Where is all the money?

Union public statements and union’s information about finances on the public record don’t seem to stack up. Are they hiding something? I now have found serious discrepancies in 4 unions with their declared finances, where money appears to have simply disappeared.

I will be outlining those discrepancies over time.

We know the sorts of rorting that goes on from the union shenanigans in Australia.

FWA has spent three years investigating alleged financial malpractice in the national office of the Health Services Union, and specific allegations that Mr Thomson, when he was HSU national secretary between 2002 and 2007, misused his union credit card in a splurge of more than $100,000 of personal spending including on prostitutes.

Mr Thomson strenuously denies the allegations.

FWA interviewed a large number of serving and former union officials under oath, including, in 2010, Mr Thomson.

Victorian police are investigating the same allegations with a view to determining if Mr Thomson committed fraud, and whether other union officials were complicit.

In Senate estimates last month Ms O’Neill defended the legal right of her predecessor, Tim Lee, to refuse to speak to a senior NSW police commander about the Thomson investigation.

NSW Strikeforce Carnarvon is investigating allegations Mr Thomson and HSU East general secretary Michael Williamson took secret commissions from a graphic designer, John Gilleland, who has a $680,000 annual contract with the union and whose premises were recently raided by police. Mr Thomson, Mr Williamson and Mr Gilleland deny any wrongdoing.

Anyone with any information about dodgy union financial practice should contact the tip line.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Please keep digging Mr. WO – shine those bright lights into the fetid sess pit of corrupt practises brought about by corrupt ideologies that then breeds corrupt thinking and actions…

    Follow the money and don’t take a “No” from Winnie as meaning no as we know it – ya know?