – just go find a church, get married, be happy, and stop bitching about how the government won’t give you a pathetic A4 form supporting every decision you make in life.

    • Hakim of phut

      False, you cant marry without state sanction, even  religious ministers have to be state registered/recognised for the marriage to be legal. 
      Surely Blair you know this ?

    • Guestosterone

      i’m surprised blair has 2 kids

      wouldn’t have thought he knew which hole to stick it in

    • Travdog

      meanwhile, Simon Dallow and Tony Veitch pose for a Womans Weekly shoot….

  • SillivingnNZ

    YUK YUK YUK Poor Simon and the kids having one mother/ex wife who is weird.

  • Euan Rt

    I think only gay people should be allowed to marry, and heteros should only be allowed civil unions. Heteros should be happy they are even allowed civil unions ;-)

  • Phar Lap

    With all the money the two birds have ,seems it is a no brainer.Fly to New York,or most states of the USA and they will get their wish.After all who cares,other than Simple Simon the wee hubby who got tucked out.

    • Kosh103

      Why should they have to leave the country they live in, in order to get married? Why is it NZ, one of the most socially advanced countried in the world, denys some of its people a right because of who they love?

      How is that right?

      • Phar Lap

        Not sure what you mean by “countried” or” denys” hope you dont teach my children.I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you wanted to leave out the O and the R in the word ” countried “.

      • Steve P

        45% of children in NZ born out of wedlock – so they have no legal right to their father. So yeah, if that’s what you want to call “socially advanced”… personally I’d call it “socially retarded”, as in undoing the last few thousand years of social development.

        Oh, and nobody has a right to get married.

      • Well said Kosh…on this topic its you who’s making sense and on the side of the angels..

      • Kosh103

        Its called being rather pissed off at the homophobic fucktards. And if that is all you have to contribute is a pathetic loser commnet, then piss off.

      • Kosh103

        Wong Steve. Straights have the right to get married. We queer folk do not.

      • Steve P

        Kosh103: ”
        Wong Steve. Straights have the right to get married. We queer folk do not.”

        Show me where in the legislation it says that queer folk cannot get married.

      • Kosh103

        Are you really that thick Steve???? If we could get married, then why was there the need to create CUs??

        Think before you post.

      • Kosh103

        But seeing as you are being that thick  here is a quote from the NZ Dept of IA

        A marriage is the formalisation of a relationship between a man and a woman, in accordance with the Marriage Act 1955. The Marriage Act 1955 provides the criteria, rules and processes for two people to have their relationship solemnised as a marriage (by way of a formal ceremony) and officially registered in New Zealand.

      • Travdog

        kosh, what does a ‘marriage’ offer you that CU does not? or is it just the romantic fairytale of having a ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ as opposed to a ‘partner’.?

      • Kosh103

        It gives us full equality. Not almost equality.

      • Steve P

        Kosh103: “Are you really that thick Steve???? If we could get married, then why was there the need to create CUs??
        Think before you post.”
        I dunno. You tell me. Is it because progressive liberals are f***ing idiots?

      • Steve P

        Kosh103: “here is a quote from the NZ Dept of IA”
        Very nice. Where does it say in that quote that homosexual people can’t get married? Indulge me, cos, y’know, I’m the thick one.

      • Travdog

        but kosh, from what I can tell the only inequality really is being legally labelled husband or wife, gay couples share any other rights a heterosexual couple has as far as I know, the can even adopt a child in NZ subject to suitablity requirements of course.

        Be nice if heterosexual couples could go through some suitability vetting too,

      • Kosh103

        Oh how pathetic Steve. I have just clicked to what you are doing.

        Piss off retard.

      • Kosh103

        Trav, the fact we had to have a special little sub group made for us to keep marriage just for the straights is why this is important.

        Yes we have equal rights through CUs, yet because we are not allowed marriage, we are not equals.

      • Travdog

        just for you Steve:

        ” Please note that New Zealand does not legally recognise same-sex marriages, except those types recognised under regulations made under the Civil Union Act 2004.”


        2nd paragraph down under ” Entering into a Civil Union Overseas”.

        glad to help…

      • Mark

        Kosh, marriage isn’t a right – it’s a fucking curse. ;-)

      • Kosh103

        Trav, steve knows this.

        What he is saying is that gay people are free to marry, someone of the opposite sex.

        He was being patheticly pendantic.

      • Travdog

        Then Steve has too much time on his hands. In any case, Mark is right. I was indifferent to marriage, I only proposed to get the mother in law-to-be off my back.

      • Steve P

        Kosh103: “What he is saying is that gay people are free to marry, someone of the opposite sex.”
        Correct, just like everyone else  – that’s what marriage is – therefore gays have the same (equal) marriage rights as everyone else and are not discriminated against.

