Where are the wharfies?

NZ Herald

I said a couple of days ago that the Maritime Union has a problem. Accounting for missing wharfies. My sources tell me that over 80 of the strikers have quietly bolted, either got other jobs or left for Australia. It seems my sources were right:

Frustrated Auckland port workers marched to the waterfront through lunch-time traffic yesterday after voting “unanimously” to end a four-week strike, only to be denied entry.

Chanting “Whose port? Our port” and “Where’s the mayor? Not here”, the 100-odd workers had a police escort back to their picket outside Fergusson container terminal.

So the wharfies voted unanimously…that means there should have been 292 union wharfies at the meeting…and yet just 100 disrupted traffic in a show of “force”.

Where’s the wharfies? Not here is seems.


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  • Tracey

    I dont think that’s quite right. A unanimous passage is when everyone present at the meeting voted the same way,provided there is a quorum??

  • ConwayCaptain

    Well we may see that at the end Parsloe says to POAL we can only field 150 wharfies now.  So POAL can then hire who they want and get rid of the thugs etc.

    Interesting fact is that Tau Henare’s bill that all voting has to be done by secret ballot in Unions could come into force BEFORE this battle comes to the end.

    We may see then that Parsloe would be defeated as the HEAVIES would not know who voted for what.

    On TV last night I saw Stars and Stripes flying and also the Flag of the Eureka Stockade.  How many of the BRUVVERS were ring ins from MUA and ILWU

  • johnbronkhorst

    “who’s port?, our port”………NOO….PoA Manage the port for the Auckland council…isn’t that true? So the
    MUNZ are ONLY the employees. If they behaved like owners they would never have left work in the first place and would suggesting the exact changes that PoA Management are suggesting!!

    • Patriot

      Agree — its the ratepayers Port — NOT the wharfies Port .   Time to Contract out the ship loading services – get rid of this obstructive bunch of time wasting wharfies

  • Guest

    Looks like they are just walking around the fences, the ports webcams are getting a decent workout, along with some pretty close up shots of who the people are

  • politically unstable

    Any of them with half a brain would be preparing a CV to apply for a contracted job and not standing out on the streets like a local hooker

    • Patriot

      Drove past them yesterday — what a disgrace they look

  • AnonWgtn

    Have heard of two wharfies who are on holiday in Bali.
    There are some who are really waiting for the redundancy payments, so they can retire to their Gold Coast properties.
    The wharfie with the building company is doing fine as he can get on with his other job of building. He was being hampered by having to turn up for wharf work.

    • Bunswalla

      Incorrect. He was hampered by having to turn up to clock on and off.

  • Madison

    Got an idea.  Interesting to see if the PoA would try it.  Likely they know who is out living it up, on vacation or already bolted to a new job counting on their redundancies.  Roster only those people on next week.  When none of them show then it’s all over. No redundancy payouts for those bastards because it’s job abandonment for them and the port saves everyone money.  They just keep rostering their current employees in as they’ll have enough to do the work.  Wonder if it would work.

  • Light

    Great idea!