What a waste of money

Subsidies are evil at the best of times, but worse when one of the richest families in the world avails themselves of corporate welfare in the form of subsidies:

The Queen has received £7million in farming subsidies funded by taxpayers over the past ten years, it emerged yesterday.

And the Duke of Westminster – one of Britain’s richest men – has been given around £6million.

They are among a roll call of millionaire land owners who have accepted bonanza payouts from Brussels.

The subsidies, made under the controversial Common Agricultural Policy, are meant to ensure farmers a reasonable standard of living while giving consumers quality food at fair prices.



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  • Bloketinakapuna

    yep – this is exactly why the lefties are jumping up and down – and rightly so too.

    Shame they can’t differentiate between one and all… but that’s pack mentality for ya coming from organised crime… I mean organised union background! 

    The unions should be lynching all their Labour cohorts for swearing allegiance to the Queen back when they entered Parliment – because surely the Unions can’t stand hypocrisy?

  • Guest

    Only just the top of the food chain. The UK does not even have a proper land title register because aristocratic land owners are afraid the proles will discover aristocrats own 2/3 of the country and will use the register to start taxing them.

  • ConwayCaptain

    It doesnt stop there.  The Brits have been on about this CAP for years and it is there to support the INEFFICIENT French farmers and the peasant farmers across the EU.

    The huge agricultural cong;omerates get this as well and would be far in excess of the 13 million quid quoted here.

    If they got rid of the CAP then it would benefit farmers in the 3rd world.

  • politically unstable

    I remember visiting a farmer in the McKenzie Country in 1980. He had a nice jet boat named “SMP”. Supplementary Minimum Pricing could add up to 30% on to a farmers wool sale reciept thanks to the govt. It was good money…while it lasted

    • kehua

      Bullshit ,farmers under SMP were just a conduit for inefficient meatworks which inturn were being screwed by the Trade Unions. Want proof, SMP`s were removed and reduncies in the freezing Industry were the result and Works being shutdown. As for the UK or anywhere else for that matter, if you are eligible for subsidies you accept them. The joke is that it is the UK that is getting its` life sucked out of it to the advantage of the hated French etc……..