        What gay marriage activists want is the creation of a new right: the right of gay marriage. So the question is, on what grounds? Since gays already have the same rights as everyone else then talk of “equality”, “non-discrimination”, “fairness” and so on is merely shallow sloganeering.

        I’m not very good with analogies but try this. An American tourist visits NZ, has a great time and then goes home. He decides he wants to get NZ citizenship and receive all the benefits that entails, but doesn’t want to have to meet the residency requirements by living in NZ because it’s such a long flight, he’s got a good job in the US etc. NZG would say to him: You’re most welcome to apply for  citizenship but you must have residency. NZ citizenship confers specific benefits but there are specific requirement that have to be met; those rules apply to everyone and we’re not going to change them just for you – you have to give us a good reason. The American says, It’s not my fault I’m an American! I was born that way! (or the American might say, Here’s ten million dollars. In which case the NZG response would no doubt be, Your passport is in the mail).

        So, instead of the tiresome ad homs and glossing over of critical points as being pedantry, how about coming up with an actual argument.

  • Steve P

    History lesson, kiddiewinks. Historically, marriage was when a woman exchanged her reproductive ability for (a share of) a man’s economic productivity. Before the welfare state and medical and other advances, if a woman wanted to have any decent number of children to survive into adulthood she would have to spend the best years of her life having and raising children, and she needed a man to support her financially. In return, the man had guaranteed involvement in family life and legally recognised heirs. The arrangement was for life because that was the wife’s “reward” for the hazardous endeavour of having children. Society as a whole supported and encouraged this because, funnily enough, intact families raising children turns out to be good for society as a whole.

    Marriage is not:

     – permission to be in love. If two people are in love, good for them; but it’s really nobody else’s business.

     – a public declaration of love. If two people want to announce to the world that they’re in love, they can put an ad in the paper. BFD.

     – permission to live together. There are no laws preventing people from living with each other.

     – a license to have sex. Consenting adults, whether gay or straight, do not require permission to have sex. The of crux homosexuality legalisation is that it’s nobody else’s business; the state does not either condone or forbid consensual sex.

     – a right to have sex. Nobody has the right to have sex, not even married people. 

    Having said all that, marriage these days is, well, little more than a joke – hence marriage rates at an all time historical low, and continuing to fall. With solo mums being in effect married to the state, when “till death do us part” means “till one of us gets bored”, when society actually encourages “Eat Pray Love” divorce fantasies, frankly I don’t know why anybody in their right mind would want to have anything to do with that sad, hollow wreck of an institution.

    • Travdog

      Sound a tad bitter about marriage Steve, bad shit happened? glad you can share your misery with us, but some of us are actually quite happy.

      • Steve P

        Bitter? Nope, not married, never have been. My post absolutely was not intended to disparage those who are happily married, on the contrary; more power to you – indeed, I’d hope that society would strengthen marriage, increase marriage rates and reduce divorce.

      • Travdog

        ” I don’t know why anybody in their right mind would want to have anything to do with that sad, hollow wreck of an institution.”

        but then in your next comment,

        “indeed, I’d hope that society would strengthen marriage, increase marriage rates and reduce divorce.”

        A little confused about your stance.

      • Steve P

        Travdog:  “A little confused about your stance.”

        Offer to give me a lift in your car which has no WOF, dodgy brakes and bald tires and after you’ve been on the booze all day and I’ll pass, thanks. Sober up and fix up your car and I might reconsider.


      • Travdog

        Marriage will only end up what you make of it Steve, someone else can’t make it work for you. You won’t get wet if you don’t dip your toe in.

        Seems you are avoiding it on the assumption it won’t work, or haven’t had the opportunity and are content with the status quo and happy to think it would be doomed to fail anyway.

        Your initial post makes it sound like you are resigned to the idea it’s a waste of time.

      • Steve P

        Travdog: how about this for a concept. My personal situation is irrelevant to the discussion, other than the fact I live in NZ (after all, I am Just Some Random Guy On The Internet, and perhaps you could avoid making assumptions about someone you’ve never met). What I am concerned with is society as a whole.

      • Travdog

        Steve P: how about this for a concept. Your “personal situation” isn’t directly relevant to the discussion you’re absolutely right, but it’s relevant in the way it influences the way you think, that was entirely my point.

        Whether we admit or not, our own “situation” always influences the way we think, it’s part of the makeup of who we are.

      • Steve P

        Which is why I try and look at the big picture, instead of stomping my feet and demanding “What’s in it for me?!!”, which seems largely to be the state of political discourse these days.

  • Travdog

    Helen and Davis were married, proof that gay people can be in NZ. Oh, you mean to the same sex?

  • Andrei

    What can you say – wealthy elite people have the right to have their degeneracy validated by public acclaim.

