Where are the 300?

As predicted by me just the other day MUNZ has lost members…The Ports of Auckland press release details how drastic the losses are. I thought it was 80 gone walkabout , looks like more like over 100 have bolted for better opportunities:

Ports of Auckland today said 195 MUNZ members came to the Port this afternoon to accept the company’s offer of a week’s pay while issues around any return to work are decided in the Employment Court.

The number was less than expected.

A decision by the union to continue a series of strikes has seen its members without pay for several weeks.

The Employment Court today released its decision for granting an interim injunction on Tuesday relating to the process to move to competitive stevedoring. A substantive hearing on these issues has been set down for May 16.

The company said the need for modern, flexible customer focussed work practices to significantly increase productivity at its container terminals remained. POAL is committed to making the changes necessary to increase the productivity and performance of the container terminals to address the historic work practices, which have cost the port both in terms of productivity, lost business and financial performance.

A hearing in the Employment Court tomorrow is set down to hear issues relating to whether MUNZ members who have been on strike could return to work, and Ports of Auckland’s lockout notice which takes effect on 6 April 2012.


The Maritime Union and Garry Parsloe can now stop using the 300 figure, it is just 195 members now.

UPDATE: Not a great turn out.


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  • Random66

    I read the following information back on the 27th.  This may explain why the number is lower than expected.
     “The casual staff were not entitled to any wage payment. The company offered to pay union staff who would have worked guaranteed shifts from 3pm last Thursday to 3pm this Friday. Casual staff belonging to the union will not be paid as they would not have expected to be called in to work given that the port is not busy at present.”

    • Frangi

      Yes, it’s worth clarifying. 
      The port has said it is laying off 292 but that includes 30 something who are working inside the fence which would put MUNZ members on strike at around 260.
      It’s a bit unclear, perhaps doshi could help here – how many permanent MUNZ members are on strike doshi please?
      You’re right that the casuals wouldn’t have come in today, they would have got the message that this week’s pay was for permanent staff only.
      Either way, the full quota of MUNZ strikers didn’t turn up but I think it’s more like 40-50 who were missing.

      • Owl

        Doshi resigned from the site today – you can read his apology for using company time under the story “Munz bullying councillors” or words to that effect – posted blog by WO yesterday

      • Jellyfish

        Well Done Owl, your powers of observation and investigation are truly remarkable and I bow down to you.  In a way its a shame because he may have learnt something but by the tone of his posts, you wouldn’t hold out too much hope on that score.

      • Owl

        DOSHI’s Resignation Today – I explained to him yesterday he maybe blogging during working hours

        Doshi – replied today – My reply below (Apology WO – not sure if you are allowed to cu and paste on here)Well at least you are not a wise owl
        All this shite about finding out who I am  and the obsession with what I write.
        I may be the whale in drag trying to lift the ratings on this blog 
        It has certainly worked as every time I make a comment,there are over 100 contributions and not many complimentary.
        it was not for the likes of myself this debate would be extremely
        boring as   you all would have no one to vent your right wing anger at.
        am of the opinion that this blog is totally made up of comments of the
        far right and any contrary opinion is immediately attacked in a way
        that  you would almost want to drive any other persons opinion that you
        do not agree with off this site.
        I have a lot better things to do
        and only came upon this right wing stuff by mistake and as I  am one
        not to back down from a fight,i took up the challenge.
        But now because my opinions you do not agree with you want to expose me so i will leave this site to you.
        if that is what you want to achieve you are what I always thought of
        you, locked in a right wing cocoon and to me that is quite sad

        A Like Reply
        4 hours ago 0 Like F

        Owl 1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand so I was right.Thank
        you for your contributions – I will miss them. The OWL always focusses
        on process not personality. The use of the name John Key the Maggot was
        just a little too far.The OWL claims 3 – 0MUNZ non filing of returns – actioned by MUNZNZCTU non filing of returns – actioned by NZCTUUnite Union non filing of returns – actioned by UNITEDoshi apologies – that is not a victory – i will miss him

      • Light

        I too will miss Doshi, he is like a barometer for how things were going from the other perspective.  He had good spelling too, and coherent writing unlike some of the other MUNZ I’ve encountered when doing a bit of net surfing, and he’s right, he did inspire some ferocious debate!

    • Knowing me knowing you

      However there are not 100 casual staff.

      • Owl

        hmmm someone has inside knowledge – how many knowing me knowing you?

      • Knowing me knowing you

        Approximation – 40-50 (some supplemented their primary job with casual work at the port while other casuals relied on the job for all their income).  Hope that helps Owl.

      • Owl

        knowing me knowing you – really interesting – extremely precise information. Understand casuals etc and how they balance things. You obviously know alot – I think you want to share more – feel free – we would like to hear your story.

      • Knowing me knowing you

        I hear you Owl – there is much I can share with you but I do have to be careful.  I will say what I can when I see things that need to be clarified.   

