Who gave her a weapon?

I thought that Gingas were forbidden to use weapons…


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  • johnopkb

    She will immediately be seconded to the United Nations Development Program, irresistable

  • Brian Smaller

    A ginga version of Legolas. She was speaking Elvish or something as well.

  • Awwww – sorry I have thing for redhead ladies – she’d be perfect for any of these teen survival movies that are coming out. Maybe even Songs of Ice and Fire TV Series.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Is it me, or does the blurry still, before you play the video, look like that guy from Harry Potter, or does he look like her?

  • ConwayCaptain

    Try doing that with an English Longbow with a 100lb+ pull

  • John Q Public

    That ginga was all a quiver.

  • william tells

    nice nock ers but…..

  • parorchestia

    A skateboard enforcer?

  • Peter Wheeldon

    Absolutely impressive! And to maintain that level of accuracy as well.
    A LOT of training one would assume.

  • Nigel201065

    remind me not to fuck her off

  • Duncan Brown

    What a waste of my time!