    They are after all better than the rest of us and are entitled to whatever they want

  • Seems some of the Religious bigots need to learn some history about marriage and their own Church’s traditions around it…http://www.christianity-revealed.com/cr/files/whensamesexmarriagewasachristianrite.html …”For the Church to ignore the evidence in its own archives would be cowardly and deceptive. The evidence convincingly shows that what the modern church claims has always been its unchanging attitude towards homosexuality is, in fact, nothing of the sort.It proves that for the last two millennia, in parish churches and cathedrals throughout Christendom, from Ireland to Istanbul and even in the heart of Rome itself, homosexual relationships were accepted as valid expressions of a [Christian] god-given love and commitment to another person, a love that could be celebrated, honored and blessed, through the Eucharist in the name of, and in the presence of, Jesus Christ.”

  • George


  • nzd.gbp

    why are all the hottest women gay?

    • Greg M

       Because there is too many skinny ugly dog arsed pisshead bastards like myself around.
      It’s my fault, sorry team.  : – )

  • Peter Wilson

    I’ve just clicked why gay people want to get “married.” It’s so they can be out there and challenge straight society. I was at a work function last week, and the gay couple made a point of holding hands and kissing whenever they could, just to challenge everyone else. Bit sad really.

    • Kosh103

      OMG you mean they did what milions and millions of striaght couples do every day, my goodneess.

      Get a brain fucktard.

      • Peter Wilson

        Thats the point sir. The straight couples in the group didn’t feel a need to express themselves so openly and publicly, it was only the gay couple that were all touchy feely.

        Quite embarrassing really.

    • Cameron

      Have you never seen a straight couple kissing or holding hands in public before?

      Funny, I never think of guy/girl couples who do that as trying to challenge gay society. Most of the time I imagine they do it because they like each other :) 

  • Njcross

    Marriage is between a man and a woman.

    • Kosh103


  • starboard

    Travdog if your sort must run around sodomising each other do so in the privacy of your own homes. Keep it there. If you want to live together as sodomisers fine. But dont bring the sanctity of marriage into it. Marriage is for us normal people. Do what you do but keep it within your filthy group. It aint mainstream..never has been and never will be. Homosexuals will always be in the minority. And dont involve children in your sordid relationships. Good day.

    • Cameron

      It already is mainstream in a number of countries and it will be in this one too (probably in the not too distant future.)

      Sorry :) 

      • starboard

        No it wont be Cameron. You lot just need to stay in the closet. Its a disease you know. I can give you the name of a good doctor to seekl treatment if you wish.

    • Travdog

      ” your sort”

      You should have stopped there, but you didn’t. Instead, you proceeded in eagerness to show me how you could firmly wedge both feet in your gaping trap.

      I’m a straight man engaged to a woman, holy shit have you made a fool of yourself or what!!!

      keep trying, I’m sure you could fit both hands in there as well. I felt emabrrassed for you just reading your comment, don’t worry I AM having a good day now. That was gold.

    • Cameron


      Here is a poll of New Zealanders’ attitudes on the issue in 2011. Support of people aged between 18 and 34 years old was at 79%.

      Support by the country as a whole was at 60%, compared with only 40% in 2004. As more and more young people reach voting age It really does just become a matter of time :)

  • Travdog

    When gay marriage becomes legal, starboard with have to go into lockdown or move to an arabic country when the western world becomes riddled when gay couples “run around sodomising each other”.

  • Patriot

    Definitions ,
    Can a Husband be a woman  — No
    Can a Bride be a Man  — No
    Can a wife be a man  — No
    Marriage vow is between a Man and Wife  – yes
    Marriage vow – woman takes this man to be her wedded husband – yes
    Can there be a marriage with an animal — No
    Can two woman contract to undertake a legal relationship that mirrors a Marriage contract – yes

    But Marriage is between a Man and a wife — end of story

    Two woman , contract to be in a Union — that union has contractual terms like marriage – but a Union is NOT a Marriage by definition , but is like a marriage in spirit .    

    Yes i am Married with 2 sons aged 19 and 20 born from my wife who i impregnated in wedlock… My 2 Sons are not Bastards therefore .

    • Cameron

      Civil marriage is whatever the government says it is. And once the law is changed that definition will include marriage between people of the same gender.

      It is already happening in European countries and in American states and will happen in New Zealand too in the not too distant future. 

      Once the older generation have died off and the younger generation are of voting age, there will be no significant opposition to it. 

  • Patriot

    Cameron says …..
    Civil marriage is whatever the government says it is. And once the law is changed that definition will include marriage between people of the same gender.

    My Reply is …
    Until the law is changed Marriage is between Man and Wife, Male & Female  — others may use Unions if and only  IF ,, the law changes as it may not – there is no such a law for Homo Marriages

    Untl the Law does change Same Genders Unionise — NOT get  Married.

    Other than that Cameron — you may speculate all you wish — Facts are facts , Law is Law .