      • Owl

        Knowing you knowing me…feel free to share…you have a captive audience. Let me put it this way…if you just keep to facts…don’t mention names and dont be emotive…your world is your oyster on here….Dip your toes…you will find readers on here will be very supportive, correct you if you over step the mark……guys let’s get behind knowing you knowing me….we are all ears.

      • Greg M

        Knowing me, knowing you,  I agree with the OWL,we would be very interested to hear your side.

  • Ronnie Chow

     All Aucklanders have been paying the price of having this parasite , this separate living organism , this cancer , in their midst  . It is time to have a port where management and workers share the common goal of efficiency , safety and productivity , and most importantly operating 24/7 every day of the year .

  • Phar Lap

    Perhaps the missing one hundred never existed.Featherbedding on wharves is always a goer.Or maybe some of the existing Two hundred have been using more than one name. Instead of existing seems a hundred phantom wharfies are exiting.Hmmmm.

    • John

      Hi Phar Lap You must be the real Par Lap living in another world.Stuffed and living in Australia This is 2012 computers ETC Wake up

      • Travdog

        What a brainless and pointless comment John.

        ” This is 2012 computers ETC Wake up”

        Completely and utterly stupid. You talk like a pensioner trying to keep up with the mod cons. Go back to the bingo table.

      • Phar Lap

        Hi John you sound like a dumb durk ,surely you must be a wharfie sucking off the Auckland Ratepayer.Anymore like you out there.Someone said there were 195 PLUS 105 MISSING ON THE JOB SHEET..I rest my case.

    • hugo

      maybee the phantom wharfies are working the phatom container ships

  • John

    Idiots,Look up the history of Hutchisons, Richard Pearson (lapdog) & Li Ka-Ching & what they have done to ports all around the world.Pearson runs them down Ka-ching buys them for a song.KACHING.PS Why have they shut up Tony Gibson.

    • Ronnie Chow

        Idiots ! What , Where ?  We want MUNZ decapitated for acting like the mafia , not Chinese owned and run ports .

      • John

        Any thoughts of  the Court decisions this week.The NZ herald wont say any thing.Bit one sided like this site

      • Dread Pirate Roberts

        John, The Standard is one sided.  This site actually likes to debate. If you put up a good argument then people will debate with you but if you come out with unsubstantiated dribble with no evidence to support your cause, then expect to be ridiculed. 

    • Owl

       Hi John welcome to Whale Oil Beef Hooked
      2 posts  – the topic is only 195 people

    • Jimbob

      Ah, Travdog, now you know who John is. he’s a MUNZ-lover and has come onto the site with premeditated ideas and a big blowhorn. John – MUNZ don’t want to work here.  They want to go to Australia as they have heard that the grass is greener and that comes directly out of the ancient tomb of Parsloe’s mouth!  If they can’t work the hours and conditions they want then they won’t work the hours and conditions the Port want, so therefore they will all go to Australia.  Pity Aussie doesn’t cover NZ’ers with pre-existing medical conditions and criminal convictions.  That would prevent a good quarter of the members from crossing the ditch with another quarter of the members retiring with a massive super and redundancy. 

    • Gem

      Hmmm, I would have thought Maersk would have been a silent sleeper waiting for the Port to get run down.  They like to operate their own container terminals and only deal with their own vessels and have been sniffing around the port for some time.  They have the bucks to make a lucrative offer to the council to lease the wharf.  Time will tell.  

      • Jimbob

        It may be a possibility Gem, but would they not have to employ a labour-force and seeing what this one is like in Auckland, wouldn’t that put them off?

      • Gem

        That would be irrelevent to them.  Wherever they go their staff have to comply with the Maersk way.  They don’t adapt to anyone else’s way.  They can fly in trainers to help them set everything up the way they like it.

    • Maree

      John do your research.

      Contrary to your factually incorrect statement above, Pearson didn’t run the ports down, he got them running well.

      Huthchison Ports Holdings is the most sucessful port holdings company in the world, they have grown from 1 port back in the 70’s to over 60 ports. Pearson was an integral member of the Hutchison team that purchased ports around the world and turned them into the most successfully run ports in the world based on a proven model.

      Pearson is one of the most well respected ports experts in the world, I know who I would like running POAL at the moment!

      • Jellyfish

        Thank you Maree, thats very informative!  I have had the pleasure of meeting Richard Pearson and was struck by how well mannered and personable he was.  He is someone that obviously has had to make the hard decisions but the benefits of making some unpleasant ones are far exceeded by those accomplishments.  From 1 Port to 60 internationally – how many people have had the opportunity of employment due to that! 

