What a waste of money

The Telegraph

Climate Change is such a crock:

Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat Energy Secretary, said he would not scrap or water down the Climate Change Act, after a year-long review into reducing bureaucracy surrounding environmental laws.

The Act underpins all of the Government’s policies on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, from support for wind farms to higher road taxes for more polluting cars.
It costs up to £18 billion per year, the equivalent of £650 for every household, according to a government analysis.


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  • David

    I see from granny herald sea levels are going to rise 22metres have these journos and war mists learned nothing, according to the IPCC I should be getting a water taxi home from the pub by now.
    Strangely didn’t see any NZ coverage of NASA,s temperature release in Jan that there has been NO change in temps for 12 years now.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Spot on David – it is criminal that this gets no coverage. Where’s Jim Salinger commenting on this? What, doesn’t fit your doctrine Jim? Oh, that’s right that would effect funding wouldnt it.

  • BJ

    Everything works in cycles and yet man still ignorantly assumes he is the one influencing everything.   Its just part of the conspiracy  – control the food supply – control oil – climate change – gay marriage….

  • thor42

    Yeah, the sea-level “rise” is a **huge** joke! 
    “Climate change” my backside…..

  • johnbronkhorst

    Remember a couple of years ago. When one of these climate clowns said….”Last winter was probably going to be the last snowfall, Europeans would see”…..HA HA followed by 2 of the COLDEST winters in one hundred years and some of the heaviest snow falls too. Don’t think these guy’s could predict that they would get wet, if they were standing in the rain.

  • Don’t agree that climate change is a crock at all – how much if any is due to man is the issue as far as I’m concerned. The life of the planet is HUGE compared to how long we’ve been able to influence things, and it has done these turns before – lots of times.