      • John

        Ok Maree Why has Tony Gibison gone Quiet 

      • Dread Pirate Roberts

        Re John – why does it matter?  Perhaps he lost is voice putting all of Parsloe and Kellys lies straight?  Ever thought of that?  Just because 195 stevedores are picketing out on the Teal Park lawn, drinking and canoodling with Unionists and Politicians, doesn’t mean that the Port has come to a grinding halt!  The majority of Port employee’s are still turning up to work every day to ensure that the economy keeps chugging along and in so doing, keeps the customers happy so that if “ever” MUNZ members get back in the door, there will still be a business for you to operate in.  Rebuffing Kelly and Parsloe’s spin is almost a full time job that he can’t dedicate his entire working day to.

      • Gem

        Yes, and I haven’t heard anything about his watch for a few weeks!

    • Maree


      By going quiet I am assuming you mean we haven’t heard or seen Tony in the media for some time.

      Could it be that Tony is part of the management team that have made their recommendations to the board regarding contracting out. Now that the board have approved those recommendations its appropriate for Board lead by the Chairman front up, not Tony.

      While on the media front we haven’t heard from Tony for a while, I bet he is busy keeping the port running which by the sounds of it based on previous posts on WO it sounds like Tony and his team are doing a great job with a reduced team. 17 ships unloaded, not bad plus productivity has been lifted.

  • T Bone

    hava reszaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Peter_S

      Sorry don’t know what that means

  • hoha

    Yeah right John, Pearson whats to run down the ports of Auckland that’s why they want to run it like Tauranga. Look how badly that has been run down.

    • John

      Yes With 3 deaths  recently

      • Dread Pirate Roberts

        John, you are a moron.  This has been debated before and I have just explained that you will be ridiculed with unsubstantiated dribble.  Unless you want to raise the whole issue of Cecil Walker and Tamati Davie, I suggest you take a good hard look before you start abusing those family members whose loved ones died on the job but where not working for the Port of Tauranga.  You are uninformed, so I suggest you get informed and quickly!

      • Peter_S

        Actually you should check the facts on that one.  One of the deaths was about 12 years ago, one at Mt Maunganui Breakbulk cargo wharves and one was a fulton hogan worker crushed by his own workmate and not related to stevedoring activities at a container terminal.  Mark Cairns the CEO of Port of Tauranga has already got a legal team onto Parsloe and Kelly for using information loosely on these cases to try and discredit Port of Tauranga.  Parsloe and Kelly have tried to compare Fergusson container terminal to 3 seperate incidents at Port of Tauranga which do not have a relationship to the Port of Tauranga container terminal.  You can check the whale archive and find his letter and comments there.

      • Dread Pirate Roberts

        Thank you Peter S.  I remember reading the posts in WO but couldn’t remember all the specifics.  Lets hope John knows how to read, but he should check with Parsloe and Kelly before he makes any further wild accusations on that subject!  Since Cairns posted that letter on WO, I’ve noticed that Kelly and Parsloe haven’t uttered a single thing on POT.

  • Jimbob

    Good to see them spending their last wage packet wisely. 

  • EpochNZ

    I am wondering….

    If all of these men havent worked for 5 weeks, and theyve just been given 1 weeks salary at the standard rate (i.e no penal rates or overtime provisions to beef it up)….why in the hell are they all standing around drinking beer and playing pool in a pub?  Shouldnt that “hard earned” money be taken straight home to pay for food on the table and a roof over the families head?

    • Jimbob

      Yes I thought the same EpochNZ.  It is actually the Maritime Club.  Its where the members hard earned union money goes so that Parloe and Co can offer discounted beer back to its members!  Still a discounted beer could be helping to pay for all the incidentals that come with having children.

    • Jester

      No wonder the kids never see their dads.

      Useless drunken shit for brains!

  • Kiwidon

    For most it will be home………..

  • Bunswalla

    They could at least take their wives shopping

  • In Vino Veritas

    So the 195 turned up to collect their pay in cash? Surely one has to laugh at that! Best their wives don’t get hold of their pay since that’d stop them from being straight down to the nearest pub. Perhaps this is evidence that MUNZ and it’s members haven’t moved in since…………. 1951?

  • SJ00

    Garry Parsloe again this morning on the radio said that there is no work going on inside the port. MSM is a disgrace in letting him just keep saying this stuff. The reporter isn’t pulling him up on the lie or doesn’t know the truth themselves. And then the producers are playing the clip. I’m not sure if they are doing it as a joke, knowing the audience actually know the truth and just making Parsloe look stupid, or if they are may think he is right. Seeing as those people can complain about ‘meat week’ at PaknSave and get that pulled, I might start complaining about every little thing such as this and hopefully get something done (doubt anything will happen).

    • Random66

      I know!  I was reading on Yahoo this morning another article which was full of inaccuracies that any half informed person could see through.  Meanwhile many who only have half an ear open to this subject will be believing all this nonsense and firmly side with MUNZ.  Honestly the PoA management need to play the media better to get the real truth out there and swing public support.